Shopping for an acoustic guitar deserve to be an overwhelming experience. Guitar devices usage a large range of woods, hardware, and design facets, so there are many type of determinants, functions and also specifications to take into consideration. There are four primary locations you will want to consider and/or understand around prior to you begin shopping for your next acoustic guitar.

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Purpose and also Budget - How are you going to usage your acoustic guitar, and also how much will certainly you spend?Construction and Design - Discover the basics before you shop.Styles and also Sound - Understand also just how various functions impact the sound of the guitar.Acoustic Guitar Variants - 12-string acoustics and alternate body shapesDon't Forobtain Personal PreferenceGlossary

Keep analysis to gain all the information you have to make the right decision for your following acoustic guitar. And remember, we're below to aid through friendly Gear Heads easily accessible at 1-800-449-9128 who have the right to overview you to the acoustic guitar that finest meets your needs. Our generous return policy helps encertain you'll be entirely pleased with your new guitar.

Purpose and also Budget

Before you think around brand names or body styles, think about what you are going to usage your guitar for, and exactly how much money you need to spend on one.

Skill Level - Amateur or Advanced

If you are a beginner who is trying to find an instrument to learn on, you may not desire to spfinish too a lot on a high-finish acoustic guitar just yet. Thanks to contemporary production methods, tbelow is a vast selection of well-built, great sounding, low- to mid-array acoustic guitars to select from.

Maybe you're an proficient player, ready to upgrade to a better guitar. In that case, it is essential to recognize the distinction in between assorted tonewoods and also just how the soundboard affects resonance.

Purpose - Acoustic-Electrics Expand also Your Options

Will you be playing with a band also, or taking your guitar to public occasions such as open up mic nights? If so, you may want to think about an acoustic-electric guitar.

Acoustic-electric guitars are equipped with a pickup and also a integrated preamplifier which enables them to be plugged into an amplifier or sound mechanism without distorting their affluent, acoustic sound, and without limiting your mobility while you play. When not plugged in, they play and also sound simply like other acoustic guitars. These hybrid guitars continue to boost in popularity with performers, and Musician's Friend provides a vast selection of acoustic-electric guitars to complement any budobtain.

Whether you’re playing at residence or in public, solo or with a band, simply beginning or upgrading - make sure you take into consideration what you require from a guitar, and how much you have to spfinish, before you start shopping.

Construction and also Design

Once you understand the basics around exactly how an acoustic guitar is designed and built, you will have the ability to check out and also hear subtle differences that will help you choose the best guitar for your requirements.



The neck of an acoustic guitar is joined to the guitar body and also terminates at the headstock. The fretboard is placed to the neck's optimal, and the ago is shaped to accommodate the player's fretting hand.

Many acoustic guitars use a set neck, which implies the neck is glued onto the body of the guitar. The alternative is a bolt-on neck, even more frequently provided via electric guitars. A heel provides extra support at the back of the neck, wright here it meets the body of the guitar.

The neck has a metal truss rod that stays clear of it from bowing and also twisting due to string anxiety and environmental components. Adjusting the truss rod have the right to correct intonation problems that prevent the instrument from being tuned correctly. This truss rod deserve to be readjusted either at the headstock, or simply inside the body of the guitar, at the base of the neck.

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The fretboard, or fingerboard, on the optimal side of the neck, is usually a sepaprice item of wood that is glued to the neck. Fretboards are typically created out of rosewood or ebony.

Thin strips of steel, called frets, are embedded in the wood at half-step increments alengthy the 12-tone range, to show wright here various notes are played. Many guitar fretboards have inlhelp dots or symbols on the odd-numbered frets, starting with the 3rd - excluding the 11th and also 13th in favor of the 12th, or the octave.

The headstock is located on the finish of the neck opposite the guitar body. It is fitted through tuning secrets, additionally recognized as tuners, tuning pegs, or machine heads. These readjust the stress of each string, transforming their pitches. The nut is a tiny strip located wright here the headstock meets the neck, that is grooved to overview the strings onto the fretboard. On an acoustic guitar, the nut is frequently made of plastic, yet it can additionally be bone, graphite, or any type of variety of other products.


The body of an acoustic guitar is created of the top, also dubbed the soundboard. The soundboard is supported by internal bracing; the sides, and also the earlier that together form a hollow chamber. The upper body curves are described as the upper bout, while the commonly larger lower body curves are referred to as the reduced bout. The area between them is referred to as the waist.

The size and also shape of the body influences both the sound and playcapability of the instrument. Finding a body shape that matches your physical and musical requirements will aid ensure you choose the right acoustic guitar. See Body Styles - Comfort and Resonance below for even more.

The sound hole, with which sound tasks, is aligned with the waist, at the base of the fretboard and is often fitted via a protective pickguard made of plastic or various other products.

The guitar's strings are installed to the body of the guitar at the bridge. Bridge pins anchor each string. The thin spilgrimage of either bone or plastic that spaces out the strings on the bridge, is dubbed a saddle. The bridge transmits string vibrations to the guitar's height resulting in the instrument's sound output, also described as forecast.

Acoustic-Electric Guitar Systems

Many type of musicians discover it advantageous to be able to plug in and amplify their acoustic guitar. So, how does an acoustic-electric guitar work? These guitars boast the addition of a pickup device inside the body that turns the vibrations of the soundboard right into digital signals. These signals deserve to be weak, so a lot of acoustic-electric guitars use a preamp to make them more powerful.

The preamp is frequently situated on the side of the guitar that faces up while playing. It has volume and also tone controls, and also sometimes a integrated tuner.

Styles and Sound

While all acoustic guitars share the very same basic construction and architecture elements, tright here are necessary differences that affect their sound and also playability. Each guitar shares those standard attributes above, but currently that you understand how an acoustic guitar is designed and developed, you will certainly want to consider some of the variables that adjust how each guitar feels and also plays. These variables include:

Body layouts Tops Neck width and also length Nylon vs. steel strings Tonewood

Understanding your options in these categories will certainly aid you make the best decision as you shop for an acoustic guitar.

Body Styles - Comfort and also Resonance

Tbelow are about as many nuances to the style of an acoustic guitar body as there are service providers that create them. It is important to make certain that you pick a guitar that will certainly develop the sound you want, however likewise one that is comfortable for you to play whether you are sitting or standing.

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The sound board is the top percentage of the body of the guitar. In basic, the bigger the soundboard, the deeper and louder the sound. Other layouts incorporate a large soundboard via a narrow waist to make the guitar even more comfortable.

While exact dimensions might differ from one guitar manufacturer to the following, some general, popular acoustic guitar body forms include:

Concert and Grand Concert Auditorium and Grand Auditorium Dreadnought Jumbo Travel and also Mini-AcousticsConcert and Grand also Concert


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