Want to store your Taylor from hitting the deck while gigging? Consider strap locks and also a new adapter designed for Taylor guitars.

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Playingguitar has been a passion of mine since I picked up my initially one at age 12. Afew years after that, I cleared my financial institution account — money conserved from years ofcash-stuffed birthday cards, lawn mowing and drivemethod shoveling — and bought aBC Rich guitar via a Marshall amp. Hey, it was the ’80s.

Iwaited four months for that guitar to be built and delivered to my not-so-localmusic save. I remember the salesguy, Randy, a long-haired ’70s rocker whoowned a BC Rich himself, going over the guitar through me. We reviewed all theknobs and also switches and also exactly how to install the tremolo arm.

“Here’syour instance crucial,” he said. “And these are your strap locks.”

“What?”I shelp. “What are strap locks?”

“Dude,these are cool. Hook these metal pieces to your strap, and they snap right into thestrap pins on your guitar. There’s no method it’ll accidentally slip off and also hitthe ground.”

“TheyARE cool!” I replied, and I’ve installed strap locks on eextremely electric guitarI’ve purchased since then.

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Onelectrical guitars, it’s basic. You unscrew the strap pins on the body and replacethem through the pins from your strap lock kit. It’s a super easy safety devicethat’s well worth the money. However, try adding strap locks to an acousticguitar and also you’ll conveniently find some complications. Many acoustics have astrap pin on the heel of the neck or on the upper bout of the body. These canconveniently be reput, exact same as on an electrical guitar. The difficulty arises at thetail finish of the guitar, wbelow many kind of acoustics have actually a combination strappin/output jack. Tright here is no basic strap pin organized in area via a screw thatyou deserve to ssuggest relocation. So, what do you do?

I’veviewed most players soptimal tbelow. They have a strap lock on one end of theirstrap and also proceed hooking the other finish over the output jack bereason they’renot certain what to do via that end. One secure finish is better than nopoint,right?

You have two alternatives if you want to usage strap locks on both ends of your acoustic guitar. Option one is to drill a hole in your guitar to install the strap lock button. It’s safe, secure and solves the difficulty. If your guitar is a worksteed, tool-of-the-trade gigging machine developed for road play, you could not have a trouble with this. The tail block is a solid chunk of lumber at the tail finish of your Taylor acoustic guitar. It’s around 2-¾ inches wide and spans the entire distance from top to ago. If you’re drilling a hole for a strap pin, you want to hit this block so the screw can secudepend anchor the strap pin. Drilling into a space that is not reincompelled would be terrible, so I imply having actually an skilled tech carry out this for you.

Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapter for Taylor guitars through a 9-volt battery box

Taylor guitars with a much more traditional protruding output jack (typically pre-2003) will certainly have the ability to use the MN270 Acousti-Lok for standard-threview jacks offered on Fishman electronic devices (On-Board Blender, Presettle, Matrix, and so on.) or the MN271 Acousti-Lok for the metric-thcheck out jacks supplied on LR Baggs pickup units.


I’veheard from some players who usage the very same style strap locks on all their guitarsand straps, which permits them to usage any kind of of their straps on any type of of theirguitars. That’s a pretty handy trick, specifically if your gig calls for jugglingmultiple instruments. No much longer execute you require a specialized strap with one holeenlarged to slip over the jack cap on your acoustic. Grab any kind of strap or guitaryou need!

Acousti-Lokscome equipped through a Schaller-style strap lock pin, yet if you like anotherstyle, such as Dunlop’s Straplok Strap Retainers, you can conveniently swap out thepin of your option.

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That’sthe story on strap locks. Whichever before strategy you select, you deserve to trust yourstrap to keep your Taylor guitar safe.

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