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While the name may not organize the prestige of brands such as Fender or Gibson, Yamaha deserve significant respect for their well-known Pacifica series, via a selection of high quality guitars that defy their price tags. Their stylish Pacifica 311H is an affordable version of the upgraded mid-array tradition shop 611HFM, and also reaffirms that the Japanese giants are not afraid to try something different in the mid-selection sector.


Body And Neck

The Pacifica 311H is reduced from the same fabric as the more expensive 611HFM, and also on looks alone it would certainly be tricky to tell the 2 acomponent. The 311H sports the familiar Pacifica body, which is a well-characterized, curvaceous Strat-style double-cutameans form via a 25.5” range length. It’s crafted from solid alder, and looks gorgeous in its herbal yellow-stained finish, although the Black, Metallic Red, and also Vintage White arrays all equally impush. Bolted onto the body is a fast-playing maple neck, which is left unfiniburned – and also actually benefits from this, as the feel is awesome – via a roselumber fretboard and 22 tool frets. The 311H feels well-developed and also comfortable to play – in fact, simply as excellent as the 611, particularly after a great set-up.


The hardware on this guitar is straightforward however solid, via a couple of top quality components that impress. The 311H comes loaded through Grover locking tuners in a six-in-line configuration, and a Graph Tech Black Tusq nut, which are both welcome enhancements and a authorize that this is even more advanced than somepoint you’d discover in the entry-level domajor. Straying amethod from the usual tremolo mechanism you see on a Pacifica, the 311H sports a Yamaha-designed addressed bridge with steel saddles (rather of the 611’s graphite saddles), which complements the locking tuners for a device that will host your tuning well and also market great sustain.



It’s ‘under the hood’ wbelow the two guitars differ the most, although the 311H still comes loaded through two very good quality Yamaha-designed pickups.

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There’s an Alnico V P-90 at the neck – an often overlooked pickup style, however one that stays famous among vintage seekers – and also an Alnico V open-coil humbucker at the bridge. On its very own this is a flexible combo, yet this versatility is raised even more thanks to the coil-dividing capabilities on the humbucker, managed using a push/pull mechanism on the master tone control. The guitar additionally comes via a master volume regulate, and a three-means pickup selector switch.


With two pickups that have completely various features, the 311H is unsurprisingly a functional guitar via a sound that impresses. You have the right to uncover a broad array of smooth tones suiting many type of styles, although the classical rockers and blues enthusiasts would discover the biggest satisfactivity. The P-90 in specific gives a heat vintage blues tone, through great clarity – a timeless P-90 sound, if a little reeled in. The bridge humbucker is excellent for more meaty, full-blooded rock tones, specifically once played via an excellent distortion pedal, and also you deserve to conveniently uncover that timeless single-coil sparkle when using the coil-dividing. Not the loudest of outputs, however for a great price it’s difficult to fault what’s on market.


When compared to the even more expensive 611HFM, you deserve to see why the 311 is cheaper in price. However before as a standalone version, the 311H’s premium style and playcapability, unified through great high quality components and a versatile vintage sound, make it one more Pacifica guitar that punches well over its weight.

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