Whether a high-finish dreadnought or an affordable take a trip guitar, you have the right to constantly depend on Yamaha to have a design to sell – and the parlor guitar sector is no different. Part of the recently released CSF Series, the CSF1M is an affordable electro-acoustic parlor guitar that is well on its way to coming to be among the most famous parlors on the sector. Let’s see why.

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Body & Neck

Tright here is nopoint particularly flashy about the CSF1M, yet it’s an extremely good-looking instrument through classic Yamaha style and a couple of appointments that imply it’s a action over some of the more budacquire parlors.

It comes in either a herbal glossy finish or the more exciting Tobacco Brvery own Sunburst for a tiny added vintage vibe. Either finish is completed with attrenergetic babsence and also white body binding in addition to a straightforward abalone rosette.

The develop is additionally timeless Yamaha. The brand provides their own parlor style, through slightly fuller sides to sell a more full-bodied sound. They manipulate a top quality solid Sitka spruce on the optimal, featuring scalloped X-bracing, together with a laminated mahogany type of on the sides and also back of the guitar. The lessened parlor size and 23.6” range length provides it comfortable for smaller sized players and also those wanting an extra compact playing endure (beginners, we’re looking at you).

Moving up to the neck and you’ll find this is made from solid nato, via a 20-worry roselumber fretboard. For what is still a very affordable guitar, this neck is delightful to host and play, through a comfortable C-shaped profile and also a semi-gloss finish. The playability can advantage from an excellent setup, yet it’s not as well bad directly from the box.



For an affordable midvariety parlor guitar, the hardware on the CSF1M is standard, yet it does deliver a couple of nice surprises. One point that’s not automatically evident as soon as you pick up the instrument is that it’s an electro-acoustic. With no preamp panel on the side bout, it’s understandable to entirely miss the electronics, which are tucked away in the soundhole. This is a passive SRT Zero-Impact piezo pickup, which is a fine addition, although no preamp suggests all sound shaping must be done from the amp.

Elsewright here, there’s a solid rosetimber bridge with a distinct offset style, with a urea saddle and also a corresponding urea nut. On the other hand, the closed gear diecast chrome tuning equipments are trustworthy and specific, as we’d mean from a Yamaha in this price range. Finally, it comes fitted via an excellent collection of Elixir NANOWEB 80/20 Bronze Light strings – so a string change won’t be essential for some time – as well as its very own hard case, which is another welcome enhancement.

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For a midselection parlor, the CSF1M sounds lovely. The combination of solid spruce and also laminated mahogany type of renders for a heat and also well-well balanced tone via surprisingly good low-finish for a small guitar. This is partially as a result of the slightly bigger waist, which also helps via the unplugged projection. The sound with an amp is pretty excellent too, although, as it’s a passive pickup, the output isn’t as punchy or loud as you might expect.

The Verdict

Even though it’s not been roughly lengthy, it’s straightforward to view why the CSF1M has actually come to be a go-to parlor guitar for so many kind of players – there is bit to dislike. Striking the right balance between price, top quality and also extras, it is an excellent choice for everyone from beginners and also players on the move, to full-sized singer-songauthors who simply desire the classical sound of old America at a price that doesn’t take a lot consideration.

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