Considering today’s existing state of the guitar industry, I’d say there’s never before been a better time to go after a nylon string guitar purchase, or any kind of guitar for that issue. Renowned standards are dropping dvery own in prices in consequence to the ever before evolving competition.

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The CG192S is the flagship instrument of Yamaha’s renowned CG series – sporting top quality, affordability and also playcapability at its finest. A flagship fiddle for just 500$, justifying my suggest over. The CG192S is an instrument which holds all those high remarks, backed up by a sturdy building and construction made up of high quality tone woods, resulting in a wonderful playing endure for the proficient virtuoso, and an aspiring beginner.


Body & Neck

The instrument’s full sized body is comprised of a solid Engelmann spruce peak and also rosewood earlier and also sides, through a organic gloss finish. The spruce height has actually excellent sound projection, the tones coming out with its nylon strings are louder and also cleaner in comparison to a cedar peak.

The dovetail joint mahogany neck hosts its ebony fingerboard which comes equipped via 18 tool frets and also a 2.08 inches wide man-made bone nut. The instrument comes on a complete range of 25.6 inches.


The guitar attributes 6 gold die cast tuning equipments apeak its headstock, unified via its roselumber bridge system the instrument’s tonal stability is at an admirable level. You will seldom, if ever, have individual string troubles. Staying in tune is a breeze in extended perdeveloping sessions. Take this git on a live settings and also you’ll have no troubles whatsoever before.

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In addition to offering an extra comfortable playing endure due to its light weight nature, the guitar’s thin woods building enables louder expression through its tones. The instrument’s vibrating sound potential provides off an impression that you are using a luxuriously expensive handmade guitar. The mahogany kind of neck renders a noticeable difference in sound quality too.

The gitbox is an all-about work of art no issue exactly how you look at it, it clearly showcases the attention to information put in by the manufacturers. The sound quality is obviously tright here. The action is at an optimal level, ensuring minimal stress buzz, among whatever else. The git deserve to withstand also live playing without a flinch and its slim nature is constantly an included bonus, making it a breeze to lug approximately and also play to your heart’s content.


There’s not a solitary spirit on earth I wouldn’t recommfinish this instrument to. It’s a generous jewel from optimal to bottom which can lug you via your entire music career, regardmuch less if you’re founding out or you’re looking to spice up your arsenal.

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For more info around the Yamaha CG192S Spruce, click below.For even more acoustic guitars under $500, click here.

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