Features: Body Shape - Yamaha BB Doublecut 4 strings Body Finish - Gloss Polyurethane Body Material - Solid Alder Neck Material - Maple Fingerboard - Rosehardwood Nick Pickup - VSP3n Ceramic Split Single-Coil Bridge Pickup - VSC3b Ceramic Single-Coil Controls - 2 x volume, 1 x understand tone

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Model: BB234
Manufacturer: YAMAHA

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Features: The Tap-Off is a one-of-a-sort drumming exercise tool that is the result of over a year of advancement between Tapspace and OffWorld Percussion. This unique, dual-surchallenge exercise pad combines the ideal of two people. The primary surconfront of the pad is a customized orange gum rubber, perfect for players who desire to emphasis on practicing via active rebound. Even via its lively bounce, this surchallenge has actually been designed to provide an audible articulation from the sound of the timber underneath. The babsence oval near the top of the pad is filled with OffWorld"s very own signature Darkissue. This surface very closely resembles that of a contemporary marching snare drum, permitting rudimental players to exercise on a harder, more articulate surconfront. This combicountry of typical gum rubber feel and the ultra-articulate Darkissue renders the Tap-Off the perfect pad for both drumcollection players and rudimental drummers. You not only have actually two distinctly various sounding and also feeling surencounters to play on, however you deserve to really focus on split-hand exercises...appropriate for practicing self-reliance exercises or isolating each hand. The pad likewise features a 360-level stick-conserving rim aspect. This high-affect, commercial toughness nylon compowebsite matrix is abrasion and weather-resistant. A non-slip foam base attaches underneath the pad and is actually another additional soft playing surconfront. All these factors together make the Tap-Off the just pad you"ll ever before desire to use!
Manufacturer: Taparea Pub

Features: Tap-Off MINI is a double surconfront drum pad that packs many feature into a compact size so you deserve to lug it anywhere! Engineered with the exact same practice formulated gum rubber as the original Tap-Off, the MINI offers a vinyl/mylar laminate playing area for intensified articulation. Throw it in your backload and be ready to exercise anywhere! Contrasted to the original Tap-Off, it’s over 30% smaller, and over 50% lighter. It’s ultra portable and surprisingly quiet compared to bigger pads. Underneath, there’s a non-slip foam base which deserve to actually act as an added soft playing surchallenge.
Manufacturer: Tapspace Pub

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Features: Table of Contents:
Publisher: Tapspace Pub

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Essex pianos are the enattempt level pianos of the STEINWAYPiano Family. The EGP-173 Classic Grand also Piano brings with it the Standard Sheraton design, which was presented by STEINWAY & SONSin 1900. Backed via the complete investment assurance available by STEINWAY & SONS and serviced by Steinway-trained technicians, the purchase of an Essex piano additionally comes through the STEINWAY PROMISE: If you decide to trade-in your Essex piano for a new STEINWAYgrand piano at any type of time within ten years, you will receive a trade-in crmodify equal to your original purchase price, making Essex pianos the finest you can get in its price variety.

Model: EGP173EP
Manufacturer: ESSEX

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