Tright here is something magical about 12-string guitars. They have a full sound and tone that just rings. Whether its the wistful opening to Bon Jovi’s “Dead or alive” or John Denver picking out among his heartfelt ballads, the result is constantly amazing.While I wouldn’t recommfinish obtaining a 12-string acoustic guitar as your initially guitar, they make an excellent second guitar once your trying to find something to mix points up.With so many manufacturers making 12-string guitars now, consumers are presented through many type of options about product and also dimension. There is a 12 string out tbelow for everyone.

It should be provided that while we pick our favorite, and location a number to each guitar, all guitars detailed in this article are worthy instruments and you have to look closely for the one that meets your certain requirements.

Let’s gain began with our reviews.

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Our Favorite Affordable 12 string Guitar

Guild Guitars D-120 Acoustic Guitar via Premium Gig Bag

Reasons to buy:

Solid Mahogany TopSolid Mahogany Back and SidesBone Nut and also SaddleLightweight Polyfoam caseVintage Guild shaped neck

Reasons to avoid:

If you"re searching for the a guitar through electronics
Guild Guitars D-120 Acoustic Guitar, in Natural, All Solid Woods Dreadnought, Westerly Collection, through Premium Gig Bag" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
Guild Guitars D-120 Acoustic Guitar, in Natural, All Solid Woods Dreadnought, Westerly Collection, via Premium Gig Bag" class="tcb-button-link" target="_blank" data-amzn-asin="B00DS0A658" rel="nofollow" style="">Check Latest Price

12 String Guitar Picks:

Different assets for different purposes:

Best 12 String Acoustic Guitars under $1000

12-String Acoustic Guitar Reviews <Updated>

1. Guild Guitars D-120 All Solid Woods Dreadnought, Westerly Collection


Guild Guitars D-120 Acoustic Guitar, in Natural, All Solid Woods Dreadnought, Westerly Collection, via Premium Gig Bag
The full-bodied and effective tone of this Guild dreadnought gives guitarists through a timeless acoustic sound and balanced voicingBuilt via solid Afrihave the right to mahogany type of optimal, ago and sides, the D-120 attributes a bone nut and also saddle, and mother-of-pearl rosetteThis version additionally has a 1 ¾” nut width on a vintage shaped Guild neck, iconic Chesterarea headstock emblem reminiscent of 1960s Guilds, period-correct tortoiseshell pickguard, and also Guild’s brand-new lightweight polyfoam caseAvailable in a Natural gloss end up
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Guild12 string guitars are beautitotally crafted instruments that have under gone the majority of readjust that has actually been well documented. This version is part of the Westerly Collection that incorporates many type of of the attributes that were provided once these guitars were developed in Westerly, RI.

The neck on this guitar is amazing. It feels like the old Guild guitars of the past. In trial and error I played this one and also compared it versus vintage 70"s D35 version I have. The neck on this one feels much better than the older version its a small less chunky than the neck they developed in the 70"s. But for me it was even more comfortable.

To me the surprising attribute is the earlier and sides are solid hardwood and also look amazing. The nut and also Saddle are additionally bone a attribute generally reserved for even more expensive guitars.

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The volume from the guitar is great yet given the smaller measurement of this dreadnought guitar it doesn"t enhance that of some of the bigger shaped guitars. Still, via the 12 strings the volume appears enough once playing via various other instruments and the mahogany provides the warmth to the tone you would certainly suppose.

The last function I really favored was the playability of this guitar. The activity was a tiny high on the model I tested yet it was sensibly conveniently changed. As stated prior to the neck has actually a natural feel to it an most will certainly discover it basic to play.

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The Guild D120-12 comes with a premium gig bag which fills out the package and also adds to an already reasonable deal. If tbelow is a brief coming its the absence of electronic devices yet you have the right to always obtain a sound hole pickup after sector if sound amplification is something you require.

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