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While not as renowned with beginners, volume pedals are essential to many kind of experts. The handscomplimentary volume control they carry out is indispensable for realtime dynamic expression and also volume adjustments, so you won"t have to additionally burden your playing hands through volume knob adjustments.

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Here we look at the finest of these guitar volume pedals, based on actual market feedearlier including the most current review and rating information approximately February of 2021.

The Best Volume Pedals






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Alexander Briones


He"s composed around and researched music equipment for many kind of years, while also serving as a music director at his neighborhood church, in addition to teaching guitar, bass and also mentoring young musicians.

The Ernie Ball VP Jr 25K is a volume pedal that offers a potentiometer with 25K ohm resistance, specifically designed to occupational through guitars and basses that have actually energetic pickups.

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Everything around its rocking system adheres to traditional design, making use of stainless steel pivot shaft, Kevlar cable and also springs. This tried and tested architecture ensures relicapability and also makes it much easier to preserve and also repair if essential be.

The unit likewise comes with a tuner output. The tuner output clears your tuner from the signal chain, which have the right to aid to lessen your chains all at once size. This is a large offering allude for those who feel like your tuner has an unfavorable impact on your tone.

Key Features:Design: Volume PedalCircuit: PassiveBest For: Active PickupsDimensions: 2.4" x 3.5" x 10"Weight: 2 lbsPros

The reason that the Ernie Ball VP Jr 25K has actually been so well received is that it has actually a smooth taper, which implies that volume adjustment is spread nicely as you rock the pedal. It likewise gets the majority of commendations for being reputable, even from those that have put the pedal to continual use. Being reasonably tiny is also well loved, bereason as its Jr. label indicates, this pedal has actually a smaller footprint compared to other volume pedals.


Due to the fact that it doesn"t have actually an expression output, you cannot use the VP Jr 25K as an expression pedal. Tright here are some who caution that the Kevlar string and also spring device it offers may fail at times, although it"s unclear as soon as and also how regularly this happens.

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The Ernie Ball VP Jr 25K Volume Pedal is a solid option if you’re searching for a mid-range volume pedal for instruments through active pickups.

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