Whether you are trying to find an electric or nylon-string guitar for your toddler, we have come up through a list of some of the many famous alternatives.

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Since toddlers are primarily aged about 1 to 3, what you desire to look for in a guitar for that age is a little bit different than what you would certainly look for in a guitar for an older boy.

The many vital consideration as soon as shopping for an instrument for a toddler will be the dimension of the guitar. For the the majority of component, you should look for a guitar that 1/4 dimension, which means that it is 1/4 the size of a continuous guitar.

After size, I would look for a model that is long lasting and also will be able to take a small little bit of a beating from your kid, since it is going to be complex to teach them just how to care for an expensive even more vulnerable design.

The complying with are some of the a lot of well-known guitars for toddlers:

Hape Kid’s Guitars

If you don’t desire to spfinish also a lot money and want an easy kids’ starter guitar, you must have a look at some of the Hape guitars that are easily accessible. They are toy guitars that don’t have actually the ideal sound top quality, however they come in lots of bright kid-friendly colors that children love.

Hape children’s guitars come in either a six-string or a four-string Ukulele option. For a toddler, you will certainly most likely want to look at their four-string models bereason they will certainly be smaller and more manageable for your kid to host.

Available from Amazon

Loog Mini Guitar

Loog guitars are beautiful, nicely built, high-high quality tiny guitars that are designed for children as young as 3 to be easy to play.

They only have actually 3 strings, so children won’t get overwhelmed through trying to figure out just how to play 6 strings. The various other good point about these guitars is the neck is exceptionally slim, so it is straightforward for children to move their fingers about and play chords.

It is comparable in dimension to a ukulele, yet it tuned in traditional guitar tuning, so it sounds choose a constant guitar. The Loog Mini guitar comes via flashcards and an app that helps youngsters learn to play.

You can find it at Amazon, Musician’s Friend, or Guitar Center

Cordoba C1M 1/4 Size


If you are searching for a severe guitar that is a tiny greater quality, a renowned alternative is the Cordoba C1M. The C1M is a replacement for the incredibly popular Protégé C1 by Cordoba.

It is a higher-finish 1/4 size design; it is light and has actually a lovely rosette that adds to the look of the guitar.

Be aware that it isn’t cheap, it usually falls somewhere in the $140-$160 price variety, so I would certainly only consider this guitar if you or your kid is exceptionally serious around discovering and also can take care of it.

Find it at Sweetwater or Amazon.

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MaKala Ukulele

If you desire something tiny and also sort of fun to play, you may want to think about a ukulele. Ukuleles are a great starter instrument considering that they are extremely small and also light and also pretty basic to learn to play.

Once your boy has actually learned to play the uke, they have the right to relocate approximately a guitar as soon as they are prepared. You deserve to usually obtain a great one for roughly $50. Makala has a nice one for youngsters that you might want to inspect out.

Available from Amazon

Lucida LG-510-1/4 Student Classical Guitar


Lucida LG-510-1/4 Student Classical Guitar is a decent quality instrument for the price (approximately $100).

It has nylon strings and also have to be fine for the majority of toddlers to have the ability to hold. It is not a toy guitar, so some supervision will more than likely be necessary once your kid is playing through it.

Available from Amazon

Stagg C505 1/4-Size Nylon String Classical Guitar


The Stagg C505 1/4-Size Nylon String Classical Guitar is exceptionally equivalent in price and quality to the Lucida that is mentioned above. It is a tiny quarter dimension, so it is a good dimension for really small children.

Available from Amazon

Electric Guitars

WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids Electric Guitar with Beginner Kit


Good toddler-sized electrical guitars are tough to discover. If you are set on getting a small-sized electric guitar for your toddler, you might try the WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids Electric Guitar with Beginner Kit; I haven’t personally viewed or tried this version so I can’t comment on high quality.

The reviews seem to be okay. It comes in pink, blue, white, red, or black. Available from Amazon

Unfortunately, tright here isn’t a substantial selection of 1/4 sized electric guitars accessible that are a decent high quality that works well for youngsters. If your kid is older than 3 or they are huge for their age, you may be able to go up in dimension to the half-sized guitars like the half-dimension SX RST 3TS Package.

The SX RST 3TS is a decent alternative for children. You have to be mindful through electric guitars because they are more cumbersome than classical guitars. If you finish up getting a model that is too heavy, it will certainly be tough for your child to play it.

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