Rogue guitars are not somepoint you would certainly mainly take into consideration if you have a decent budacquire to occupational via. As a issue of reality, that brand also doesn’t really have much expocertain in basic. Their enattempt level bass guitars are a totally different story. Rogue packs most juice in these basses, probably in an effort to set a foothost on the market as a brand also that provides quality tools. If that’s the case, they are on the ideal track through Rogue LX205B. This specific bass is among the few 5 string choices accessible, however likewise one of the ideal you deserve to get for the money in this segment. For even more awesome basses that fit this description, inspect out our dedicated article.

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Body & Neck

As you might expect, the body of Rogue LX205B is nothing extravagant. We are looking at another basshardwood style that functions a widespread shape. With that said, the body is well made and the basslumber they have actually provided is not all that negative. Neck is a maple form through a relatively smooth profile and also a standard rosetimber fretboard. That reduced cutout isn’t as excellent if you’re right into hitting those highest notes, but it’s reasonable overall.


One of the initially surprises that Rogue LX205B has for us comes in form of hardware they’ve decided to encompass. Instead of installing a traditional bridge, choose the majority of various other brands execute, Rogue went via a High Mass unit that sports fully adjusteady saddles. One of the primary benefits of this design is the boosted sustain which is somepoint bass guitars in this price selection desperately need. Tuning machines, on the various other hand, are conventional quality die cast ones.


When it comes to developing sound, Rogue determined a pair of pretty decent single coil pickups. We are talking about a J-Bass type configuration that is wired to a set of 4 manage knobs. You have actually two volume knobs – each for one pickup and also two tone knobs. These pots alone significantly rise the tone shaping potential of this bass to a level which you don’t often view in the affordable price range.

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Sound is one facet of this guitar that is truly worth of praise. We are not talking about anything that have the right to compare to your average high dollar design, however it brings the level of high quality and also variety that isn’t seen that regularly on guitars of this type. Tone is relatively crisp, with good amount of girth once you roll off the tone knob, and the pickups have good output. In many type of methods this is the type of bass guitar you can usage as a beginner, however also as a much more experienced player.


For what it was designed to carry out, Rogue LX205B is a pure success. While this bass guitar doesn’t have actually a logo belonging to one of the usual suspects, it definitely compensates the lack of branding via great performance and even much better price. If you are a beginner looking for a solid 5 string bass guitar, Rogue LX205B have to be high on your list. It is sindicate that great.

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Here’s a bass cover video utilizing the Rogue LX205B Series III:

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