Unfavor some various other guitars on our chart of the ideal sub-$1000 classic guitars, which sell a really typical playing suffer, Yamaha’s skilled NTX1200R electro-acoustic timeless gives steel-string players a acquainted endure on a nylon-stringed guitar. Let’s watch what makes it so good.

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Body & Neck

Playcapacity is key with the NTX1200R, and also it offers a selection of attributes that benefit both electric and also steel-string guitarists making the move to classical. These encompass a slightly narrower 1.89” nut width which is even more akin to what you’d uncover on a steel-string guitar, as well as a slimmer body and also generous cutameans. This cutamethod permits easy accessibility to the highest possible frets of the ebony fretboard (there’s a full of 22, which is considerably even more than many kind of typical classical guitars).

On the topic of woods, the tonewoods provided in the body construction are outstanding. As well as an Afrihave the right to roselumber neck, there’s a naturally finished solid spruce height – decorated through a very attractive wooden rosette – paired via glossy solid rosetimber earlier and also sides. Interestingly, these woods have actually been treated to Yamaha’s ‘Acoustic Resonance Enhancement’ (A.R.E), which is fundamentally a wood manipulation method, to assist it sound even more played-in. As you’d suppose from a $1000 Yamaha, the craftsmanship is terrific, and also uses a sleek and also comfortable playing endure.

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The body and also neck are plainly very excellent, however the highlight is actually the electronics. The NTX1200R is loaded via Yamaha’s ART two-means pickup device, with a pickup on both the treble and bass side of the guitar. These are tfinished to by the progressed System 61 preamp, supplying both a master volume dial and individual regulate dials for each pickup, and 3 EQ sliders, and also a digital tuner. Elsewhere, there’s an ebony bridge, while the open-equipment tuners are decent and hold tuning incredibly well. The guitar comes strung with a collection of Savarez D’angelico Light Tension strings, and also is shipped in a plush and protective difficult foam instance. Quite a good haul for the price.


The brightness of the spruce meets the woody warmth of the rosehardwood, for a sweet, smooth and well balanced sounding guitar, that benefits from the A.R.E – it does have a touch of vintage warmth about it. The thin body combined through the cutamethod suggests it lacks a tiny depth and volume (when compared to other all-solid-hardwood guitars), yet this is no trouble through the functional pickups and preamp, which permits for ample sound shaping.

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For more information around the Yamaha NTX1200R, click right here.For more timeless guitar under $1000 you can choose, click here.

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