Playing songs on guitar deserve to be a challenging task for beginners. Loog solves this: our 3-string guitars reduce chords to the basic triad, allowing for an less complicated and also much faster finding out procedure. With a Loog, kids deserve to play songs on day one, feeling rewarded and urged to save on playing and also discovering.

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Loog guitars use the initially three strings of a guitar: same strings, very same tuning. This is why finger placement and whatever you learn on a Loog can be used on a 6-string guitar as well. It"s a seammuch less change that allows children to learn on a Loog and also then play any type of guitar.

All Loog guitars come bundled through flashcards and an app that have actually every little thing you should learn just how to play guitar. We also hold FREE live lessons using Zoom; these are thirty-minute sessions covering guitar basics, meant as a starting guide for youngsters who simply got a Loog.



The complimentary Loog Guitar application has whatever you should play songs: video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook so you can learn by playing real songs (Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift and also more). It also has an AUGMENTED REALITY attribute that permits you to learn guitar utilizing the selfie camera!

Loog guitars are little, fun and also cute, however they are not a toy: they are genuine tools, made out of real lumber, that project a sweet, beautiful sound that"s simply unbelievable for a guitar of this dimension and price.


Playing a musical instrument helps kids benefit in almost eexceptionally level: it improves their cognitive abilities while promoting artistic reasoning and their ability to focus. With Loog, kids are playing and also having actually fun from the extremely start, gaining abilities that continue to be through them forever before.

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Body: BasswoodNeck and fingerboard: MapleStrings: NylonNumber of Frets: 15Scale: 15.6" (390.0mm)Length: 22.2" (565.0mm)Width: 6.9" (176.5mm)Depth: 2.3" (58.5mm)Weight: 0.9lbs (0.4kg)

Why must I obtain a Loog Mini over a much more traditional beginner’s guitar?Many guitars for children are ssuggest cheap, scaled-down replicas of a traditional guitar. And bereason they have 6 strings anyway, the neck is still as well wide for a son to play comfortably - let alone easily. Plus, cheap guitars tfinish to be cheaply made. It makes sense to protect against spfinishing a fortune on a beginner"s instrument, but by going via really poor high quality construct and also products, possibilities are your boy won’t feel engaged sufficient to play. Why have to I obtain a Loog Mini over a ukulele?Ukuleles are good - if what you want is a ukulele. The problem is that many type of people finish up buying a ukulele bereason what they desire is a tiny, portable, easy-to-play guitar. And if that’s what you desire, we think a Loog Mini is better suited for you. You watch, a ukulele is an totally various instrument: it has its own strings, its own tuning and its own sound. The Loog Mini has classic guitar strings and also standard guitar tuning, so it plays and also sounds simply favor a guitar. So if you want to get a ukulele, you should definitely get one (they are actually fun to play along with the Loog!). But if what you really want is a small, fun guitar, we humbly propose that you consider a Loog.

If I learn to play a Loog Guitar, have the right to I then usage those lrevenue to play a constant 6-string guitar?Yes, playing a Loog is not totally different from playing a typical guitar, it is simply easier. Because we usage the exact same first three strings -and also tuning- of a six-string guitar, whatever you learn on a Loog deserve to later on be applied on a standard guitar. The transition is natural and seammuch less. Likewise, you can buy books or go online to discover the chords to your favorite songs, and use those exact same chord-tabs intended for six-string guitars to play on your Loog. You just have to pay attention to the finger-placement on the initially three strings and also simply disregard the various other ones!

What is the minimum age referral for Loog Guitars? We recommend the Loog Mini for children 3 and up.

My kid is 6-7 years old; have to I gain a Mini or a Pro?We recommend the Loog Mini for children 3 and up and also the Loog Pros for kids 8 and also up. With that shelp, if there"s a tallish 6-7 year-old that you feel could be much better off via a Pro, that have to be fine also. Our age recommendation is based upon general criteria, however obviously eextremely kid is different so feel free to follow your gut on this one :)

Is the Loog Mini just for kids?Absolutely not. We designed it for youngsters, yet it is absolutely suitable for anybody who likes to play guitar. We count parental fees, grandparents and also also pro guitarists as some of our most loyal customers.

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How do you tune a Loog guitar?Rapid answer: GBE, from low to high.Loog Guitars usage the exact same initially three strings -and also tuning- of a six-string guitar. This is why every little thing you learn on a Loog can later on be used on a standard guitar.

Do you offer a left-handed Loog?Not yet, sorry. We have actually a couple of lefties on our team and also they simply flip the order of the strings, just favor Hendrix did. Worked great for him and also works rather well for them as well :)

If you aren"t totally satisfied through your Loog Guitar, you have the right to rerevolve it within 30 days and also obtain a remoney for your order. (For UNITED STATE orders only)

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