All I can say is Wow. Setup perfect.

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I am going to be traveling for a year and this is just perfect for everything at residence and on the road. Thank you for making such an imaginative guitar!


Ultra-Light Acoustic

Brandon J.

Plays amazingly - the neck and also all at once experience is just prefer playing my other guitars but with awesome portability. Look forward to my next one in the future!


Travelcaster Deluxe

Nicholas S.

Not much even more to say, it is precisely what it claims to be. It is light and also straightforward to take a trip with. It plays better than most of my various other guitars. Sounds favor a strat. I"m extremely happy with it.

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When it pertains to “take a trip guitars,” players are regularly compelled to sacrifice size for portability and also even use. Unprefer many type of travel tools that are sindicate min- iaturized six-stringers, the Traveler AG-105E is a useful and also playable instrument featuring a full-sized fretboard and also a body that’s simply 2 inches smaller sized throughout the reduced bout than a full-sized grand concert guitar.



The “take a trip guitar” moniker regularly simply implies an instrument is smaller, cheaper, and/or type of toy-favor. Not so through Traveler Guitar. They’ve remained in the portable-guitar biz for 25 years and have constructed a reputation on high quality building and full-scale playability, so guitarists don’t feel choose they’re giving somepoint up by going stealth.

The fretwork was clean and buttery smooth, and also the setup excellent. One of the coolest functions of a Traveler is the capability to ssuggest plug in a set of headphones and also rip wherever and however loud you. (I spent many of my time in overdrive land thanks to its creamy growl.)


Travelcaster Deluxe

The frets were well polimelted and also finiburned, and the bone nut is a really nice touch. With this uniquely “much less is more” body, and also great feeling neck, it is a joy to play as a whole, and doesn’t feel or sound like it’s missing anything. Not what we supposed at all.

Overall, for a player that does a lot of traveling this is well worth it. In its gig bag it have the right to easily fit in the overhead compartment of an plane with no fuss. Heck, a touring artist that might desire to carry a second electric on the road but shies away bereason of room problems need to seriously take into consideration one (or two) of these. There’s really no downside to one of these; they deliver a full-sized guitar in a take a trip sized package. Consider us impressed.

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