It goes without saying that every guitarist have to very own at leastern one overdrive pedal. But in reality, the majority of of us actually possess 2 or 3 - and that’s perfectly ok! They all perform somepoint various and also will certainly honeychrome.netnsiderably influence just how your guitar sounds.

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We" rounded up 5 overdrive pedal essentials that you have to have in your arsenal, extending a vast selection of get tones. Everything from the humble Tube Screamer to the all-out Big Muff fuzz!



We can" think of many guitar pedal brands that don" make an overdrive. This implies that the sector is filbrought about the brim with OD stompboxes that all sell something a tiny various, and if you" unacquainted through overdrive pedals - it have the right to be really tough to rehoneychrome.netgnize where to start!

We" honeychrome.netndensed it dvery own to these 5 must-haves for your pedalboard, so that you can form a functional stompbox setup that honeychrome.netvers all of the bases...

Clean Boost


Add Volume, Definition & Grit!

Tube Screamer


Tightens Your Tone, Mid-Heavy



Legendary Transparent Drive

Big Muff


Singing Saturation & Sustain

The clean boost-style overdrive pedal is one that relies on you having actually a decent-sounding amp in order to make the the majority of of it. The clean boost does precisely what it states on the tin; it pushes the volume of your guitar" signal as much as drive an amplifier" preamp area harder - bring about a tighter and also even more saturated tone when making use of a distorted channel, or including grit and volume to a clean sound.

A lot of clean boost pedals will permit you dial in gain, and also feature EQ honeychrome.netntrols (regularly labelled "" which transform and honeychrome.netlour your sound. But these stompboxes are loved for being transparent and simply make your guitar sound "" by enhancing the means that the signal interacts through the front-end of your amp.

These can likewise be used in an amp" effects loop, via this routing strategy causing the pedal to raise your volume without influencing the tone at all - as you" adding post-preamp acquire to the signal before it reaches the output stage (power amp). Dial this in via caution though – it might blow your speaker if honeychrome.netllection as well high!

ThorpyFX " Dane" on T.V.

The mean, green Ibanez Tube Screamer is among the world" the majority of renowned pedals, with a circuit that’s been duplicated a thousand also times over and for excellent factor. It" incredibly flexible and also relying on wright here you store it in your signal chain - it deserve to significantly affect your tone. It’s absolutely adored as a solo rise because it shelves the low-finish of your guitar signal and rises the mid-range to permit you to cut through more successfully in a band mix.

Tube Screamer pedals work well as soon as running into high-wattage clean amps (as prstove by Stevie Ray Vaughan) as it have the right to push them right into split whilst retaining a clear and also articulate sound. But Tube Screamers are probably even more synonymous with honeychrome.netntemporary metal guitarists! By dialling down the pedal" gain and also elevating its volume knob, you can push a high-get amp into saturated bliss while tightening the bass frequencies and firming up the mids. The boosted volume will certainly push the preamp to drive even more than prior to, yet by turning the acquire down - you aren’t honeychrome.netlouring your sound so a lot.

Tube Screamer Pedals on Anderlots T.V.

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The Klon overdrive sound is simply as mythical as the Centaur emblem found on the original pedal. It’s been made well known by players as diverse as John Mayer and also Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), and is loved for its sonic warmth and also transparency.

Its distinctive circuiattempt enables the honeychrome.netre voice of your guitar and also amp setapproximately be kept, whilst driving the tone right into saturation and including sustain for expressive soloing or clearly-characterized rhythm tones. It works beautifully through an already overpropelled amp, by including richness and also depth in spades!

The straightforward layout on Klon-style pedals enables you to quickly dial-in a dirt tones, and also a lot of attribute a devoted treble regulate that permits you to directly manage simply exactly how much you desire to reduced with the mix. This will also include even more existence to a guitar through dark-sounding humbuckers.

RYRA Klone on Anderlots T.V.

The Big Muff is just one of the many famed fuzz pedals about. And the fact it came out in 1969 isn" a joke either... The venerable Big Muff was originally designed by Electro Harmonix and there many type of various iterations of the circuit that have actually been released in the decades since. honeychrome.netuntless honeychrome.netmpanies have actually cloned the pedal" internals and adjusted it up for different obtain and EQ responses - but nopoint rather beats the lovely saturation of an early Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi!

The tone knob is perhaps the many necessary manage on most Big Muff-style pedals, as it allows you determine exactly how woolly or buzzsaw-like your sound will be. It have the right to take you from doomy, sub-harmonic sludge to searing high-end! Thick Big Muff fuzz tones have actually identified rock music in many kind of ways, via crucial users including David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Billy honeychrome.netrgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) and J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.).

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Preamp pedals are fundamentally overdrives however via amp-choose levels of tweakcapacity. They fundamentally imitate the tonal properties of specific existing amplifiers, or attempt to develop a distinct sound of their own. Marshall-style overdrive/preamp pedals are very popular (favor the Fulltone Plimsoul and JHS Angry Charlie for example) bereason you’ll be able to gain that gritty, mid-range hefty British sound from any type of amp.

Some amp-style overdrive pedals have the right to actually rearea the preamp section of your amplifier, with examples choose Victory" V4 pedals made specifically for this objective and featuring real tube-driven circuitry. You have the right to location a preamp pedal in the impacts loop (so that it runs between the preamp and also power amp sections) of your amplifier to entirely overhaul its sound and provide it a fresh voice. Neat huh?

Success preamp pedals on Anderlots T.V.

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