Sterling Audio is among those brands which flirt with boutique title, however hardly ever cross the line. All you have to execute is look at Sterling Audio ST59 to understand what we intend. It’s conveniently among the a lot of capable condenser microphones you can acquire for under $300 best now.



There is something profoundly vintage about the means Sterling Audio ST59 looks. It brings that classic UK look and feel. If we had actually to define it in one word, it would certainly be ‘tubular’. The chassis itself is straightforward and also features a solid babsence complete. The capsule functions a side/peak resolve layout with a matte chrome grill and also a simple cage finiburned via the very same material. This is one of those heavy microphones that inspire confidence once you pick them up. There is nothing wonky nor cheap around this point, no issue where you look.

Regardless of it being one of the leastern essential things, the aesthetics are simply outstanding. If microphones were rated by their appearance alone, Sterling Audio ST59 would certainly rank pretty high. With that said, the actual fun starts when you plug this poor boy in and also collection it up appropriately.



Under that attractive exterior hides pretty high finish hardware. Naturally, the the majority of specifying component is the diaphragm, or should we say diaphragms. Sterling Audio ST59 attributes not one, however 2 super light diaphragms which offers a good hint at what this mic is qualified of. First point that comes to mind are switchable polar trends. You obtain to pick in between the omnidirectional, figure eight and conventional cardioid pat10s.

On optimal of that, tbelow is the -10dB attenuation pod and also a low frequency filter switch.

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In regards to raw specs, ST59 offers a frequency response array that spans from 20Hz to 20kHz and a max SPL set at 132dB without attenuation. When you witch on the attenuation pad, that worth goes up to 142dB. Overall, it is a promising package powered by a high quality Class-A FET preamp. Speaking of which, you will certainly need a good phantom power source.


The core Sterling Audio ST59’s performance revolves roughly its flat response. That is somepoint you will endure no issue which polar pattern you select to usage. One byproduct of transparency is that vocals tend to come out naturally, no matter what your voice is prefer. In addition, ST59 brings plenty of mid range warmth to the table, hence improving your ability to cut with the mix. Compared to many of its competition, ST59 is tangibly smovarious other. Recording instruments is also an choice, specifically given that -10dB pad.

You deserve to get away through acoustic guitars, however also a whole array of more aggressive instruments. You might even stretch its application to drums, although we have to imply you apply caution when doing so. Overall, Sterling Audio ST59 does it all via a good amount of consistency. It conveniently one of the more attrenergetic sounding microphones out there.


Great, reputable performance is normally something that you check out in models which are neutral and also subtle. Sterling Audio ST59 breaks that pattern with its rather distinctive character. The warmth, transparency and adaptability it provides is incredibly well balanced. Add to that Sterling’s meticulously schosen components, and also you have actually a winner.

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