You can be forgiven for reasoning that all amplifiers now look the very same and have pretty much the very same typical attributes. But not so the Pignose Legendary 7-100. Here’s a tiny exercise amplifier that truly bucks the trfinish.

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The Pignose Legendary 7-100 looks favor it’s been about for a hundred years and attributes some interesting and also unique architecture aspects. It’s an excellent little amp that, despite its absence of functions, is still able to perform a lot whilst sounding great in the procedure.

So, let’s get this Pignose Legendary 7-100 Recheck out underway and also check out what all the fuss is around.


If it ain’t broke, don’ settle it…

Due to the fact that the Pignose was first developed in 1973, it’s continued to be pretty a lot the exact same. It has metal protectors on all of its corners, so it deserve to take a couple of bumps and also knocks on its travels. It has actually a simple metal transferring take care of and a couple of hooks to let you fix the amp onto your belt.

The amp has a hinged opening that gives easy accessibility to the guts of the amplifier. This has the benefit of enabling for quick accessibility to readjust batteries or to run any kind of vital maintenance or repairs. Not that there’s a lot to repair on the Pignose.

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The capacity to open the amplifier like a box also allows for the storage of things prefer cables. Though more probably these days for your phone charger and battery fill.

Another benefit of the hinged amp is that by opening the box, it also enables you to change the sound.

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Let’s take a look at that…


As we’ve just pointed out, one of the distinct functions of the Pignose is the capability to open up the amplifier’s Cabinet to affect the form of the sound. You can open up the earlier of the amp up to 180 degrees to give yourself plenty of variations to give you some subtle tonal changes.

The top quality of the sound from the small and also affordable Pignose Legendary 7-100 is really wright here the activity is. The cool thing is that the Pignose is a solid-state amp, however it has actually an unmistakable tube-favor amp top quality to it. It has actually an remarkable chimey and vintage twang that we immediately associate via tube amps.

It gained an excellent clean tone and also sounds beauticompletely heat. But, as soon as the volume is cranked up, you obtain that wonderful distorted tone that feels so, so Bluesy. Then, once everything is pushed as much as maximum volume, the distortion has actually a fuzz favor quality to it.

Regardless of exactly how you usage the Pignose, the sound never before distorts or turns right into somepoint that sounds and feels as well harsh. The reality is it always retains its vintage warmth, and we applaud it for this.

The Pignose is a tiny, and despite its lack of controls, versatile and also excellent sounding amp. This bit amp can undoubtedly provide much larger and even more expensive amps a run for their money. We can absolutely view why this fun amp has actually been a renowned option through so many kind of renowned artists.

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