Have you always wanted to enhance your guitar playing skills, yet your tiny hands save getting in your way? Well, guitars through thin necks will light up your way to fame. Not just carry out they make guitar playing straightforward, but they provide you even more control as you play.

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Commjust, electrical guitars are famous for their little necks, and also therefore presumed to be friendlier and also much better for little hands. In fact, yet, the neck dimension difference between electric and acoustic guitars is practically negligible. Our testimonial will certainly discuss the 3 finest acoustic guitars. 

Their thin neck ensures your hand also has more room to stretch, and more leverage. Thus, you won’t be straining as soon as you push the strings. Tright here are several thin necked acoustic guitars in the market, some being inexpensive, and some which will certainly cost you an arm.

While our guide won’t cover all acoustic guitars that have actually thin necks, we have picked 3 that sell high value. Before deciding which guitar to resolve for, you need to understand some determinants to think about. 

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One of the essential components to consider once buying an acoustic guitar is the neck form. The thinner the neck, the more convenient it would certainly feel to your left hand also. The thinness of the neck, of course, describes the neck’s width at the nut. This thinness plays a vital duty in the level of playcapacity of the guitar. It also determines exactly how quickly a guitarist deserve to access the frets and create those complicated chords that necessitate extended finger positions.

Most beginner guitar players prefer to play with the thin necked guitar bereason of its comfortability level. You deserve to play and also exercise those fingers-extending and complicated chords through the slimmer neck acoustic guitar more comfortable and also effortmuch less.

Unlike electrical guitars whose sound is affected by impact pedals, amp, and pickup, acoustic guitars produce the sound developed within itself. This suggests that the size of the neck does impact the sound. The slimmer the neck is, the brighter the tone and also the better the clarity.

A shorter range length means the closer the frets will be to each various other. Thus, guitars via small range lengths make it straightforward and also comfortable for those will certainly little hands. They won’t have to stretch beyond their comfort to play some chords and notes, therefore playing the guitar will certainly be more enjoyable.

Dreadnought guitars have actually remained in the industry considering that the early on 1930s, and also they are most well-known in acoustic guitars. They have big and also wide bodies, thus best for projection once playing. They are a suitable choice for anyone seeking a large sound through low ends.


At the top of our list is a Fender FA-115. Fender guitars have actually constantly been there to view new artists via, however this time they made an exceptional breakvia via their FA-115. It is an affordable yet enjoyable guitar. Like other Fender guitars, it supplies even more functions for its cost. 

FA-115 has actually a solid spruce height, which makes it sturdy. Its sports-laminated ago and also sides are worth considering for anyone that loves laminated hardlumber fretboards. Being comfortable to hold and the dimension being appropriate for many type of, suppose to play this guitar for hours without acquiring exhausted or uncomfortable.

Unchoose other guitars retailing for the very same price, Fender FA-115 stands out because of its sound. It produces fairly a noticeable sound. Its high-quality sound is the product of a dreadnought body and solid peak. Expect a clear, loud, and solid sound from this guitar.

Its easy design renders it both attrenergetic and practical. In addition, its playability matches other high-end guitars due to its neck design. It has a thin neck that makes it effortless to relocate your hand along. Thus, you won’t tire conveniently, and also your hands won’t finish up irritated after playing it. 

The Fender FA-115 is an excellent product, giving high-end features and also high-top quality sound at an affordable price.


Another great choice—if you are looking for an acoustic guitar with a thin neck—is the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus. It is a nice affordable guitar. It comes with a thin neck and also body. 

You might suppose that, because this guitar has a thin neck and also body, it will certainly not sound good. Yet, despite its thin body and also neck, it still has a bappropriate tone that you would favor. Moreover, you have the right to hear well its low tones.

The Ovation Celebrity comes with a shpermit cutameans body that comes with a shallow bowl ago. It also attributes a figured Koa Top in addition to Sunburst finish. It also attributes a Nato neck along with satin finish. Its rosewood fingerboard comes through 25.25″ scale size. It additionally attributes an OP-4BT preamp along with three-band also EQ, onboard tuner, volume/obtain regulate, and low battery light.

One point that differentiates this guitar from others is that it does not have actually the usual sound hole that is typically situated at the center of the guitar’s body. Yet, it has little bit sound holes on its body’s external percent.


Like the Fender FA-115, the Kona K2 provides more attributes for its price. While its neck may be thicker than others, it steps up by having actually a sturdy building and construction, hence making it long lasting and solid to hold.

If you have extremely tiny hands than others, this could be the perfect guitar for you. It has a little body that provides it suitable for small people to host. However before, it will certainly create a slightly thinner sound compared to other guitars.

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The thin sound could be bright, thus creating that spark for a rock and roll band also, which often play music at peak quantities. See? Sometimes our disadvantage have the right to be an benefit to someone else. 

Its good pickup sound renders it stand out. The three-band also equalizers sell flexibility and versatility. Don’t be constrained to just one mode. It, therefore, comes in handy for anyone looking to play live. 

If its asymmetrical headstock and also stylish bridge that adds a touch of course don’t exmention you, then nothing will. The classic elegant appearance will certainly more than likely lead you to believe it is worth even more than its tag.

DIY revolutionaries will loss in love via the Kona K2 since the truss rod is adjusecure. Also, it can require some establishing up. However, if you are unable to readjust it, you deserve to constantly look for experienced solutions.

Unfortunately, its sound top quality doesn’t meet the majority of expert demands. Nonethemuch less, the sound it produces at its price is more than satisfactory.


What if I told you there is a mid-selection guitar that provides a captivating and extremely beautiful sound without breaking a bank? That’s the Alvarez AD60, a guitar suitable for musicians and artists encountering budgetary constraints. 

The high-high quality building depicts masterful and well-thought-of structure. It attributes a Sitka spruce peak that has actually been closely selected by its manufacturers. This spruce optimal enjoys the assistance of solid mahogany type of and also ivory IBS sides which hold the guitar together.

Not only does is its building well thought of, but it is additionally well believed of to ensure durcapacity, You have the right to depend on this guitar for years. 

One glance at the guitar is enough to scream quality. The hand-sanded quality and also distinctive finish make it stand also out. It likewise has actually a radical scalloped bracing which provides additional assistance. Its lifetime limited-warranty speaks a lot for its top quality and durability.

With a neck of mahogany kind of and also rosetimber fretboard uniquely designed to be accessible and also thin, it is a suitable choice for anyone with tiny hands. The architecture ensures you gain comfortable and have a pleasurable experience as you play. 

Its abalone inlay and also mommy will certainly further make your playing endure fun of pearls, which provides holding and playing this guitar fulfilling. The adjustable truss rod is a fun DIY that provides versatility yet might be tedious for some.

It is quite a superb guitar that produces high-quality mesmerizing sounds that will not just make it pleasurable to play yet will additionally make your audience loss in love through the well-off, clear sound.


If you are a beginner in playing guitar, you will discover the Ibanez AEG 10 II a great thin neck guitar to start with. It is a cutamethod acoustic-electric guitar that comes via a solid body. It is designed for better comfort and also playability. It likewise comes through a smart design and also very fine craftsmanship. 

The Ibanez AEG 10 II is made of laminated products choose spruce for its soundboard. Its earlier and sides, yet, are made of mahogany. Its thin neck is perfect for beginners in guitar playing. Its cutaway style adds to its visual snappiness. 

This acoustic guitar enables you to move from reduced frets to higher frets via ease. Its slim body measures 3 1/4″ at its deepest, compared to the standard 4″ flatoptimal. It is also 19 1/4″ lengthy. Its body is 15″ at its widest. 

Given its dimensions, you can conveniently tinker with this guitar and cradle it comfortably. You will certainly also instantly feel its good balance. You will certainly likewise feel its excellent playability, whether you are standing or seated.

The excellent thing about the AEG10II is that it comes manufacturing facility set. It comes with low activity and plays dreamily. It is so easy to play, and also if you tfinish to spend a lot time on the better frets, you will certainly uncover this guitar pretty much easy to resolve. It additionally comes via clear and durable sound, although not as thorough as the solid hardwood guitar. 

Your search for a thin neck-acoustic guitar is currently over with our 3 finest choices above. You don’t need to worry about acquiring bad sound once buying an affordable acoustic guitar. These guitars will ensure you stay comfortable as you play. 

Our “components to think about section” will certainly store you in examine as relying on your needs. The three main components to check out for are the tone, range length, and dreadnought.

Remember, even after gaining the finest guitar, you must take into consideration setting it up effectively, or else your efforts will have been in vain. A proper setup ensures you play it comfortably and also provides it basic to relocate about via the guitar also. 

If you still don’t know what you are in search of in a guitar, consider consulting a neighborhood guitar tech. You deserve to additionally ask for much better expertise of string and also setup kinds that will certainly work for you.

We all have actually different needs and various body sizes. Any of the above three references will collection you in the right direction. Happy playing, folks!

Beginners and tyros in guitar playing are generally beset through many type of questions regarding the kind of guitar that they need to usage. Hence, to even more learn about the a lot of proper guitar for beginners, it is ideal to consider the following FAQs about guitars for tiny hands:

Many guitarists say that smaller-necked guitars execute not necessarily intend much less resonance. Yet, the contrary may be the foregone conclusion of many type of. But as soon as it pertains to resonance, it is the body of the guitar that plays well in the resonance of the guitar. Furthermore, the tonetimber form additionally plays well in the resonance of an acoustic guitar. 

The neck does not have a lot effect on the tamong the guitar. If you are still worried around whether small or thin neck affects the resonance of the guitar, you can then put that worry aside for little neck doesn’t have actually so much effect on the resonance of an acoustic guitar.

You must think about many type of components when buying an acoustic guitar, particularly if you are just start to learn the guitar and has actually little hands. You execute not only need to think about the thinness of the guitar’s neck, although that have to be paramount in your consideration. You should also take into consideration the nut width as well as the guitar’s size. You need to additionally consider the distance from the bridge to the nut. 

The traditional acoustic guitar’s scale length is approximately 25 1/2. The smaller sized guitar is approximately 24″. Although it appears that the difference in between the typical acoustic guitar and also the brief scale acoustic is just one and a fifty percent, it might make many difference. If you looked at the shorter scale acoustic, you would certainly see that its frets are closer to each various other.

Short scale design also comes via drawbacks. First, the typical and the brief scale ones come through tone difference. This is bereason the discrepancy in the range lengths implies a distinction in the string tensions likewise. Furthermore, the smaller sized the body of the guitar, the much less volume it will certainly develop. So, you should strike a balance and also go for somepoint like the Ibanez AEG10II that is slightly shorter at 24.9″.

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It is logical to say that if you have smaller sized hands, you will find the thin neck guitar less complicated to tinker via. This is because you will exert less effort in grappling with the neck of the guitar. However before, if your hand is giant-sized, then playing the thin neck guitar might come to be a nightmare. 

You will certainly find the thin neck too tight for your fingers to squeeze in. It would be a nightmare on your component to carry out that. As you relocate to higher frets, you will likewise discover it more challenging to finger the chords.

If you are a classic guitar player and also you play individual notes of a music item, you will certainly uncover the smaller sized neck guitar more complex to handle. Yet, if you have smaller sized hands with little fingers, you will find the thin neck guitar convenient and comfortable to use. So, it is a case-to-situation basis, depending on your needs and also the dimension of your hands and also fingers. 

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