The world"s first bus-powered four-channel Thunderbolt™ interface

The Resident Audio T4 is the first ever before four-channel Thunderbolt™ audio interchallenge which calls for no outside power—a breakvia in the civilizations of live performance and also recording. It adds four networks of I/O to Thunderbolt-equipped Mac and Windows computers*, with assistance for high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio and also near-zero latency for essentially instantaneous recording and playago.

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The lightweight and portable T4 comes with all compelled software vehicle drivers and also a ton of innovative functions such as an auto-detecting Multichannel Output Setting and Smart Monitoring, which instantly switches between stereo and mono relying on input configuration.Four combo XLR / ¼" input jacks allow you to plug in microphones, tools and line-level devices— with phantom power for all inputs—and tbelow are 4 balanced TRS outputs for connection to speakers and exterior mixers. MIDI connectors allow the T4 to be provided as an ultra-secure MIDI interface, and also tright here are also dual headphone outputs.Tilted tactile gain controls through three-shade wrapabout LEDs allow you to quickly collection optimal levels, even in low-light onstage environments.

Whether you’re in the studio, on the phase or in the DJ booth, the T4 gives the perfect interchallenge between your computer and also your performance.

* Select Windows systems only. Click right here for an as much as day list of compatible Windows computers.


Developed by Intel Labs in teamwork via Apple, Thunderbolt is the the majority of advanced input/output (I/O) protocol available today. Twice as rapid as USB 3.0, twenty times quicker than USB 2.0 and twelve times much faster than Firewire 800, it gives unequaled audio performance via near-zero latency. For more information around Thunderbolt, click here.


The T4 provides a variety of attributes that make recording and also live performance simple. These incorporate a "Big Knob" grasp volume control; an Input Mix control for blfinishing live signal with computer playback; Smart Monitoring, which allows you to conveniently switch between stereo and mono monitoring; and 2 various modes of operation: Stereo Mix mode, optimized for the studio, and also Multichannel mode, perfect for live performance.

Great Sound

The T4 enables you to record and play back audio through awesome sound top quality. Unlike USB devices (which can only bring a maximum of 2.5 watts of bus power), Thunderbolt enables for a complete 10 watts of power to be lugged over the very same wire as the audio signal. This allows us to usage higher quality components in the T4, such as practice designed analog preamps (the T4 has actually eight of them—two for each channel) and high-power A/D/A converters.

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Everything Included

Setting up the T4 is rapid and simple. It comes via everything you need: a Thunderbolt cable, a QuickStart overview, and a USB card preloaded through all compelled software application and user manual. Sindicate plug it in, install the drivers, and also you"re good to go.

The T4"s chauffeurs have been programmed by some of the best engineers in the industry. They"re particularly designed to encertain steady performance and minimal CPU overhead, allowing your computer system to focus on work like results handling and real-time graphic display screen.


Built via both the studio and also the road in mind, the T4 is installed in a sturdy aluminum/acrylic chassis that deserve to stand up to the wear and also tear of an artist on the go. And bereason it doesn"t need a power cable, it have the right to conveniently be incorporated right into any kind of live performance rig.

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We are Resident Audio

We may be a new firm, yet we’ve assembled an extraordinary team of audio specialists that have a long background in creating cutting-edge hardware and also software program for musicians. In truth, Resident Audio designers have actually occurred many popular products that you or someone you understand are more than likely already utilizing.

The T4 Thunderbolt™interconfront is just the reminder of the iceberg. In the years ahead, we’ll be presenting a whole line of innovative audio devices that not only aid musicians boost their craft, but make the suffer of recording music basic and also enjoyable for all. Our goal is to architecture assets that not only sound impressive, yet look and also feel great too. We share the exact same passion for music as our customers.

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Join us as we blaze new trails in music modern technology. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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