A tiny amp packed via vintage tones

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By Nick Guppy 29 November 2012

About the size and shape of a loaf of sliced bread, the amp"s inner workings are hoprovided under a steel fascia Yamaha THR10C

Yamaha"s THR "3rd amp" principle assumes we all have our significant phase stacks and also a club-sized combo, and also while this might seem a small unrealistic, there"s no doubt that the original THR amps put the desktop computer practice/recording amp idea firmly on the map.

Now we have three even more additions: the THR10C (reperceived in complete here), the THR10X and electro-acoustic-certain THR5A.

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"The new model seems pepped up through a dark satin blue finish"

About the very same size and form of a loaf of sliced bread, the originals were finimelted in a nondemanuscript satin "computer beige" colour. The new model seems pepped up via a dark satin blue. The screen-printed lettering around the controls can execute via being a small bolder, yet as a whole the brand-new complete looks smart.

Beneath the steel fascia there"s an injection-moulded plastic chassis that also develops the amp"s ported stereo loudspeaker enclocertain, while the circuit board is placed to the optimal surconfront. The THRs are all DC-powered via a offered mains adaptor or eight AA cells. The snap-on plastic battery cover looks reasonably durable, though we"d prefer to view it secured by a screw for irreversible reliability.

Power indication comes from the energetic amp design LED on the manage surchallenge and also 2 even more oselection LEDs behind the steel louvre speaker grille, giving the retro glow effect that Yamaha calls Virtual Tube Illumination. The circuit is on one neatly finished PCB full of miniature surface-mount components, many kind of of which show up to be custom-made.

There"s a solitary traditional jack input for guitar, a sepaprice aux input mini jack for mp3 players or various other audio resources, and also a headphone output jack. On the rear surchallenge, there"s the DC power input and also a USB socket. You"ll likewise find an eight-place amp model selector, which feeds gain and also channel volume controls and the conventional bass, mid and treble tone network.

The next 2 knobs govern the THR"s integrated effects, with one manage for modulation sounds and the other for delay and reverb. In prevalent with many various other modelling amps, both results knobs are divided into four sectors, significantly differing the mix level of your preferred result before moving on to the next one. Turning either knob completely anti-clockwise bypasses the effect.

"The positions of the eight controls knobs deserve to be stored and rereferred to as right into among 5 presets"

The positions of these eight knobs have the right to be stored and redubbed right into one of 5 presets, accessed by a series of small pushbutlots. Another little switch operates the delay"s tap tempo feature and the THR"s integrated tuner.

A small circular LED screen mirrors the energetic preset number and also likewise offers tuning and also tap tempo rate information. On the appropriate of the manage surface, 2 even more non-programmable knobs set the in its entirety output level for the amp and whatever"s plugged right into the aux input.

With the amp linked by means of its USB port, and the THR editor mounted, you have the right to accessibility the amps" hidden attributes, including a noise gate and also a superb compressor.

You can also swap reverbs from the default spring/hall kinds the THR comes via, toggle the extended stereo-imaging circuit, fully control the modulation impacts and have millisecond-specific regulate of the delays. You deserve to also turn off those VTI LEDs. Crucially, you deserve to keep and also save approximately 100 user patches, which can be sent and also rereferred to as from the THR.

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The Steinberg USB driver streams audio into or out of your choice of recording and playback software application, consisting of Cubase AI, bundled through the amp. There"s likewise a THR app for iPhones dubbed Session, which allows you notch out the guitar from pre-videotaped music, rate it up or dvery own and differ pitch by approximately a semitone in either direction so you have the right to play together with all your favourite tracks. One thing you can not perform is port amp sounds or effects from one THR to one more.


The THR"s sounds are developed using Yamaha"s proprietary Virtual Circuit Modelling procedure, an innovation main to the company"s high-end digital mixing consoles. For speakers, Yamaha turned to its very own hi-fi department to develop the chauffeurs and also enclosures, designed to enhance the amp"s Extfinished Stereo Imaging feature and as a whole tonality.

"A lot of severe technology has been leveraged by Yamaha to make the THRs sound good - and also the amp sounds astronomical at low to medium volume"

In short, many severe tech has been leveraged by Yamaha to make the THRs sound great - and the amp sounds huge at low to tool volume, via a herbal response that provides it extremely simple to play.

The extfinished stereo imaging effect works ideal at close quarters. At initially, it"s a tiny disorienting because the sound shows up to be coming from invisible resources around six feet either side of your head. Once you acquire provided to it, though, it"s very outstanding, especially once you realise every little thing comes from two speakers not much bigger than headphones.

The THR10C is all about boutique and vintage vibe, through the emphasis on great clean and also mildly distorted genuine amp sounds rather than astronomical overdrive capcapability. Tbelow are 5 THR10C-distinctive models plus three that are widespread to the range: Bass, Aco and Flat.

"The THR10C"s sonic palette consists of some great sounds based on classical Amerihave the right to and British boutique and also vintage amp designs"

The THR10C"s sonic palette contains Mini (a low-wattage boutique tone through a lot of overdrive), in addition to some wonderful sounds based upon timeless American and British boutique and also vintage designs.

The sounds are truly terrific and wouldn"t be out of area on any type of pro recording. The results are similarly superb, with a cool tape echo simulation on the C replacing a consistent delay. The addition of some juicier modulation impacts, perhaps a Leslie and also a Uni-Vibe instead of the chorus and also phaser, would make it even much better.

Above all, and also despite the substantial modern technology associated, the amp is excellent fun to usage and also creates some major videotaped tones - the USB interchallenge makes it a snap to put down some rewarding and also exceptionally usable sounds.

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While tright here are many type of tiny modelling amps about this day, few of them look or sound as good as the THR, and also none in this size offer stereo. But one thing that almost everyone we verified it to commented on was the lack of a correct line out for link to PA or mixing desk. Of course, in the conmessage of the THR"s "3rd amp" principle, there"s no require for one.

That shelp, if a stereo balanced line out was added, there"s no doubt that they"d become right live performance partners for many musicians - the headphone output goes some means to offering this, though it"s a tiny as well noisy for skilled use. But for house exercise and also recording, the high quality of sound is truly outstanding, as is, we"d wager, the sales potential!

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