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My Songland Casting Application

OK, I watched the first episode of Songland. (btw, I’m Chad aka HoneyChrome)

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Applying For Songland NBC TV Show

After a suggestion from my spiritual adviser Jen Ward, I knew I had to check it out. I didn’t even have to finish the episode to get the nudge to apply. I thought it was going to be like any other show, but when they picked the first song “We Need Love,” I saw an opportunity. I am not sure if I will get in or not, but figured I would share the written parts of my Songland application because it really helped me extract my music story. I hope you enjoy learning about me! If you need help with your Songland application, please email me and I can help!

My Professional Songland Casting Bio

Music & Artists Who Inspire Me

I am inspired by artists who bring positive energy to their music. Artists who inspire, heal and use their platform to bring inner peace to the listener. Artists like Michael Jackson, Savage Garden, Muse, and SafetySuit. I have been hooked on the Backstreet Boys’ latest album. Studying everything about it. It is a work of pure pop perfection.

Lately I have been inspired by Supertramp, Manfredd Man’s Earth band and The Moody Blues. I think there is an honest interest in global unity that makes those eras stand out. I am grateful to my mother for bringing me up on an expansive vinyl collection of pop music from the late 60s to the early 80s.

My Songwriting Process

My writing process has varied, but recently I have landed on what I believe will define my work throughout my career. It is a simple process to extract the blueprint of the song from the ether. From being “struck” by inspiration, if you will. I rarely ever just sit down to write. Songs come on their own. They come any time, any where.

honeychrome ladder to your dreamsI have trained myself to capture them, every time, because if it comes, there is a good song on the wave / vibe that struck me. Usually it is the hook. It is like a download from “God” or Source. It is my job to extend that vibe into a full song with lyrics and a melody. The vibe is translated into the topic or message of the song.

There are only a few moments to capture it, so I record into my phone or write a few lyrics down into my notes app. Then, when I have time, either in that moment or at a later date, I write other parts of the song; the verse or bridge or pre/post chorus. Then I’ll record a full scratch comp into Ableton, turn up the autotune to solidify and learn the melody.

Then I take time and learn it; listen to it and sing it over and over. I don’t force changes, they just come naturally. Because it’s about capturing the vibe, not creating it by force. Notes, arrangements, lyrics – they all work themselves out because I tap into the same wave that hit me when the song was created. I am back in the same state of mind as when I started. This keeps it cohesive.

My Favorite Genre to Write For

My favorite genre is writing for the pop format. My lyrics and songs can be molded to fit any genre. I am inspired by hip hop, pop, country, EDM and rock, but I don’t specifically write for any of these genres. What I write can be applied to any popular genre that sticks to the typical arrangements of today’s charts. I have written about 200 songs. I have produced maybe half of them over time. I have not written any songs for major artists. My biggest musical accomplishment is winning a grant for my music! I won the Puffin Foundation grant for music in 2018.


My Personal Songland Bio

How I Pay the Bills

While I have made a few bucks here and there from music, I make my living from web design and digital marketing. I sold my first website in 7th grade and remained freelance and self-employed pretty much my entire life. I have harnessed my web design and SEO (search engine optimization) skills to carve out a unique position in my local market. This year (2019) I have hired multiple contractors to help me with projects and I plan on getting my agency to a place where it runs itself so I can focus on music 100%. It took 8 years to get myself in the place I am now, and many years of growing up before that. I didn’t always believe in myself to the extent I do now. Let’s go back before I started making music.

honeychromeA Deeper Look Into My History

I came out as gay in 10th grade. In the same moment, my mother also came out. In the same moment, my parents were separating and starting a divorce. While this experience may seem traumatic at first, it was the opposite. Life suddenly felt much more “right.” It was liberating. It was the beginning of me realizing nothing has to remain the same. I thought we were a perfect nuclear family my whole childhood. Then when I found out we weren’t, my mind opened to the idea that reality can change. Maybe I have a chance on Songland.

So, after high school and a few years later, I finally started pursuing music as a serious life goal. I went through many of these experiences, witnessing or experiencing the change or end of something that seemed so certain and “forever.” I learned how to let go with ease. I learned that I need a whole lot less than I thought to be happy.

How My Friends Describe Me

My friends would describe me as authentic, positive, ambitious, creative, loving, and caring. I am a natural leader, though I have honed those skills as to not become bossy in my leadership. I lead by example. I like to encourage people, lift them up instead of knocking them down to boost my own position. With this honesty comes truth, so my friends and colleagues respect me for always being truthful, even in uncomfortable moments and topics. They would support me if I got on Songland!

My Regrets

I don’t think I have many regrets. Regret means you feel bad about something you did or a decision you made. Only in times where I hurt others do I regret anything. There are choices and times in my life that I recognize I would do something different, but I don’t regret making those choices. I wouldn’t have learned as much as I know now if I didn’t make perceived bad or risky decisions in the past. I would regret not applying for Songland.

My family supports me 100%. They have been with me through ups and downs, but not once did they say to stop playing music. I have not met one person who didn’t support my mission or told me to hang it up. Now, my goal is to infuse as much productive and positive energy into music as possible. I want to live and lead by example, and that goes for my music as well. I feel that I have finally developed a trademark style of songwriting that can help with healing ourselves and uniting our world. Just like John Legend said, it’s about making it both highly personal and relatable at the same time, and I think those are the kind of songs I write and want to write with others.

My PR-style Songland Bio

HoneyChrome, aka Chad Lewine, was born just outside of Philadelphia in 1989. He always had an affinity for music, but always in the fray doing his own thing instead of following the typical music path. Picking up the saxophone and guitar in elementary school, he began tinkering with music and writing songs. Playing those instruments didn’t last long, but it gave him a solid foundation.

honeychrome chad lewine bioDebuting at the 5th grade lip sync in 2001 and then performing original live songs for the whole school in 6th, he started out following the music path as a child, but as he grew into high school years, he was intimidated and unsure that he had a chance at a career in music. He stopped pursuing music and performing, though he still honed his craft at a theater camp every summer until he was eighteen. It was only in 2009 that he finally began pursuing music as a serious craft.

After creating his first album with Spin Doctor guitarist Anthony Krizan in 2011, he moved to NYC to follow the dream (and leave the nest!) In 2013, after a few years playing open mics in NYC/Brooklyn and getting a feel for the city, he donned the name HoneyChrome and began producing his own material. While this sequestered him into a very narrow, not-so-accessible alt-pop niche, it allowed him the freedom to define his style, his mission and his message.

Fast forward through years of hustling, partying, dancing, songwriting and learning about the industry. Cut to 2018, and he has finally released a commercial quality record, Boomerang, with the help of Mike Rogers (Deee-Lite, Erasure). That same year he also won a grant from an arts & music foundation. This all gave him the confidence and belief that his career was going to happen. But not only that, his mission and message was real and there was no avoiding it. It was not just music, it was a deeper calling, beyond his own career.

The world needed him and others like him to speak up, bring and be the change. Now, he has stopped trying so hard and is simply going full-force as an inspirational music maker, focusing on positive and introspective songs that are meant to awaken and enlighten humanity. He is creating a space for positive, uniting, healing music. He is bringing change to the world, starting with himself. He is HoneyChrome.

First published 06/04/2019


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