A strap lock is one of those crucial guitar accessories that may not seem that important… until your guitar slips off its strap mid-strum and also crashes to the floor!

This is why guitar strap locks are such a critical consideration for any type of guitarist. Whether your strap doesn’t fit perfectly or you simply desire that extra tranquility of mind, making use of a strap lock results in a worry-cost-free playing endure, no matter what you are doing through your guitar on stage.

While you have the right to absolutely make your very own strap lock, there’s a entirety world of easy-to-usage, affordable locks obtainable, and also – in the adhering to chart – we are going to highlight ten of our favorites. Stick roughly after the chart for a quick buyer’s overview. Let’s go!

The Best Guitar Strap Locks

ImageStrap Locks / RatingSummaryCheck Price
+- Schaller S Locks

Total of 4.85/5

The premium choice through a noiseless procedure.

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+- Schaller Guitar Strap Locks

Total of 4.80/5

Hard to fault this tried-and-tested collection from Schaller.

+- LOXX 13679 Strap Lock System

Total of 4.83/5

A highly-respected and trusted collection from LOXX.

+- Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok

Total of 4.82/5

The go-to strap lock for many guitarists and also guitar brands.

+- Ernie Ball Super Locks

Total of 4.72/5

Super locks by name, super locks by nature!

+- Eison Premium Strap Locks

Total of 4.72/5

Wallet-friendly pair of quick-release strap locks.

+- Fender Straplock

Total of 4.58/5

An affordable collection of strap locks from a big name.

+- BrightVision Rubber Strap Locks

Total of 4.53/5

A excellent value collection through a back to basics style.

+- Fender Strap Blocks

Total of 4.47/5

Two pairs of fundamental yet solid washer locks from Fender.

+- Planet Waves Locking Guitar Strap

Total of 4.77/5

An innovative locking strap which works!


Schaller S Locks

Check Price

We kick off this list through a premium pair of S Locks from Schaller. These locks attribute a distinctive patented architecture, supplying an incredibly strong connection, together with a completely noisemuch less performance.

Due to their innovative style, they are extremely simple to install and quickly switching your guitar/strap is easy. A even more plus is that the screws will certainly also fit tricky Gibchild guitars, while they additionally easily accommodate the thickest guitar straps.

They are made from a top quality hardened steel and come in either chrome, gold or nickel finishes. A little bit pricey, however well worth the investment.

Schaller Guitar Strap Locks

Check Price

Slightly cheaper than the set we feature over, this is another highly-recommfinished strap lock device from Schaller.

Coming as a pair, this set functions a straightforward style consisting of a switch, nut, washer and also strap lock to sell a secure fit that you have the right to depfinish on, no issue exactly how much you abuse your guitar!

While the offered screws are a small on the slim side, they have to fit the majority of guitars. A bonus is that they come in three various finishes, consisting of gold, nickel or satin babsence. A solid choice.

LOXX 13679 Strap Lock System

Check Price

Anvarious other collection that edges into the premium market is the 13679 mechanism from LOXX. This pair is made in Germany kind of, so you know the design and high quality is going to be high best off the bat!

Made via a quality steel, these locks feature an understated architecture via a quiet procedure and also detailed 220lbs of pressure required to pull them out, proving very secure.

They are simple to install, fit all guitars and also straps, and come through every little thing you need, including 2 16mm screws, a mounting tool and felt washers to protect your axe.

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Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok

Check Price

Of course, this list wouldn’t have been finish without strap locks from Dunlop – a brand also that definitely knows a point or 2 around making quality guitar gear.

This pair of SLS1031N Straploks comes in at an affordable price, although shows off a comparable architecture and relicapacity to others even more up this list.

Made from a straightforward however stylish nickel-plated steel, these locks are exceptionally strong and also market you good confidence. They are straightforward to install and fit most guitars quite comfortably (although not excellent via PRS models because of oversized screw holes).

Ernie Ball Super Locks

Check Price

You can rely on Ernie Ball to supply somepoint worthwhile to this list and that’s specifically what they have done through their Super Locks!

With a cool Ernie Ball-branded head, this pair of locks is made from nickel-plated steel which feels resilient and also well-made – fairly chunky, yet mainly reduced profile than others on this list.

They fit well over most straps and also save a secure link, with a handy quick-release device. They are a tiny expensive for what they are, but not bad when you consider the defense they market.

Eikid Premium Strap Locks

Check Price

Anvarious other system sitting in the ‘midrange’ of strap locks is this pair from Eichild, which offers a acquainted architecture.

While the name isn’t as famous as some others on this list, these locks come very rated bereason they occupational well, giving a secure fit and basic installation.

They are made from a resilient black nickel, feature a quiet procedure and a similar quick release device used on higher-finish models. Not rather as nice in feel as the Schallers above, however all at once very strong for the affordable price.

Fender Straplock

Check Price

Fender make their first appearance on this list with an affordable collection that uses a comparable quick-release design to some of the higher-end strap locks we have actually featured.

Made from strong metal through a chrome complete, this pair uses a solid link and excellent defense. They are straightforward to install and come with buttons, locks and felt washers to defend your guitar’s end up.

The as a whole high quality isn’t as high as some others on this list, however this set still holds up in terms of usability, performance and also defense. A extremely good budacquire option.

BrightVision Rubber Strap Locks

Check Price

While we’ve seen some exceptionally smart and innovative designs on this list, this fill from BrightVision is a back to basics entry, utilizing a acquainted ‘Grolsch-style’ washer design, providing remarkable simplicity.

Made from heavy-duty pliant black rubber, you sindicate stretch the washer lock over your existing strap buttons and also lock your strap in location.

They are fairly easy to fit to your guitar, and – when on there – they secure your strap well. For under ten bucks, this set uses great value, especially as you get three pairs (six washers).

Fender Strap Blocks

Check Price

If you’re on a budobtain, there’s no factor to miss out on strap locks, as this extremely affordable collection from Fender proves.

Made from a high-top quality rubber, these job-related just prefer the collection above. They carry out an excellent grip and a secure fit, although are rather tough to obtain onto the strap switch initially.

You obtain four washers in total – a red pair and also babsence pair. For so few beans, they are actually quite stylish, with the Fender name engraved onto the outer ring. Keep in mind, they work-related for any type of guitar, not specifically Fenders.

Planet Waves Locking Guitar Strap

Check Price

We finish this list with a self-locking strap – interpretation there is no require for outside locks. This strap from Planet Waves provides a no-nonsense fully-adjustable design made from high-quality black leather.

The a lot of interesting function is obviously the strap ends, which are made from a durably heavy-duty plastic featuring the patented locking style.

These ends slip over your existing strap buttons and also lock the strap right into place. This feels firm and secure, until you release the side pin to take it off. An innovative and easy-to-usage solution!

What to Look for in a Strap Lock

Strap locks are all the same… aren’t they? Nope – simply like slides, capos, tuners and also other guitar accessories, strap locks come in many develops. As constantly, what you have to look for will depend on your setup and your budget.

At its a lot of standard, a one-piece strap lock is somepoint generally made of rubber or plastic that fits over your existing strap pin, locking the strap in area. While fundamental, there’s no harm in utilizing these one-piece locks bereason – at the finish of the day – they actually work!

A few of the one-item rubber washer locks can call for a substantial amount of pressure to stretch them over the strap butlots, although once they are on your guitar, things feel exceptionally secure. One-piece locks also have actually the included bonus of not requiring you to modify your guitar in any method (i.e. no need to adjust the strap pins, and so on). The negatives of this standard style are that they obviously don’t market the quick-release functions that some of the various other strap locks execute, while they can likewise look a little bit conspicuous.

If you are willing to spfinish a small more, you have the right to find multi-item steel strap lock units that offer terrific protection, style and also a handy quick-release system. Tright here is a little more hassle as soon as it pertains to installing this kind of lock, although it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes of your time. The benefits of these systems are that they are exceptionally convenient as soon as you want to take the strap off quickly. While made of steel, these units tfinish to come via felt washers, that are had to protect the complete of your guitar (you don’t desire a metal lock sitting directly on your paintwork).

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What About Straps through Built-In Strap Locks?

As you might have actually viewed from our chart, you deserve to additionally buy guitar straps with developed in locking ends. The advantages of these straps are clear, as they are easily attached and removed from a guitar and also call for no alteration to usage them.

However, via plastic ends, some of these deindications deserve to scrape your guitar’s paintwork, so be mindful which brand you buy from. Remember, you can read even more on straps in our finish guide to guitar straps.

The Final Word

While shopping for a strap lock is nowright here close to as exciting as shopping for a brand-new guitar, amp or also a strap, it’s one of those accessories you will be glad you took the moment to buy and install. You don’t need to spfinish even more then ten bucks to end up via somepoint decent – which is a lot less than having actually to repair or relocation a guitar that fell off its strap!

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