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Hello Choonies, artists and producers!

the ultimate choon marketing guide to getting more $NOTES

Want to earn more $NOTES from your music on Choon?

Below I have compiled all of my digital marketing tactics into one guide for the Choon artist community to benefit from. I’ve spent hours and quite a bit of money testing and refining different methods to get more plays on my Choon profile. I can say with confidence that every one of these methods works, it just comes down to your commitment to executing and developing top quality content.

*UPDATE* August 11th, 2018

Before we even get into the tactics of marketing, I want to report on an important aspect that is not covered below: your mission. What is your mission as an artist/producer/musician? A week after I posted this guide, I added my mission to the description of my Choon profile, every song and every playlist. This seemingly small change has increased my streams. While it isn’t bringing more people to my page, it tells my story to those that do land on my page. It creates a stronger connection with fans that can relate to my mission, creating new fans with every second streamed!

  1. Write a genuine promotional message. This is your keystone content. You are going to use this message in conjunction with several of the marketing strategies below. Try to incorporate the story of the new music industry – this excites people. When people feel like they are part of something new and undiscovered, it is more appealing. It makes them more curious and proud to help bring change to the industry. In the message, explain that you are trying a new streaming platform and want to see how it works. Ask them to let the playlist run for as long as they want. Here is my message:

    “hey, thanks for watching/following. I’m trying out this new music streaming platform that pays indie artists like me way more than Spotify, etc. Could you hit the link and let the playlist play? Every second counts and you’re helping to make real change in the music industry!”

  2. Build a Choon playlist of all your music. This way, when someone clicks on your playlist link, it will continuously run through all of your tracks until the end or they stop it. If you link to a single song, you won’t get as much streaming time because users are not going to click around for another song, they are just going to leave. We want to capitalize on the their one click, cuz that’s all you’re going to get for a while, as you won’t want to harass them with more of the same request to please play your music. (Imay deprecate this step if changes are made to the artist home page.)
  3. Text all of your friends & family. I took a couple minutes every day for a few days and sent my genuine promo message to all appropriate contacts in my phone.
  4. Email all of your friends/family, colleagues and appropriate email contacts. I used almost the same message from my text in this email. I carefully went through my “Sent” folder, to pick out email addresses of contacts that would be OK with receiving my message about Choon. No one ever said “no.” Some people probably didn’t press play, but that is ok! Not everyone is going to. However, the personal touch is where you get the most plays. I got +7,000 $NOTES in one day from sending out these personal messages. This method gives you by far the most bang for your buck.
  5. Automate Instagram DMs. Use an automation platform to send the same the same message in a DM to your Instagram followers. I wouldn’t suggest DMing anyone else, only accounts that follow you. Contact me for help setting this up:


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  6. Automate Instagram growth. Use an automation platform to grow your Instagram following. These services are ethical and legtitimate, though may fall into the growth hacking grey area. It is upt o you how bad you want to grow your brand. I have gained 9,000 followers since starting the platform.
  7. Use all 30 hashtags on each Instagram post. Also use hashtags in stories. These garner much more exposure than just posting to your Instagram alone. Hashtags can get you followers and likes which can help increase your exposure to even more users on the platform. Plus, when you have the auto-DM set up, every time you post with hashtags, those new followers get the message – so it is all happening almost at once – which helps conversions. This means they are in the mindset of following you, and if they receive a polite DM in the same moment, they are more likely to hit the link and play your music on Choon.
  8. Use an email marketing platform like MailChimp. Send the same message to your fan base, too!
  9. Leverage social media. That means relentlessly sharing your message and link from all of your social media pages. You need to be on the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can use the same message and link that we have been using, but you should change it up if you are going to be posting multiple times a day or week.
  10. Tweet directly at musicians on Twitter. Find relevant users with hashtags like #indiemusic #electronicmusic #songwriter #musicproducer, etc. When I tweet directly @ 50-100 people in a day, I get more $NOTES.
  11. Run Facebook ads for cheap clicks to your Choon playlist. I had huge success using this method. Please note, this method only works for a few days and then you need to reconfigure your ads. That said, I got 4,000-6,000 $NOTES each day that it did work. Click here for my guide on How to Earn Choon NOTES with Facebook Ads.

Other ways to get more exposure and earn $NOTES on Choon

  1. Collaborate with other Choon artists and releasing more music on Choon!
  2. Tip other artists or new releases as they come out. Giving is getting.
  3. Use relevant genre tags. Use all three for each track.
  4. Create Choon playlists (and list your own music on them). I started building genre and mood based playlists. These are starting to get me a few extra $NOTES here and there. What I do is add some tracks to the playlist, then tweet or post on IG and tag the artists in the playlist. They are likely to retweet and repost, bringing more traffic to your playlist.
  5. Pitch to Choon playlist curators. You can contact the owners of Choon playlists and ask for placement. Everyone is trying to get more exposure on this new platform, so your chances of getting playlisted are really high! (contact me for placement on my playlists!)
  6. Join the Telegram channel. There is a tight-knit community of both artists and listeners on the Telegram channel. Here you can find artists to collab with, share your links for exposure and find and contact playlist curators.
  7. Hustle. I tell everyone I meet about Choon and try to engage them, then follow up with my links. (via Kryptokind)

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