Getting a guitar with a thin neck is a good way to make playing guitar easier and also offer you even more control over what you play.

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A thin neck provides your hand also more room to stretch and also gives you even more leverage so your hands don’t strain as difficult to press the strings dvery own. Like any instruments guitars via thin necks can variety from being inexpensive to thousands of dollars, and also tright here are several thin neck design guitars out tright here.

In this list you’ll uncover the best thin neck guitars out there in eincredibly price selection and also style, When I did the study for this article I tried to pick out a good array so tright here is at leastern one guitar on this list for just around any player out tbelow, no matter what style of guitar you favor.

Note: This list isn’t detailed of all the good guitars out there with thin necks, I tried mostly to pick the ones which I believed had the finest worth. I’m sure there are ones I’ve missed, because I greatly pick from brands I know well and have actually played on before.

After this list, check out my area on guitar brands with thin neck acoustics. There I’ll break down the best brands to look out for when you’re searching, and also I additionally talk a little little bit about brands you could desire to avoid also assumed they advertise thin necks (And carry out have them).


Our (Top 8) Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars.


Ovation Legend Plus –

(Check Price on Amazon)

Ovation is an underrated innovative guitar brand, if you’ve ever played one you’ll understand they’re distinct and difficult to foracquire.

The Ovation legfinish plus is an acoustic-electrical via a slightly bappropriate tone, yet not to bideal.

When it involves the thickness of the neck, this models neck is just slightly larger than your average electric.

The Ovation Legend has an OP-PRO studio preamp (3 band EQ, with limiter/compressor) with an OCP-1 pickup (made by Ovation). The soundboard is a spruce solid AAA, and also of course their body is made of Lyrachord (this is a special material they make and also designed themselves to produce some great tone).

Note: The earlier of this Ovation is actually level, so that curved earlier you’re probably offered to falling off your lap you won’t have to worry about that via this design.


(Check Price on Amazon)

This is just one of Taylor’s many well-known guitars, and also it is built to be easy to play through a low action and thin neck.

Taylor guitars in general are actually constructed this way in general, so as soon as picking up any type of of their guitars online you won’t even need to examine the specs to watch if the neck is thin bereason that’s just how all Taylor’s come. Makes points easier.

So what makes the 114ce so great?

This guitars tone is warmth and beautiful, the highs are way more pronounced than the lows which creates a very bappropriate colorful tone. They have actually an X bracing in the ago which does lug out the low bass tone out, yet still the tone is greatly mids and highs.

So, if you’re looking for a bbest happy sound on an acoustic via a thin neck this is definitely it.

Quick history: Taylor has actually been making guitars since 1974, and the thin neck acoustics is actually what made them different from all the various other acoustics out there, and also was a major element in why they ended up being so renowned.

Tip: This is the cutaway variation, and if you don’t favor the cutaway (also though cutameans have actually a great advantage if you want to conveniently play over the better notes)…You have the right to obtain the non cutamethod 114e for much less than the cutamethod choice.

Big Baby Taylor –

(Check Price on Amazon)

Another among their many well-known guitars, the Big Baby Taylor (BBT) really stands out for just how comfortable it is when you first pick her up. This guitar is a complete length, at 15/16ths range via a conventional 4″ body depth. The neck is just prefer eincredibly various other Taylor acoustic, thin and straightforward to play.

Apart from being very comfortable, these are famous because they are super affordable and almost a steal when it concerns the high quality Taylor puts out.

The tone is that signature bbest, happy sweet tone that Taylor is recognized for. When you play one you’ll notice the highs and also mid tones sort of drvery own out the bass tones.

Ibanez AEG 10ii –

(Check Price on Amazon)

Not typically recognized for their acoustic guitars, ibanez makes several good acoustics that shouldn’t be overlooked. Finding a great deal on one is pretty straightforward, since Ibanez prices some of their acoustics absurdly cheap.

This particular Ibanez isn’t one of the many inexpensive models, yet it is definitely worth taking a look at. The neck is thin and so is the body which measures at just 3 1/4″ (your average acoustic is 4-43/4″).

This design comes with a aeg-sp1 preamp, and also fishguy sonicore pickup. For your electronic controls you have actually bass controls, midselection, treble, volume and also a phase switch.

Note: They make a nylon variation also (AEG10iiN).

Takamine GN93CE –

(Check Price on Amazon)

The Takamine GN93CE is my absolute favorite guitar on this list, This guitar sounds simply right, the tone is well-off and also not to bright and also sweet choose the Taylor (The Taylor’s tone is tremendous it is just more bright than I’d like) and also the midarray and also bass are well pronounced without drowning out the highs.

This particular model is their own body style called “Nex” there is a comparable dreadnought style as well (GD93CE).

Not only does the design sound nearly perfect, it is a looker no doubt. I love the pattern on the ago which is done via babsence walnut and also maple, and the front is just as gorgeous. Has a very elegant look to it, the gold tuners are one more great touch as well.

Of course, the neck on this design is thin. This acoustic additionally comes through a tk-40 preamp and also constructed in tuner.


Ovation Elite Celebrity Super Shenable –

(Check Price on Amazon)

This Ovation is an exceptionally good deal, exceptionally low price for what you’re gaining and is very thin all about consisting of the neck and the body (makes feeling considering that the name is super shallow).

When getting an acoustic with a low body width periodically the tone is slightly compromised, and that is ssuggest not the case through this guitar.

Like the majority of Ovations, the tone is bappropriate but not overly bright with this guitar and you still can hear the reduced tones exceptionally well.

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This Elite Celebrity Super Shallow has a OP-4BT preamp through 3 band also EQ, and the Lyrachord backing of the body which creates their distinctive tone. The body does not have your conventional soundhole in the middle, but fairly there are a couple of tiny soundholes on the external edges of the body. This also is a creation distinct to Ovation that helps shape the tone. Tbelow is X bracing so the guitar tasks likewise projects well.


Ibanez Montage –

(Check Price on Amazon)

At first glance, you’d more than likely assume this is another Ovation….through the soundholes being on the outside and also just in basic from the architecture. It absolutely looks favor most the guitars they’ve made. The Montage is likewise extremely equivalent to the T5 by Taylor.

There’s a ton that goes right into this guitar, which would make you think the price tag would certainly be greater, there’s 2 pickups (B-Band UST-Acoustic Pickup and also the Ibanez AP9-Electric pickup) and also a switch to switch between those and a gain setting. Tright here are separate volume knobs for each pickup as well and likewise a master volume.

The Ibanez montage has the works- reverb, chorus, distortion, phase canceling, and a dual notch filter. The preamp is a HBP Multi-feature preamp.

Note: This guitar additionally has actually what Ibanez calls F.A.S.T. modern technology (Rapid activity erected tech), this enables you to put up the activity really rapid, which is an included bonus on optimal of the thin neck to really aid take the strain off your fingers.

Seagull S6 –

(Check Price on Amazon)

These guitars are basic, via an significant tone and also are super inexpensive. If the just point you require in your guitar is a thin neck and also for it to sound excellent acoustically, this is your ideal alternative expense wise.

The tone is just to die for at this price, and also it fits well via basically any style of music. I’m not a fan of all their guitars, however I carry out absolutely love this one.

The Seagull S6 has actually a cedar height, Cherry back and also sides, maple neck, and also deserve to come through Godin Q1 electronic devices.

Note: There is a slim neck variation of this guitar and a non slim variation. 


Guitar brands to examine out with thin neck acoustics:

Fortunately, if you’re worried that namong those selections are great for you……you’re in luck bereason tbelow are quite a few good brands that stick nearly solely to thin necks for their acoustic models.

If you pick up virtually any type of of the models from this list you should be great to go.


These guys started in 1974 via the idea to fill the gap in the industry where people needed slim neck straightforward to play acoustics and also that’s where they found their success. They struggled selling even 3 a day for years, however sticking to that design ultimately passist off massive time. They still keep to the exact same thing this day, making acoustic that are basic to play. If you choose a bappropriate sounding acoustic guitar, you’ll love almost any kind of Taylor.


With all the renowned musicians that play electric versions of these, civilization carry out overlook their acoustics. They have a unique sound via an extra bass fueled tone than a lot of various other acoustics and you deserve to uncover loads of their guitars with slim necks and exceptionally slim body layouts as well. Plenty of their acoustics are a steal too, so be on the lookout for one of these that suits you.


Most of these guitars look very plain-jane and also are often overlooked by many musicians because the majority of don’t know much about them. I’d say this is a large mistake, because Seagull guitars sound absolutely phenomenal and also tright here really is one for eexceptionally kind of player. When you’re trying to find thin neck acoustics from this brand, know that a lot of their acoustics have actually a variation that is slim versus anon-slim version.


Most world know about this brand and also instantly identify it from the strange plastic form substance on the earlier (Lyrachord- made particularly by the agency for a distinctive tone).

These sound great, and are wonderful guitars via many type of slim neck versions that I’m certain you’ll love. Before buying one of these however I would certainly definitely examine them out in perkid bereason they have actually a very various feel to them than your average guitar.


Note: – Tright here are tons of other brands out tright here that have excellent thin neck acoustic guitars. Lots of smaller sized name boutique guitar manufacturers and huge brands as well. These are simply the brands that bring the many thin neck acoustics.


Tips for trying to find the ideal acoustic guitar via a thin neck:

Even though I think this is a good list of acoustics, I’m certain some of these won’t be 100% perfect for everyone.

Plus honestly finding the appropriate one for you deserve to be EXTREMELY tough, because tbelow aren’t any type of in-depth lists that are any type of good on the internet, and also forums don’t always have the finest indevelopment either.


WARNING: A prevalent problem I watch human being having concerns with is acquiring the term “Nut width” confused.

“Nut width” does not measure exactly how thick a guitar neck is quite it is the measurement throughout the fretboard.


When I was doing research study I noticed most people having problems looking up guitars through thin necks, and also were looking for “nut width” via variations prefer slim nut width guitars, narrowhead nut width guitars, and so on and assuming that nut width intended the actual width of the neck. “Nut width” = width of the neck throughout, not the actual width of the neck.



I’m not certain where human being are finding out that nut width is a term for the thickness of the neck of the guitar but it certainly isn’t.


If you’re having trouble finding acoustics online through thin necks – Try rather of looking on the primary search engines for “thin acoustic guitar neck” or whichever before search query, try doing the search on an actual music store like Guitar facility or Musicians Friend. I’ve uncovered that doing searcs on these platcreates actually produces some excellent outcomes, where through normal search engines they have actually a hard time separating exactly what I’m trying to find, which was surprising.

Also, when doing your research if you perform decide to look with various other articles and forums absolutely do a little digging of your very own.

I experienced rather a couple of recommendations on forums for thin neck acoustics that the necks would certainly not be taken into consideration thin by any type of guitarist through also a little amount of suffer.

Tright here were likewise trolls making some recommendations that were incredibly obviously wrong to, easier to spot those…..however it amazed me that some world were thanking them for assist.

Of course, this most likely seems obvious……this is the internet after all, and also it’s always best to not just trust whatever you check out on here.

That’s not to say there isn’t most good advice on the forums though, when I was researching I did find some great info on some brand-new brands that I can’t wait to try in perkid.

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Also, if you’re looking for thin neck guitars because you want something that’s simpler on the fingers for shredding or barre chords, I’d also indicate looking up models that come via low activity put up right from the manufacturing facility. (Low action means the strings are closer to the neck) Any guitar can have actually the action lowered, and this will certainly certainly assist you have the ability to play much longer also.



Finding the ideal thin neck acoustic deserve to be pretty challenging considering tbelow aren’t any lists of all the alternatives tright here are (this might be something I create in the future), I hope I did an excellent project explaining the appropriate brands to look for and also gave some pretty beneficial tips. If there’s any type of method I have the right to make this short article even more helpful or if you have actually any kind of concerns please leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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