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Even via the EQ at its brightest, I discovered the lows to be a little bit wooly (bass heavy) as soon as using heavy distortion
Depending on your guitar, the amPlug’s place can be a bit awkward, requiring you to grope for the various butloads and also dials

For a pair years now my “take a trip setup” for guitar practice has actually been: iPhone, JamUp Pro app, old iRig guitar interchallenge, guitar cable, and headphones.

Portable? Sure. Practical and also convenient? Not so a lot. It was awkward to use in a hotel room, and also tbelow was no way was I going to try and also set all that stuff up at a busy airport.

So for a couple of years currently I’ve been seeing “headphone practice amps” on Amazon, yet I was skeptical. At home I usage very high-finish rack gear to acquire my sounds. It’s serious stuff–I absolutely love the tones I obtain from that equipment and every little thing else kinda drops brief to my ears.

So, I’d fundamentally dismissed headphone practice amps, assuming they were just toys. But, given that I was at my wits-finish via my current take a trip setup, I decided to take one for a test drive.

I decided to try the amPlug 2 headphone amp made by VOX. I view them all the time, and also believed the “AC30” was the only model they made. However, I was surprised to learn these bit males are actually easily accessible in 7 different flavors:

I wasn’t certain which one to gain. So I watched some demo videos on YouTube and also, being a steel player, chose the Lead version would suit me best.

The Lead variation is the model I’ll be writing a testimonial around this day, so save this in mind whenever I’m commenting around sound high quality. Otherwise, I think all amPlug 2 models have actually the exact same physical attributes and also come via all the exact same accessories featured in this review.

Of course, VOX isn’t the only agency making these little bit headphone amps. So, I think it’s necessary to list a couple of of their rivals so you deserve to make an increated decision. Again, I’m sticking via the “metal” design template right here, but each of these carriers provides different spices. Check them out on Amazon:

Disclaimer: I’ve not tried these 3 headphone amps, so I can’t recommfinish them or tell you whether they’re any kind of excellent. Please execute your homework, review reviews, and so on prior to deciding what you ultimately desire to buy.

The VOX amPlug 2 comes through 2 AAA batteries. For 90% of you out there, this is all you’ll need. Ssuggest install the batteries, plug the amPlug right into your guitar, and then plug your own headphones into the amPlug. Done. If you desire to plug a playback gadget (iPhone, mp3 player, etc) right into the amPlug or output the amPlug to computer system speakers or a guitar amp, you’ll must buy aux cables and also any necessary reminder adapters individually.

What’s in the Box?

Don’t be intimidated when you watch the tri-fold instruction hands-on. The instructions are in numerous different languages… which is why the instructions seem much longer than they really are.

First point you’ll must do is install the had batteries. Just pop off the rear battery cover to carry out so. I extremely recommend utilizing your very own batteries at initially and also leaving the had batteries in their wrapping. That means, if you’re not 100% happy with the amPlug model you determined, you have the right to refill the amPlug and also take advantage of Amazon’s generous return/exreadjust plan to attempt one more model instead.

Remember: if feasible, usage your own batteries at first–until you’re certain you prefer the amPlug version that you ordered.

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At one end of the amPlug 2 is your 1/8″ headphone jack. If you use a collection of headphones that just have a larger 1/4″ jack, you’ll need to buy a 1/4″ to 1/8″ stereo adapter. On the top edge is an Aux input jack, gain, tone, and also volume dials, and also the “FX” switch for switching between the amPlug’s 3 primary effects (chorus, delay, and also reverb).

Once you’ve got your batteries installed and also recognize wbelow all your controls are, plug in your favorite headphones…

Next, plug the amPlug right into your guitar. This is wbelow the amPlug’s swiveling jack comes in handy. While the amPlug seldom ends up in an ideal place, it at least fits most guitars. I tested it with 3 guitars that all had actually extremely various input jacks, which I’ll talk more around later in this evaluation.

Yeah, the amPlug commonly ends up in an odd position, however luckily the controls are simple enough to number out without needing to actually look at it.

Finally, rotate on the amPlug by pressing and also holding the power button. Key word: holding. If you simply press the power switch, nothing will certainly happen. Hold the button for about 1 second and a green light will come on (denoting the “green” or clean/lowest-gain channel), which means you’re all set to rock.

When powered on, this button becomes the switch that permits you to switch in between the amPlug’s 3 amp channels. Each channel–green, orange, and also red–has actually a various sound. With my amPlug 2 Lead model, the 3 channels obtainable to me are boost 1, rise 2, and also boost 3. Essentially, there’s even more acquire through each channel. I can actually acquire a decent clean tone on boost 1 if I ago my guitar’s volume off a bit.

I unplugged the amPlug from my guitar simply to take this photo, yet commonly you’d do this while it’s plugged in.

Got power? Good. It’s time to obtain down to organization and also have actually fun trying out through the 3 different networks, 3 effects, and also the amPlug’s get and tone controls. Note that the volume will be turned all the way dvery own at first (I assume for safety and security reasons), so you won’t hear anything until you turn up the volume.

To revolve the amPlug off, aobtain push and also organize the power switch until the light turns off. It’s vital to note the amPlug has actually an auto-shutoff attribute that will certainly shut the unit down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Test Gear Used for This Review

I tested the amPlug with 3 guitars that all have actually exceptionally various output jacks. I additionally provided 3 various headphones, varying from cheap earbuds to pro-top quality studio headphones. Here’s the breakdown:

Guitars Used

Ibanez S3040PL J-CustomIbanez Jem7vwhIbanez RG1527RB

Headphones Used

First point I wanted to perform was test exactly how this bit male adapts to various guitar output jacks. Luckily, I had a couple customer guitars below via non-typical output jacks. Let’s look at just how the amPlug 2 finished up on each one. I didn’t have a Fender Strat to test with, so I sindicate used a Strat photo from the VOX webwebsite.

So as you deserve to see, the VOX amPlug 2 is commonly oriented upside down on a lot of guitars. This indicates you can’t actually see the controls, yet once you learn where everything is it’s straightforward enough to feel your method around to make any kind of necessary transforms. As I said earlier though: don’t go fidgeting approximately through the controls while you’ve acquired a note or chord ringing, because you’ll inevitably run your finger over the volume dial and crank it. I learned that leschild the tough method.

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Switching between the amPlug’s 3 distinctive networks is easy. Once the unit is powered on, the power button becomes the channel changer. You’ll check out the power light initially come on as green, indicating that you’re on channel 1. Press the switch aget and it turns oarray, indicating that you’re on channel 2. Press it another time and also the light transforms red, indicating that you’re on channel 3.

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