About a crazy brand-new instrument called the bass ukulele, that’s small enough to fit in your backpack…

Yet deserve to somehow produce surprisingly nice tones, that almost rival the realism of today’s electronic drums.

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A novelty instrument, you ask? Possibly.

But what music geek deserve to resist the alentice of such a fascinating brand-new instrument?

Not me. And if you’re reading this write-up I’m guessing not you either.

So for today’s short article, I’ve compiled all the best knowledge I might discover about this fascinating instrument right into one in-depth short article.

Now let’s gain started. First off…

How It All Began…

You probably never heard of them…

But the original idea for the bass ukulele came from a little agency recognized as Roadway Toad.

The founder, Owen Holt, popularized this instrument via the extremely first Road Toad Big Bufo Bass.

While it had actually great potential, the best problem through the Big Bufo was that it was much too expensive for most musicians.

So, in 2007 Roadway Toad teamed up with Kala, a well known ukulele maker, to design an extra affordable model that might be sold to the masses.

What they eventually came up via was the original U-Bass, which exploded in popularity over the following numerous years…and also is still possibly the a lot of popular bass ukulele these days.

Afterwards in this article we will certainly cover the U-Bass in even more detail.

But initially though, let’s learn a little about just how the instrument itself actually works…

The 6 Key Qualities of Bass Ukes

Chances are, if you’re shopping for bass ukuleles, you probably currently play:

ukulelebassor BOTH.


Therefore, it makes feeling that the ideal way to explain this instrument would be to compare it to its 2 parental fees.

So let’s carry out that currently. Here’s what we’ll cover:

SizeBody TypeStringsOctave RangePickupsFrets

First up…

1. Size

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the bass ukulele is its capability to produce a big sound despite its tiny size.

And while it’s a lot smaller sized than a bass guitar, it’s still pretty massive compared to many ukuleles.

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Common bass ukuleles variety from 30-32″ in length, which is similar to a typical baritone ukulele.

Up next…

2. Body Type

Depending on their body form (hollowbody or solidbody)…

Bass ukuleles will certainly look choose either:

a large ukulele, or a baby bass guitar.

But more importantly than just looks, the body form of the instrument also plays a vast role in the sound.

As you’ll hear in the videos I’ll show you later on in this article…

Hollow body bass ukes have a sound that resembles an upbest bass, while solid body bass ukes have actually a sound more comparable to that of an electrical bass guitar.

So depending on your style of music, the body form you select is absolutely KEY.

Up next…

3. Strings


To lower the note of a vibrating string, you can make the string…

longer,thicker,or looser.

Typical feeling, right?

The difficulty is, to play bass notes on a ukulele-sized instrument…

None of those solutions really work-related.

Adding length won’t work, because the instrument itself is also short.Adding thickness won’t work bereason the interior dampening on a string that fat would certainly make the notes sound dull and also lifeless.Decreasing tension won’t work-related bereason it would certainly make the strings floppy and unplayable.

Luckily there’s a fourth choice.

And that is: ADDING DENSITY.

Which is precisely what manufacturers did to develop a string capable of producing deep bass notes on such a tiny instrument.

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While each string version clintends to have actually their own patented technology, most loss into the basic category of polyurethane strings, which players frequently define as having somewhat of a “rubber band” feel.

NOTE: Polyurethane strings have a long “break-in” time, and also will continue to stretch for a minimum of 2 weeks. So be patient.
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