Vocal Harmonizer pedals are excellent for singers looking to produce added vocal harmonies in their live performances, which are perfectly in tune with the lead vocal.

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These vocal harmonizer pedals are suitable for solo singers and bands, wbelow either, tright here aren’t any backing singers or the various other band members cannot sing.

Vocal Harmonizer effects pedals, additionally well-known as vocal harmony pedals are extensively provided by the majority of current music sector artists looking to redevelop their studio recording sound, within their live performance.

We realise that singer/musicians have the right to be very crucial about the sound top quality of their vocals, particularly for a solo singer, who cannot afford the privilege of hiding behind a lead guitar part. Vocal Effects Pedals offer singers that added vocal edge, adding to the in its entirety live performance.

Thus, each of the voice harmonizer pedals we have actually offered, give the capacity for the user to make thorough adjustments and tweaks to the in its entirety vocal sound.

Several of the pedals featured, also incorporate through the singer’s secondary instrument (guitar, keyboard) to follow the chords played, accounting for vital transforms.

We have actually meticulously researched every one of the a lot of up-to-date processors to function within this list, therefore without even more aperform, below are thefinest 10 vocal harmonizer pedals in 2020.

Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals And Vocal Harmony Processors For Live Performance

Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist Pedal – Editors Pick!


Main Features/BenefitsAll-in-one Vocal Equipment (Harmony, Doubling, Reverb, Pitch Correction, Voice Tone – EQ)Great solution for someone after a solitary pedal (less gear to carry) for live showsAutotune (Pitch Correction on lead VOX)DisadvantagesSlightly heavier than various other pedalsSensitive to exterior noise

The TC Helsymbol VoiceTone Harmony-G XT is more than just a harmonizer pedal, it’s a whole vocal solution for singers. It has a selection of harmony options, vocal doubling results, reverb, pitch correction (auto-tune), vocal tone regulate (EQ) and A/B switching between saved vocal impacts.

Indeed a heavier pedal than other alternatives, at 1.3kg, yet it’s wide range attributes absolutely makes this additional weight perfectly acceptable.

The benefit of this vocal harmony processor stompbox is that it provides real-time vocal pitch correction. This avoids the audience hearing an out-of-tune lead vocal, which could be emphasised via hearing a perfectly in-tune harmony vocal line alongside an untuned lead vocal.

Thank-totally VoiceTone has closely thought about this product, developing an excellent sounding all-in-one vocal harmonizer pedal.

For a actual look, please refer to the demonstration video listed below.

Key Features/BenefitsVocal Effects consisting of EQ, Reverb, Loop, Harmony, Distortion, Octaver, Tuning and Doubling and moreGreat Equipment for Singers through Acoustic Guitars, giving results for both VOX and also Acoustic Guitar (Guitar impacts include Reverb, Chorus, Resonance, Looping, Phase and more)50 Banks to conserve impact combinationsDisadvantagesTright here are so many settings, it deserve to be slightly overwhelming

The Boss VE-8 acoustic singer is appropriate for the singer/songwriter who is looking for a vocal pedal which has vocal harmonizer effects, amongst others; But also supplies the user results for their acoustic guitar that have the right to be offered in synergy through the vocal results.

This indicates that you have the right to have actually every one of your vocal and also guitar results tare taken treatment of in a solitary unit. This one unit is up tright here in regards to being the ultimate solution. It has actually a great balance of price and usability, which provides you a great worth in regards to performance versus the expense.

All of these result combicountries have the right to be saved in up-to 50 financial institutions, so you deserve to quickly load.

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For a real look, please describe the demonstration video below.

Main Features/BenefitsStand-Mountable vocal harmonizer and also effects unit (Harmony, Reverb, Echo, Pitch Correction) & Anti-Feedback button, and also Added Tone switch to carry out Automatic EQ, Compression, Filters.3 financial institution buttons to asauthorize customisable vocal effect combinations1/4 Inch stereo key-board input/output and Multi-Track 4-in, 8-out USB audio interconfront for straightforward recording, being able to document dry and also effect-processed signals simultaneouslyBuilt-in Room feeling microphone to automatically detect pitch for harmonies.Footswitch integration for hands-free interface changesDisadvantagesPrimarily for vocalists who are keyword players (being sat down)Only 3 memory banks for saveable presets

The TC Helsymbol Perdevelop VK is the appropriate vocal processor for pianists and also keyboard players, via this gadget having a selection of usability. TC Helsymbol has actually really created an effects pedal that have the right to be used both in live performances and also studio recordings, via the sheer quality of interior hardware.

The interface is exceptionally simple to use, and also the tool have the right to be offered with a 3 switch, or 6 button foot pedalto permit for ease of switching between effects throughout a performance. If you’re in search of a unit that will obtain the task done and also you don’t need to concern about fumbling roughly through overly facility controls, then this will certainly be an excellent fit for you!

Coming from TC Helsymbol, we’d intend nopoint less than perfect, and this harmonizer pedal delivers an assortment of numerous impact combicountries, for your choosing! When you’re buying an equipment from TC Helsymbol you can feel pretty safe that they high quality is going to be extremely high!

For a genuine look, please refer to the demonstration video below.

The TC Helicon Play Acoustic is the best all-in-one effects processor for singer/songauthors who play the acoustic guitar and also desire an results pedal which integprices vocals and also acoustic guitar.

This gadget is a premium-grade vocal and also guitar processor, and also as you deserve to hear from the demonstrations, uses remarkable sound top quality. Just via pretty a lot any TC Helicon devices, you deserve to trust that it’s high quality and also will last you fairly a while.

For a actual look, please describe the demonstration video below.

The TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 is the ideal multi-effect harmonizer processor for singers who are really major around wanting to incorpoprice that studio sleek sound within their live performance. The processor has over 500 loaded presets and also many kind of more functions shown below

‘Roomsense’ & ‘Natural Play’ (For reliable real-time harmony/pitch correction analysis)45 Minutes Looping time (8 Mins per track limit)Midi SynchronizationVocal Effects (Reverb, Delay, Harmony, Doubling, Hardtune, Transducer, Umod, Vocoder and also Rhythmic)Guitar Functionality (Tuner, Reverb, Delay, Umod, Distortion, Octaver, Rhythmic, Wah Wah, Compressor, EQ, Amp Modelling, Control per preset)1 XLR in, 2 XLR out, TRS in (Vocals), Instrument In/Thru, Guitar Direct Out, Aux in, SPDIF, Headphone Out, Exp pedal in.

Now, this specific processor will be the perfect multi-results processor for the majority of skilled singers or anyone who requirements a high level of functionality inside one unit.

However, if you’re looking forenhanced looping time(5 Hours in total – 8 Mins per track limit), with the capability toplay backing tracks, then I would imply looking at theVoiceLive 3 Extreme.

The just downside to this device is that it lacks the Midi Synchronization that the original variation has actually. If you want Midi synchronization then you can’t go wrong through the original.

For a real look, please describe the demonstration video listed below.

We realise that all of these pedals are developed by TC Helicon. That’s no surpincrease given that they are among the companies leading the method in voice/vocal effects for singers.

The multi-impacts vocal services we sell are definitely a should for singers looking to transdevelop their performance. For under $300 you can have actually a pedal for both studio/live use that has a surplus of usability.

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It really is a little price to pay for such a large sounding distinction, suitable for the skilled singer/songwriter or anyone that requirements the advanced functionality that this unit provides.

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