As a brand-new ukulele player, eexceptionally instructional video you come throughout will certainly describe either ukulele string notes or uke string numbers to teach the lesson. That’s great, unmuch less you’re not yet acquainted through the names and also numbers of each string!

In this short article we will certainly define the names and also numbers of the different strings, why you could like making use of numbers more than names, and also how this provides tuning less complicated.

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This is a quick post and also as soon as you complete it you’ll have actually sufficient expertise around ukulele tuning to learn some basic ukulele songs!

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Ukulele String Notes and also NamesWhy Use both Ukulele String Names and Ukulele String Numbers?

Ukulele String Notes and Names

Ukulele tuning have the right to actually be a complex topic. Tright here is different tuning for baritone ukuleles than soprano, concert, and also tenors. Even via the primary three sizes, you have the right to tune your ukulele to conventional or reentrant.

To aid make tuning your ukulele simpler, you need to start by learning the notes, names and numbers that are typically assigned to the open up strings.

When we are talking about ukulele string names, we label them by the note that the open string plays. Open notes are the notes that are played if you pick a chord without holding dvery own the string on any worry, hence, it is “open”. It is widespread for civilization to refer to each string by the open string note that it plays.


The ukulele string order is done by numbering them 1, 2, 3 and 4. The one is the string closest to the ground, typically the A string. Strings 2, 3 and 4 obtain closer to you as you go up in numbers and are connected via the E, C, and also G strings from the naming area.

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This additionally implies that if you are playing a baritone ukulele the ukulele string names won’t change, the numbers will just remain the same!

Why Use both Ukulele String Names and also Ukulele String Numbers?

In the big amount of resources that are presently available digital you will certainly discover teachers that like one naming convention or the other. The programs that we really favor, including UkuleleBuddy, will certainly teach and also usage both so that you become familiar with them.

If we had actually to choose just one, we’d choose numbers though. There is really one significant reason we like to use numbers quite than names, and that is that you don’t have to know the tuning.

Tuning Changes

While G-C-E-A is the many widespread tuning for ukuleles, you deserve to find plenty of songs played a fifty percent step up, or a half step down, which entirely shifts the tuning of each open up string.

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By making use of numbers, you don’t have to adjust anypoint in how you describe the strings, simply note the readjusted tuning.

String 1 will certainly always be the highest possible note and also the string furthest from the musician once playing, however the A string could quickly be a B note if the tuning changes!

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