We guitarists love our amp stacks. But at some allude, convenience (and age) plays a variable in what we’re willing to schlep roughly town for that sideguy payinspect. Fortunately, good amps are getting smaller by the minute, and now they can be uncovered packing some surpincreasing maturity, features, and also output. honeychrome.net guitarists have actually compiled a list of some of our favorite amps to toss in the back of the van or simply pick up and also jam via.

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Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus

Icy-cool 30-watt stereo amp through twin 6.5″ drivers


If Robert Smith could have dreamed his beloved 60-pounder would certainly at some point be accessible in a compact combo with looks so cool and layers so lush, he might have actually gone on to write some cheerier music. Roland’s JC-120, along with its pedal-format derivative, the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, is behind some of the most iconic crystalline cleans of the ’80s and also ’90s. It’s from this “Cult classic” that the Roland JC-22 attracted its inspiration.

The JC-22 is a true stereo combo, with twin 6.5 speakers propelled by 2 independent 15-watt power amps, a stereo FX loop that’s perfect for taking on pedal effects, and also buckets of that famed Dimensional Gap Chorus on tap to produce three-dimensional results. Even if you just use this amp for its headroom and also stereo reverb and also chorus, the JC-22 provides a good front end for any kind of sound your stomps and also modelers deserve to provide. There’s also a headphone out to facilitate exclusive practice.

BOSS Katana Air

Wiremuch less procedure and stereo speakers in a mini-head format


BOSS has produced a totally wiremuch less jam solution in the head-style Katana Air — born from the class-leading series of Katana modeling amplifiers. Not only is the Air battery powered, making it so tright here are no power cords to trip over, yet it comes through its own low-latency, motion-caused wireless system, so you don’t even should plug a cable in or flip a switch once you’re all set to rock. It’s truly as convenient as picking up and also playing. Inside, you’ll find 2 custom-tuned 3″ stereo speakers, over 50 BOSS FX to stoke your imagination, and 5 amp models extending American cleans to British high gain. USB connectivity and also recording-emulated output likewise make the Katana Air the best centeritem for your residence studio.

Not only is it a solid performance platform, however many thanks to its Bluetooth media-streaming capcapacity, the Katana Air additionally makes a sweet bit boombox or theater mechanism for any kind of room in your residence. Eight AA batteries (you might want to invest in some rechargeables) power this amp and also its wireless system for 7+ hrs — rather sufficient for a full day’s warming up, rehearsing, and also gigging. And if you require additional output for the stage, using AC power equips this Air through an additional 50% output.

Here’s satisfied owner Nick Bowcott (Grim Reaper) on his Katana Air:

It’s basic to dial in, fun to play, and sounds really good!It deserve to be 100% wireless — in all methods possible! What perform I intend by that? Well, not just does it come with a wireless transmitter for your axe (so no even more of those annoying cables bring about clutter, getting tangled, or tipping over your drink), yet it can also be powered by batteries so you have the right to put it literally almost everywhere without a peskies power cable.You deserve to control and edit it wirelessly by means of a free, easy-to-use application — so you don’t need to obtain up — not that I’m lazy or anything!You deserve to play your favorite music (or backing tracks) on it using Bluetooth, and also it sounds excellent that means too.It’s pretty tiny, sleek, and also inconspicuous so can well speak those annoying “obtain that darned, ugly guitar amp outta right here — NOW” demands from those you live with!The transmitter has actually motion-caused transmission, and as soon as the amp is in Standby mode, it will certainly automatically switch on and also off — so, once aacquire, you don’t need to acquire up!

Friedguy Pink Taco Mini

Handwired 1 x 10″ tube combo from the man himself


We’re convinced that any type of amp from Dave Friedguy is going to sound great. But shade us impressed with the sheer output and also variety of textures you obtain from the handwired Pink Taco Mini — a 20-watt, 1 x 10 master-volume tube combo obtained from Friedman’s world-class phase heads. This single-channeler’s USA tradition transformers and also 12AX7/EL84 tube match take care of verge-of-breakup Goldilocks tones via the grace and poise of a a lot bigger amp, while still giving you plenty of selection to drive that front finish well into crunch territory. The Pink Taco Mini’s interenergetic 3-band also EQ section is well matched for the open-back 10 Celestion Greenback. But for those occasions as soon as you need to fill an aircraft hangar, added speaker outs let you include more speakers to press more air. Two functions we really dig in the Pink Taco Mini are its 3-way acquire structure switch, which goes a long method in appropriating vintage and contemporary tones, and also its onboard FX loop — unexplained for an amp this straightforward — for positioning reverb pedals and rack gear specifically wbelow you want them in your signal chain. Factor in the undeniable sex appeal of that babsence Tolex and gold logo design plate, and the Pink Taco Mini is most likely to earn a permanent place in any kind of Friedman lover’s gigging arsenal.

Oarray Rocker 15

Sporty 2-channel tube amp with tube FX loop


Here’s another potent portable that packs some seriously sought-after tube tones. Cleans to indicates, the Rocker 15 nets you buckets of genre-defying Oarray chime ’n’ grind. Two networks and also a custom-voiced 10 Oselection speaker are equipped to bring out the best of whatever before guitar you plug in — P-90s to humbuckers. In enhancement to its extra-wide obtain variety — which really does scream — onboard power scaling, which dials earlier the output from the complete 15 watts to an extra bedroom-friendly ½-watt with several stops in between, enables you to engage in the heaviest difficult rock savagery without blowing out your family or next-door neighbors. In location of spring reverb, you’ll find a tube-driven buffered effects loop to assistance your favorite ambience pedals. Especially once you think about the price, the Rocker 15 is a formidable amp in a compact package.

If you’re not massive on the black vinyl? The Rocker 15 is also obtainable in classical ovariety.

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Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb

honeychrome.net’s exclusive Tweed ’65 Princeton Reverb combo


At 34 pounds, the ’65 Princeton Reverb pushes the envelope for what a lot of would think about a “portable” amp. But take it from honeychrome.net — when you consider all this little 12 combo deserve to do, you’ll quickly realize what an open-finished solution it is for the stage and studio. Its 15 watts of high-headroom Blackchallenge quack, cluck, and also spunk, moved by a septet of tubes and also a highly interenergetic tone stack through an upgraded 12″ Cannabis Rex, make this amp the perfect platcreate for pedal lovers. And then there’s the FX: that glorious tube-kissed long-spring reverb and lopsided photocell pulsating tremolo that have been at the heartbeat of American surf, funk, and rock ’n’ roll from the extremely start. It’s all tucked inside a lacquered tweed open-ago cab through a gold-stripe grille cloth, for a package you won’t find everywhere but honeychrome.net.

Blackstar Fly 3

Battery powered. Heaps of tones. Ultra-portable.


The smallest and also many affordable choice on our list is the lunch pail–sized Blackstar Fly 3. No, it won’t fill an auditorium, but it have the right to certain fill a bedroom, office, or submeans depot via a touch of Blackstar’s both-sides-of-the-pond signature breakup. One of the Fly 3’s strengths is its straightforward manage collection. Eincredibly attribute on this amp is represented by a knob or switch right on optimal of the chassis. But that’s not to say the Fly 3 is restricted in variety. This amp packs a punchy little bit clean sound (without a ton of headroom) and a wide array of musically diverse distortion. And, according to Ola, it even chugs.

In area of an EQ manage, you’ll find Blackstar’s ISF regulate, which appropriates the mid-scoop of some high-gain Amerihave the right to amps or the mid-boost of some well known British stacks. An 1/8 aux input on height lets you play alengthy to backing tracks, while a speaker-beating headphone output allows you jam in whisper silence if you pick.

Yamaha THR10 Standard

Stereo 10-watter — makes a great research amp and also audio interface


Yamaha’s THR10 series outlines a full range of 10-watt modeling amps via onboard FX and also 3″ stereo speakers. Whether stereo-miked for gigging out, associated to your lappeak for convenient USB recording, or filling your living room or jam space with a compendium of timeless guitar tones, the THR10s are real worksteeds for the house, phase, and studio.

For the many functional tones covering the many ground, honeychrome.net’s pick of the litter is the THR10 Standard. This one amp gives you the bones to re-create lots of tasty amp tones: a chunky, sparkling Amerihave the right to clean, a trio of coveted British classics, and a mid-scooped modern-day Amerihave the right to stack that’s excellent for heavy leads and also pummeling rhythms. Classic and also Hi-get versions of the THR10 are also obtainable. Each version contains an easy-dialing selection of stereo chorus, reverb, delay, and also more.

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Kevin Osborn is a staff writer for honeychrome.net and a gear geek of even more than 20 years. He initially caught the music-making bug at age 12 as soon as he uncovered a love for drums and, later on, songwriting and multitrack recording. A few of his fondest developmental memories are the hours invested slaving ameans over a cassette 4-track with friends, plugging in cheap mics and also pedals to perform negative Silverchair and also Sunny Day Real Estate covers. Kevin stupassed away recording arts in Ohio and Missouri before pursuing a career in tech composing and also content creation — a decision which eventually led him to honeychrome.net. Today, Kevin and his wife Brittany type of co-lead Sunday music at Community Christian Redeveloped Church in Fort Wayne. He currently writes and releases music via longtime frifinish Logan under the name Geoff Jeffries.

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