Sterling Audio is not a name that has weight like some various other brands in the business. Even so, their offer includes a few amazing models. Sterling Audio ST51 pertains to mind as among the the majority of price reliable condenser microphones you can obtain for much less than $100 at the minute.



Affordable microphones in basic are generally straightforward. Most of the funds and also effort that entered architecture, was limited to areas that improve functionality or performance. As you can suppose, aesthetics are first to endure. That is greatly the instance through Sterling Audio ST51. It is a simple looking mic with no discerning features that would certainly make it stand out. Its body comes in form of a rugged and also chunky steel chassis paired through side/top deal with grille configuration. From a pucount aesthetic point of check out, it is a stealthy design.

The form that draws zero attention in the studio. Its all babsence exterior and straightforward lines perform but inspire confidence as the whole thing appears to be sensibly long lasting. Considering exactly how cheap this mic is, we can’t really hold Sterling Audio at fault for taking the path of leastern resistance. They have actually made it up in more necessary means.



Underneath the bland also exterior hides a rather solid collection of hardware. Sterling Audio has packed this mic through a 1″ brass capsule that is hand assembled and warm treated. The diaphragm is a Mylar unit via gold applied for additional performance.

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It is worth stating that ST51 packs a Class-A FET circuitry, which is more or much less conventional practice in this price range. When it concerns raw specs, you are looking at 20Hz to 18kHz frequency response array through a max SPL set at 134dB.

At the bottom of the microphone tright here is a conventional XLR connector, which likewise shows that ST51 calls for phantom power. In terms of construct top quality, Sterling Audio has left very bit to guess work by making use of stainless steel for the majority of of the body. Without exaggerating anypoint, opportunities are that ST51 can withstand the horrors of daily studio use without problems.


Out of package, ST51 comes across as sensibly flat, specifically once recording vocals. With that shelp, it does include tangible quantities of warmth in the mid section, which is what provides most vocalists sound much better. Even though its max SPL isn’t as high as we would certainly like it to be, ST51 have the right to still be offered for recording instruments via good success. Its polar cardioid pattern is simple to work with and needs no special planning in regards to placing. Whether or not you would want to attempt and mic up amps via it is approximately you. However before, that could be taking points a little as well far. As it is, Sterling Audio ST51 does what it is designed to do. In other words, it provides beginners and also enthusiasts a really affordable way to obtain decent recordings at residence. Pushing ST51 out of that spectrum of applications wouldn’t be fair.

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At the finish of the day, Sterling Audio ST51 is a correct choice for those on a tight budacquire. It isn’t as well much behind the well-known models in this price range in any facet that matters. Based purely on the bang you acquire for your buck, ST51 is pretty sound.

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