Playing for over 40 years I look at my tools as simply that, tools. This instrument through the precollection EQ settings on the 5-method switch, allows the working bass player go from thump to funk in no time. All the sounds are usable. The electronic devices are quiet and also the body and also neck fit me perfect.The body is light and also balanced standing or sitting. The neck is unfinimelted and also quick,and 2 octaves. the hardware is great.My playing layouts are from Jazz , R&B to rock and nation. I own eight bass"s for that reason setup for different styles. This one deserve to cover it all. also at this price point it is a awesome value.As constantly delivered fast and also undamaged.The setup was additionally playable right out of the box.

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philip from west virginia January 13, 2017 Music Background:I play in the comfort of my residence for my enjoyment
I am not a very great bass player as I largely play guitar. I had a tough time finding a bass that was as comfortable and also playable as my fender precision bass yet this bass is awesome. I wanted a bass with energetic pickups the eq switch is awesome incredibly comfortable body and also neck. I learned do not buy a guitar just because it looks cool gain one you have the right to reap playing and this one is aces on every information a joy to play
Its around time yamaha began placing selector switches on their basses. I had an older model that you had to choose pickups via the volume knobs. Thank you yamaha!

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Brad Smith from North western Pennsylvania June 6, 2016 Music Background:Professional writer/session player/and also performer
The Yamaha TBX304 4- string bass is an absolutely wonderful bass guitar.Upon arival tho, the bass was grossly under put up through SUPER high activity and also buzz throughout the instrument.I"m offered to impecable company and awesome product shipment of items in the previous which suprised me comming thru only was the bass not erected and the truss rod was openly moving and unattached to the body via SUPER high action, tright here were several knicks and also scratches on the neck and also edge of the fretboard.It clearly was a prior rerotate from another customer.After spending money on a guitar technology to resolve the issues(that sassist it was one of the longest collection ups he has actually ever before done), the bass was impecable and also plays choose a bass much even more expensive.Overall, the assistance and help readdressing this issue was incredable and also could not of been handled better.I still extremely recomend for their excellent assets and wonderful customer service, and love the assets they sell.
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