Without a doubt, ‘classical guitar’ frequently isn’t the initially expression that pertains to mind when talking about Taylor guitars. With the Taylor 114ce-N, you have the blfinishing of two time-honored styles – nylon and steel – and that will certainly most likely make you retake into consideration all that a nylon-string guitar is supposed to be… together with what it deserve to be. Let’s take a closer look!


Body & Neck

Before we get into the finer details, let’s take a minute to look at what the 114ce-N really is. Many type of times, once talking around a nylon-string guitar, the first thoughts most civilization have actually are ‘classical’ or ‘Spanish’ guitars. The 114ce-N is actually a clever blfinishing of a nylon-string guitar via a grand also auditorium-style body and neck.

The body is typical Taylor, via a solid Sitka spruce peak and true walnut earlier and sides. For those that aren’t well-versed in Taylor-talk, the ‘C’ stands for ‘cutaway’, giving you extended accessibility all the method as much as the 20th worry.

The neck architecture is even more along the lines of a steel-string than the larger, flatter-radius fretboard that’s discovered on the majority of timeless nylon-string guitars. That will certainly offer you a various feel, however you’ll still get that pleasing nylon string tone. It’s constructed from mahogany kind of through an ebony fretboard, providing you silky-smooth playing activity.



The hardware on the 114ce-N doesn’t disapallude in any type of method. The nut is made from Tusq, which is a fabricated product precision engineered for tone and vibration carry. The saddle is micarta, which is the perfect complement for the onboard Taylor ES-N electronics.

The ES-N device is a variation of the Taylor Expression System that was designed especially for nylon string guitars. It comes via 3 regulate knobs – one each for low and high EQ adjustments, and one for as a whole volume.

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Taylor guitars commonly don’t come through onboard tuners and this is one location wright here we feel that any guitar could benefit.

The smooth-activity tuners are chrome plated through pearloid buttons, providing you a nice visual touch via the herbal varnish end up. Finally, the 114ce-N comes typical via a padded Taylor gig bag, which is orders of magnitude better than your run-of-the-mill gig bag. The top and also sides of the bag are reincompelled for safety and security of your investment.


How the 114ce-N sounds is really wbelow it provides a distinction over other nylon string guitars. The grand also auditorium-style body will naturally provide you a well-off voicing that is louder than typical classical-style guitars. Single notes are clear and pronounced, and chords have actually a fullness that hregarding be competent to be interpreted.

The combicountry of the solid Sitka spruce height and ebony fretboard also add to the warmth and depth of the tone. Sometimes there’s simply something around the sound of a nylon string guitar that can’t be beat. With the 114ce-N you deserve to have proven Taylor top quality and also playcapability, coupled through a tone that will stand also distinctive.


The Taylor 114ce-N is an exciting mashup of the timeless and also steel-string civilizations, opening up a whole selection of possibilities. What’s even even more exceptional is the set of features that Taylor packs into this innovative guitar while keeping the price tag below $1,000. A good option for the experimenter!

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