Many times, people just don’t have actually $2000 sitting roughly waiting to be spent on a luxury guitar. To be fair, that is why its steep price is listed as a drawback.

However before, if the Taylor Grand also Auditorium is simply somepoint that you’ve constantly wanted to own, exactly how around taking your expectations dvery own just a tad for the following ideal thing?

The Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand also Auditorium is literally $1000 cheaper. While the 414ce does have the luxurious and also exotic solid hardwood body, the three-layered Indian Rosewood veneer on the 214ce is still a beauty to behost.

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But, you can simply be fortunate sufficient to have actually two grand sitting approximately waiting to be invested. If so, let’s help you spfinish it! The Martin DCPA4R acoustic electric guitar is a beautiful instrument that will win you over, also over guitars even more than twice its price.

It has actually a solid rosehardwood body through a solid Sitka spruce height. It’s cheaper than the Taylor 414ce, yet it’s still fairly pricey for what some can arguably say an “entry-level” Martin guitar. Entry-level or not, we can’t comordinary about it – it’s a Martin!

If these stunning guitars simply aren’t in your price variety, you will be happy to recognize that you still have some fantastic options. Check out this lineup of acoustic electrical guitars – you will certainly discover somepoint you deserve to work-related right into your budgain there.

Taylor 414ce FAQ

Is the Neck Adjustable?

Thanks to Taylor’s patented New Technology (NT) neck, it is! In Taylor’s search for a straighter and stable neck that’s resistant to factors favor humidity, they created their own progressed technology to acquire the project done.

Is tbelow a Cheaper Grand Auditorium Taylor Guitar?

If the gut-wrenching price tag is still not a justification to your spouse to splurge on this chef d’oeuvre, then consider the excellent brand-new to 2017 Taylor 100 Series 2017 114e Rosetimber Grand also Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar!

Just a babe in its prime, it has whatever you could ever desire in it without the tripe zero digits.

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Priced under $1000, you’re obtaining a heck of a deal!

Is tbelow a Taylor Guitar for Beginners?

If the abovementioned Taylor guitars are still pushing previous your budacquire, the Big Baby Taylor is where the pushing stops. It’s extremely rated, past well-known, and also – it’s a Taylor!

Does the Grand also Auditorium Guitar Come with a Case?

Yes! Only a tough shell case would be acceptable shipping requirements when you’re spending money like this.

What are the Other Tonewoods Used on this Taylor Guitar?

It functions a solid Sitka spruce peak, ovangkol back and also sides, mahogany type of neck, and ebony fretboard and bridge. It additionally has a tusq nut and also saddle and also chrome plated tuners.

What are some of the Other Features of the 414ce Guitar?

Other than the attributes that we’ve already pointed out, it likewise styles the Venetian cutamethod and also an adjusecure truss rod. It’s been strung via Elixir Light Gauge and also the strings have been treated with NANOWEB Coating.

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Standout Features of the Taylor 414CE

Solid woodHigh qualityDeluxe model

Our Verdict on the Taylor 414CE

To strum it up, the Taylor 414ce Grand also Auditorium acoustic electrical guitar is for severe players with some serious, spare cash. It exudes top quality in everything from its solid hardwood building and construction to its sound performance and state-of-the-art electronics.

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