Editors Note: This article was last updated in March 2021. New guitars offer all the time so we execute our best to keep things reasonably current by revising our a lot of expensive guitars list annually or so.

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Just around eexceptionally guitar player out tbelow has done it at one time or another: you go into your local guitar keep (or, these days, your favorite online choice), and also you are discovering what’s available. You check out a design that you’ve always wanted, and for a fleeting minute, you have the right to image yourself walking out the door through it (or, again in this digital age, clicking on ‘include to cart’)…

…and also then you look at the price tag. And then you speak dead in your tracks and also go back to looking at guitars that are even more within your budobtain. It can be exceptional exactly how much a good guitar can cost these days, right?

Here’s the deal, though – through 99% of those you see, the pointer of the iceberg hasn’t also been scratched. Many kind of extremely prized guitars have actually been marketed for a lot, much more than what you may be seeing in the ‘high end’ section.

To be fair, these kinds of guitars are commonly one-of-a-sort instruments that have been personally owned and/or played by the the majority of iconic guitar players to have ever before lived, with the majority of having been marketed in an auction establishing.

It can make you wonder – exactly how much would someone pay for a trophy guitar like that? You might be a bit surprised…it’s often a lot even more than you may think. Let’s take a look at a existing list of the optimal 10 most expensive guitars that have ever been sold; it’s an interesting look, as some might be evident while others might be a little bit of surpincrease.

10. Eric Clapton’s ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster ($959,000)



Eric Clapton has actually long been connected via playing a Stratocaster, and the backstory behind ‘Blackie’ is a little distinctive. It’s actually a ‘Partscaster,’ believe it or not! He took what he felt were the best components out of three various other 1950’s-era Strats that Clapton had in his possession, and also ‘Blackie’ was born.

This guitar was Clapton’s #1 both live and in the studio for several years before he retired it in 1985. Clapton’s long-standing passion is his Crossroadways addiction recoexceptionally center, and also he felt that was a worthy factor to let ‘Blackie’ go at auction to raise funds for its continued operations.

9. Bob Dylan’s 1964 Fender Stratocaster ($965,000)


Anattracted Burton/Getty Images

Back in the day (the 1960s, that is), Bob Dylan was well-known as an acoustic people poet that stood for his generation’s voice. So it came as a little bit of a shock to many kind of as soon as he performed with a complete electric band at the 1965 Newport Jazz Festival.

While the performance didn’t necessarily note the end of Dylan’s influence, it did signal that he was a true artist that was willing to branch out right into new and also uncharted region. The sheer significance of the occasion is a major reason why the 1964 Fender Strat he supplied marketed at auction for cshed to $1.0 million,

8. Keith Richards’ 1959 Gibchild Les Paul ($1,000,000)



1959 Gibson Les Pauls are often recognized as one of the ‘holy grails’ of all guitars. Yes, they can command a hefty price tag, however Keef’s ‘59 absolutely is up tbelow on the list.

One remarkable facet of this guitar is that it was his instrument of option for the inaugural appearance of The Rolling Stones on The Ed Sullivan Sexactly how. It is also a bit unique because it is equipped via a Bigsby tailitem, which is pretty unwidespread for a Les Paul in general.

Keef wasn’t the single owner, however. At one time, he passed it on to Mick Taylor (the Stone’s replacement guitarist after Brian Jones’ untimely death), and also it passed with a number of hands over the years (including being stolen).

7. 1958 Gibboy Korina Explorer ($1,100,000)



This fine Gibchild specimales is distinctive from others on our list because of it not being connected via or played by any specific artist. Its value comes from the sheer rarity, as just 19 of these prized models were ever before developed.

A few guitarists are known to very own equivalent models in their very own personal collections, via Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Kirk Hammett, and Slash being among the a lot of remarkable.

6. Jerry Garcia’s ‘Wolf’ ($1,900,000)


Tim Mosenfelder

The late, excellent Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead was recognized for playing a good number of exotic instruments, via many type of of them offered unique one-word nicknames. Following in that legacy is ‘Wolf,’ which was created as one of several ‘one-of-a-kind’ functions of art by luthier Doug Irwin.

‘Wolf’ was last played by its namesake owner in 1993 (before Garcia’s untimely fatality from a heart attack in 1995). From there, the civil liberties to the instrument returned earlier to Irwin, who then marketed it at auction in 2002 for $700,000. It last was sold for $1.9 million at a charity auction in 2017.

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5. Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Fender Stratocaster ($2,000,000)



Jimi Hendrix was well-known for being mainly a Strat player, and this 1968 speciguys (nickcalled ‘Izabella’) may be among the the majority of remarkable.

On the morning of August 18, 1969, Hendrix offered Izabella for his fantastic performance at Woodstock. This is the guitar that he provided to produce his legendary version of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ which, incidentally, was part of a much longer medley of tunes that was over a half-hour in size.

This iconic guitar attained its iconic price as soon as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (recognized to be rather a guitar player on his own merit) bought it for a cool $2 million ago in 1998.

4. John Lennon’s 1962 Gibboy J-160E Acoustic-Electric ($2,400,000)



One of the two acoustic guitars on our countdvery own, the Gibchild J-160E that John Lennon played is exceptionally regularly checked out in older performance photos of the Beatles. He additionally supplied it generally in the studio, particularly on such at an early stage Beatles classics as ‘Love Me Do’ and also ‘P.S. I Love You’.

It was shed on a Beatles tour in 1963, wbelow it finished up obtaining offered for the un-Beatle-y amount of $175 in 1969 to an ‘average Joe,’ wbelow it languished till roughly 2014. Then, due to some clever detective job-related by its then-owner, he found what he really had on his hands.

Once the guitar’s true identification was establiburned, it was marketed at auction in 2015 for the very Beatle-y amount of $2.4 million. Not too poor for a $175 investment!

3. “Reach Out To Asia” Fender Stratocaster ($2,700,000)



Unchoose all of the other choices on our list, this certain Strat wasn’t ever really owned (or played) by any type of one specific artist. It was conceived as a charity providing by Bryan Adams for the advantage of those influenced by a significant tsunami in the Indian Ocean during 2004.

This pricey instrument has the distinctive difference of being autographed by 19 artists, ranging from Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and also Jimmy Page to the members of Def Leppard.

Good firm to be in, indeed, and the ultimate price of $2.7 million is certainly worthy of its noble cause.

2. David Gilmour’s famous ‘Black Strat’ ($3,975,000)


guitarhuman being.com

When David Gilmour chose to auction off part of his guitar arsenal to benefit an individual charity interest, he may not have actually recognized exactly how a lot he would certainly be able to raise. The auction was a romaking use of success by all accounts once Pink Floyd mega fan Jim Irsay (owner of the Indianapolis Colts) had the winning bid coming in just shy of $4 million.

Irsay is a long-time guitar aficionaperform that often used to obtain into bidding wars with the late Paul Allen, all in the name of owning some fairly pricemuch less pieces of music background.

1. Kurt Cobain’s 1959 Martin D18E ($6,000,000)



Topping our list of the many expensive guitars ever sold is yet an additional acoustic, but not just one more acoustic – Kurt Cobain’s 1959 Martin D18E.

Sure, it was the seventh out of just 302 D18E’s ever developed, yet that’s honestly besides the suggest. This was the guitar that the grunge symbol supplied throughout Nirvana’s 1993 performance on MTV’s Unplugged, which is highly regarded as one of the ideal that series had actually ever produced. It confirmed Nirvana was even more than simply a typical grunge band also, as it presented that the band also could be just as ferocious and also dynamic in an acoustic setting as they might be during their energetic live concerts.

It was purchased at auction by Peter Freedguy, the Australian founder of Rode Microphones (means earlier in 2020), for his very own individual arsenal.

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With prices such as the ones we looked at, it’s periodically tough to keep in mind the fact that many type of of these expensive guitars are truly not a lot different from the same model that you could buy yourself – and often for a price that is much less than 1% of what these are going for! It simply goes to show that the respect and admiration offered to specific artists deserve to make all the difference in the civilization.

Now, if just the ability to play like these artists was contained in the price, then we might have a list of absolute bargains here…

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