When you’re out hiking, camping, flying or sailing, the last point you desire strapped to your earlier is a full-dimension dreadnought, which is wright here the Washburn Rover comes in. With a tiny body and full-sized neck, this acoustic guitar allows you to perform wherever before you are. It’s fairly inexpensive once compared to many others that attribute on our chart of the finest travel acoustics approximately, yet exactly how does it compare in quality?


Body And Neck

This super travel-friendly guitar attributes a distinctive architecture that ensures it’s both incredibly portable and also retains the look and sound of a real guitar. The body is crafted from solid spruce on the height (featuring quarter sawn scalloped bracing) via laminated mahogany back and also sides, finished in matte for a smooth feel. It comes in an option of 4 colors – organic, black, blue, and also red. The dimensions are tiny, ensuring you can save it pretty much almost everywhere – your car’s trunk, an plane overhead storage compartment, a institution locker to name yet a few. However before it still attributes a full-dimension 24” range size so your playing isn’t hindered in any means. Joined at the 15th worry, there’s a satin-finimelted mahogany neck with a roselumber fretboard and also 17 complete frets (via an extra 3 on the treble side), all easily accessible due to the body style. Performance-wise it’s comfortable to organize as soon as utilizing a strap, otherwise it’s a small fiddly, yet the neck is fun to play with.

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Unlike some other dedicated take a trip guitars, the Washburn Rover features no electronic devices to amplify the sound. You can’t fault the remainder of the hardware though, particularly for the wallet-friendly price. Fixed to the full-dimension Washburn-branded headstock is a great high quality set of chrome die-actors tuners that host tuning very well, while you’ll likewise find a solid rosehardwood bridge, an ABS nut and a set of additional light D’Addario EXP-15 phosphor bronze strings. Anvarious other plus is that is comes finish via its own foam-lined situation to defend it throughout your travels, and a few other accessories such as picks and a strap.


No matter what tonewoods are used, this guitar is never before going to offer you a complete, wealthy sound – we’d be lying if we shelp it did. However before, for the purpose of providing you an acoustic voice while on your travels, you might do a lot worse than a Washburn Rover, which provides a twangy, clear sound, also if it does lack any kind of real low-end. It’s certainly not a performance guitar – take this on phase and you’ll probably regret it. But for airports, hotel rooms and also campfires, the sound is no less than what you require.

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With such a tiny body the Washburn Rover is clearly designed for take a trip – it’s very light and basic to save, yet still continues to be rather durable. While it’s fairly quiet and also the tone is nothing unique, for approximately $180 this is one of the finest value dedicated travel guitars on the market this particular day.

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The bit Rover is a perfect take a trip guitar. I’ve set a high activity for playing bottleneck. (it looks like a mini weissenborn)This guitar sounds great in open up tunings…plus, it is a conversation item. I’d be sitting on a beach or in a park in Mexico and also making musical friends. Everybody wanted to know about this pequeno guitarra. Pequeno deslice guitarra! My Rover goes wherever I go. It fits perfectly in an overhead compartment on a jetliner, I never before need to kvetch through airline staff about bringing it onboard. I have actually no qualms at all about it’s sound. Sure, the tone is a tiny thin, however for playing slide, you acquire that twangy sound reminiscent of a resonator. All in all, The Rover is an excellent little bit travlin companion.

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