If tbelow is one thing we know, it’s that guitarists are sensitive about their instrument’s

After all, what excellent is an artist without their brush? Yamaha is well known for making great guitars. But even with their reputation, it deserve to be hard to tell if one of their assets will be appropriate for you.

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That is wbelow we come right into the equation. We have taken a cshed look at the Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar. We looked at this tools strengths and also weaknesses to identify if it is ideal for you.

Read on for a Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar review!


We did but also find that it was very delicate to cracking. This is a bigger problem, for the apparent factor that a cracked guitar probably won’t play extremely well.

We likewise found that the strings that come on the guitar are a small little bit off. This deserve to probably be tweaked by professional hands, however then that desires to need to perform that?

Tright here are other troubles of course, but they largely just come through the price range. Naturally, there are guitars out tbelow that have a richer sound high quality. However, they likewise come with a much bigger price tag.

Of course, it is also worth keeping in mind that this is a barebones package. Picks, straps, instances are all going to should be purchased individually.

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This is mainly to be expected. However before, the price of the situation and also various other accessories will make the guitar a little bit much less affordable. These points aside, it is a great guitar at a very reasonable price.

Pros And Cons

The evaluation is just around over. By currently, we have viewed what this guitar does ideal and also what it does wrong. Now it’s time to decide if the FG800 is ideal for your demands.

Pros Of Yamaha FG800 Solid Top

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Is the Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic guitar perfect? Maybe not, yet for many kind of musicians, it will actually be pretty cshed. This instrument is affordable, and also sindicate well made. When it concerns acoustic guitars, simplicity is simply fine.

This is a classic instrument, and Yamaha has taken a classical strategy to making it.

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Bottom line? If you are a beginner, this is going to be a great means to obtain an affordable guitar that is high in high quality.

Even players via a moderate level of endure are going to uncover plenty to prefer about this guitar. It is a good instrument at a very fair price.

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