Dennis from Canada July 2, 2020 Music Background:Been playing for 60 years. Still record and also gig.

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I bought one a couple of days back for a actual great price. I didn"t really want another guitar however the price was excellent. After strumming some chords and a little finger picking I bought it. I have a couple of guitars of good top quality. The pride if my repertoire is A Breedlove Custom rebirth with a figured maple body and Bearclaw peak with ebony board and also bridge through forward bracing. I noticed the forward bracing on the D-16 best off. The D-16 and also my Breedlove are a hard comparichild soundwise. The Breedlove was 3 times the money as well. The richlite has actually a real pretty ebony look. The activity is so smooth the guitar plays itself. This guitar has actually tone. Tons of it throughout the array.the only genuine differences I can view between it and the D18 are the price, the richlite fingerboard and also bridge the ine item earlier via no center brace and also the D18 does not have actually forward bracing. This D16 I have sounds as excellent, or much better than most of the Martin"s I have played. Very nice guitar.
I will certainly start off saying Taylor fans and also others welcome to martin fan club. Stratabond necks, micarta broads and also bridge. Will never warp, never get nail grooves. Martin guitars are not tough to play. As far as junk Taylor"s. They have actually even more bolts and nuts in them. Then your cars have. Also Taylor provides wood screws with tbelow broadways in to the block on some guitars. Taylor is clueless in making a glued joint neck of any type. That is what"s a joke. Now for Martin"s guitars tright here all great guitars. The d-16 line no doubt Martin"s ideal line. The d-16 is the initially Martin to ever have actually scalloped forward bracing. The d-16 has always been Martin"s giniepig even more less. The d-16 line will hold it"s own versus all other Martin"s. The competition is no complement. Martin has been out because 1833 for a reason. And the oldest guitar firm on the industry in background.I have actually owned many Martin"s. Right now I very own a 1976 d-35 and a d-16 gt. I will never before remove either. The d-16 line are made good and sound excellent.nice deep bass, mellow mids and also crystal clean highs. The hybrid forward x brace is the ideal Martin has actually ever made.
Love this guitar, absolutely exceptional. As the guitar ages & you break it in, it sounds much better & better. This is my studio guitar, the one I polish & baby that will never before leave the home. I phelp a pretty penny for mine, below I am 4 years later on with no regrets!
I bought this for a second guitar that I can capo so once I switch on phase I wouldn"t have to soptimal and also fine tune after installing a capo. I likewise have actually a Martin HD 28. Ever given that I took this home, this is the guitar that I play. I can"t believe just how this guitar vibrates! It resonates unlike any guitar that I have ever played! Yes I was blown ameans especially for the price. Don"t under estimate this guitar, it has actually the punch, clarity, bass and also highs that make you want to play it more. I am not saying that it is better than my HD 28, but I would say it percreates much better if you level pick for the clarity of the notes and the ease of playing. I feel this has actually the tamong an aged guitar right out of package. Buy and also enjoy!
This guitar has been much better than I intended. I was looking at this guitar or a Taylor 310, I currently own a Taylor that I love. I was concerned around the sound distinction and that I wouldn"t favor the more bass propelled sound of the Martin. Now I actually prefer the sound of the Martin over my Taylor. It isn"t bass hefty it just sounds even more full or rich. The Taylor seems even more bappropriate ringing over all. (nothing versus Taylor, I still love what they develop as well)I likewise love the action of this guitar, it plays prefer a dream. It is the simplest acoustic guitar to play that I have owned. The top quality of construction is significant too. Everypoint on this guitar appears perfect. likewise came via when again with excellent organization and distribution. Kudos to my sales rep Chris also for answering all my questions and also involves. Thank you.
So, I was out of town. Went into a huge guitar keep to buy some stings for my d28 and for my idiot friend who never strung up his gifted dxm1. ( as a Martin man, not a fan of that specific guitar) but better than a lot of pshort article board crap. Either way, I was in store and also heading to the "weird, cut off acoustic area", On the means tbelow "Guitar something" had actually a group of supplied guitars just outside. I experienced the Martin logo in the mix, and also pulled this simple dreadnought guitar. I thought it was stupid. But played it on dead strings. Even with crap strings I was impressed. Played two chords and also walked to the register. Used so acquired i gained it for 600. Tone is well rounded and also exceptional. When I bought my d28 I tried 10 various d28 guitars prior to I purchased mine. This d16gt purchase was basic. Played the chord and was sold. Do yourself a favor, buy this guitar.
Gary Holschuh from USA March 9, 2015 Music Background:Well exercised hobbyist who deserve to play a point or two!
I was in the sector for a new acoustic in the $1000 array. I was really leaning towards a Taylor 214ce. I tried one out and also believed it didn"t feel best and also it was a little bright. I then tried a Taylor 314ce and also realized where the $600 price distinction came from. I was out of my price selection. I then went to one more guitar shop in search of a offered Taylor as soon as I came upon a Martin DX1RAE and I laughed, because I hated Martin guitars. I played numerous martins over my 25 years of playing and also they were the hardest guitars I ever played. I figured a 5 year old could reduced out a slab of lumber and put some strings on it and also it would certainly be an easier instrument to play than a Martin. My ex-wife talked me into buying a Martin in 2006 (brand also new all mahogany type of $1200) and I offered it a month later for $800. Couldn"t stand also the effort I had actually to put right into playing the dang thing. So, yeah I was going to prove to myself as soon as aacquire what a joke Martins are. I picked up that $550 Martin and also played it. I was incredibly surprised at the ease of playing. I couldn"t think what had actually occurred. I picked up a Martin DX1AE and also it played choose butter also. I kbrand-new I was on the ideal track and also the sound was 20 times much better than the Taylor. Yep, the butterflies in my stomach really had actually my heart racing. I wanted that sound and also playcapability, however could not stand the looks of the stratabond neck and also the Mahogany type of Wood Pattern HPL Textured Finish. I didn"t think it would organize up incredibly well. So, after much research study I noticed the Martin D-16GT readily available whatever I was searching for and also in my price selection, I got mine for $1149. The price has actually gone up given that then. I wasn"t able to try one out, however kbrand-new this would certainly be whatever the DX1RAE was plus a entirety lot more. I ordered it from, of course and as soon as it arrived I was the happiest male in tvery own. This guitar sounds so great. I have played out and guitar players ask me what type of guitar I"m playing, bereason it sounds so excellent. When I tell them it is a Martin the answer is commonly somepoint along the line of "yep, you can tell". I"ve put over 250 hrs of playing on this guitar in the last 9 months, I bought it in June 2014. The is the finest acoustic guitar I have actually ever before owned or played for that issue. It looks excellent, it feels good, it plays great and it sounds great!!!!!!! Now, I wanna go attempt out a D-28 to check out how it holds approximately the D-16GT. I just don"t check out how it have the right to acquire a lot much better. I am exceptionally surprised and very pleased with my Martin D-16GT!
I absolutely love this guitar. The sound and the activity still astounds me. It might not have actually the intricate glitter of the greater finish models, but it will certainly stand shoulder to shoulder with any kind of of them. Buy it and also you will never before look earlier.
Bassman99 from Central Texas December 8, 2013 Music Background:Weekfinish Jammer and also Pro when can obtain the work
Wow, what a great guitar for playing. I had actually a possibility to job-related a live present via a Bluegrass guitar player who had actually a D-16 and I was impressed. Now before you think I have just stars in my eyes, I have played a little of guitar for 40 years. I have actually played Martin guitars from the D18 thru D41.While all Martin"s have their own voice so does this D-16, It"s mid and also treble are clear, via just the appropriate amount of Bass to blfinish into a wonderful sweet tone. Workmanship and also action were great. This is the guitar you will keep out of the case and also within straightforward reach. It deserve to be halittle developing.
Fine fit, complete & sound. Synthetic fingerboard a plus, a perfect surchallenge that requirements no special treatment. Perfect spruce optimal & smooth mahogany sides/back. Feels & plays great. A great product of Nazaeth PA.

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Bryan from New Jersey September 17, 2012 Music Background:Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician (Singer, Guitar)
I already had a D-28, so I had a high conventional for this guitar once I bought it. I invested some time talking to my rep (Dave Walent) and he persuaded me that this was the ideal guitar to include to my collection. It"s the first guitar I bought with the mail in rather some time, and the only guitar that I bought via the mail that was to be offered immediately in my work. This guitar has not let me down and neither did D-16 sounds excellent. It is brighter, yet I am using it tuned dvery own a half step which actually works to this guitars advantage. I had the LR Baggs Imix system put right into it, and also it sounds remarkable plugged in. It"s a Martin, feels favor a Martin and sounds choose a Martin, unfavor many kind of various other providers lower priced models. Some human being actually favor the feel and also sound of this over my D-28.I"ve been using this now pretty constantly for about 6 months and also it has yet to disapsuggest. It"s continues to be in tune, plays beautitotally and also handles all kinds of weather, as I play outdoors a bit.Definitely get it professionally set up for your tuning and also playing style. Even if it says it was set up, it still could use an excellent set up after take a trip. Well worth the money.I would and also have recommfinished this guitar to many type of various musicians of eextremely level of talent and financial backgrounds. I would certainly also buy an additional for my repertoire and keep it strictly acoustic simply to have actually one without electronic devices inside for a kick-roughly guitar.
I invested a generous 3 months researching my next guitar...from online reviews, magazines and also expert musician friends of mine the search narrowed dvery own to 3 guitars. I couldn"t be happier through the D-16GT. The craftsmanship, the tone, the activity all superb! On a side note: AJ Peterboy, one of the sales designers was really great. Ask for him if you can. They will go the added mile to make sure your purchase was a good one!
After briefly playing a D-16GT in my semi-regional guitar superstore, I fell in love via the tone. After mulling it over a bit, I saw the one had actually in stock and I absolutely loved the grain on the peak. It was very distinctive and I just had to have actually it, even without hearing it initially. My sales engineer made the sale extremely simple, and also prior to I comment even more on the guitar, I"d prefer to tell you around the amazingly satisfying endure I had actually buying this guitar from As they advertise, the folks as did an inspection prior to the guitar shipped. I was increated they found 2 or 3 "defects" on the top, and also just wanted me to be mindful of it. This came to me significantly, but they assured if I wasn"t satisfied, their generous rerevolve policy was there to back me up, so not to problem. I obtained the guitar, and also I can not find these so-called "defects". I looked about, and also experienced what MIGHT be understood a defect, however nothing that I would certainly have noticed if it was hanging in a store. risked shedding a sale over somepoint that in my opinion a lot of dealers would certainly have actually overlooked or ignored. It was even more crucial to them to execute the ideal thing than to close the sale, and for that I offer them a LOT of crmodify. They already had my trust, but they sealed it through this purchase.About the guitar, I love it. The sound is so wealthy and warm and perfect for me. Playcapacity is perfect too. It was actually put up extremely nice ideal out of the box. I"ve had it for a couple of months now and have not essential a setup, though I"ve adjusted the neck a tiny little myself. I love the basic herringbone rosette, and the black binding. Very a lot a "functioning man"s" guitar. The Micarta fretboard and bridge are the just things I"m not in love via, however functionally or sonically they take nopoint away from the sound of this guitar. The fretboard is actually fairly nice feeling, very solid. But looks-wise it definitely does not look favor ebony to me. That said, I love this D-16GT and I suspect it will certainly be a lifer.
I remained in the market for my initially greater high quality acoustic. I got real right into flatpicking style the past practically 2 decades - obtained into to the majority of Doc Watchild, Tony Rice, Norman Blake, David Grier, Brian Sutton, and so on. We"re a musical family members so I felt the family members could use a high quality guitar alternative laying about and also felt I really required a high quality dreview that I"ll play the rest of my life. One that was high quality and also would certainly age nicely so my kids, grand also youngsters, and so on might play it. My budget was the $1,000-$2,000 array and also I wanted something American made with solid woods. I visited stores experimentation out Gibsons, Taylors, Martins, and others. Drooling over guitars I couldn"t afford. I started to fall in love via any type of Martin dreadnought I touched that was mahogany type of and spruce height. The D-18 felt like a dream but I couldn"t justify spending $... for a guitar as an easy family male who plays just at residence as soon as not working in an office, paying mortgage, car payments, and also youngsters costs and also all that. So, I searched more and also found a cheaper choice. Low and beorganize, the D-16GT. I pretty much the similar feeling that I felt with the D-18. The guitar simply resonates forever before and also true. It"s exceptionally wealthy on low, mids, and also highs. It sounds so excellent that it regularly distracts me. I want to say it"s a mixture of the high quality build, the mahogany/spruce tone woods through the forward bracing that"s responsible for it. I"ve read that including a bone saddle may make sound even much better yet I"m unconvinced to mess through it as it is superb as it is. Anyway, I"m deeply satisfied. My only tiny gripe is that I wish the activity was lower. But I"m also hesitant to mess via that as the better action can play a roll in the factor it sounds as great as it does (much less buzzing?). I"ll add that considering that I was a melodic type player playing many single string notes, fills, solos, and so on, bereason of this guitar"s exceptional sound and long-resonating voice, it has actually carried back to the realms of just the old strum. So, I play more now, I play various, I play better. I extremely recommend this guitar to the player trying to find a nice, long-lasting guitar...
colton from central va August 13, 2019 Music Background:10/12 years of being a tone nerd at the residence.
I picked up this guitar in a profession. I wanted a solid wood acoustic, and also was admittedly searching for a gibkid acoustic. I was impressed given that alot of martin guys on forums wright here saying a genuine martin starts at the d18. I waited to few weeks and also tried 3 types of strings, made video to compare them later, and have actually been beating on this point for a couple of weeks. Ill begin by saying ive been playing for over 10 years currently. I havent however, had many good guitars. Im an electrical player mostly. I uncovered looking low and also high, playeing eincredibly martin and also gibkid i might acquire my hands on the very same thing i discovered as soon as i obtained my les paul, EVERY GUTAR IS DIFFERENT. I noticed j45s i played seemed to be drastically various sounding. Old or new, from store to keep ( I guitar safari in a 200 mile radius) The martins wright here miles even more consistent. The martins are too much resonate, they come alive in my hands prefer they are on the verge of falling apart. They have a well-off harmonic collection of undertones and also bass. My beloved gibsons would be good or a dud, no in in between. Obviously completely different tonal vibes yet still. Having said all that, my d16gt appears to simply sound much better the more I play. Im super impressed by exactly how it responds to how/ wbelow I strike the strings. It has actually such a volume for its dimension. While Im sure if i save it awhile it will obtain a bone nut, I advise you to grab one and play it agaist a much more expensive d18 or whatever you deserve to uncover and also realise the differences, but ask yourself if they are worth the money over these to you. realize just how they can be boosted. plus they are all solid woods. So as they say, the worse your martin (or any type of all solid guitar) will certainly sound, is on the day you buy it. I for now feel this isnt a lifer via me but I felt that means about the chewed up old studio i bought as a teenager and also modded. Now its irreplaceable to me.
I have actually owned this guitar for 7 years currently ,so I feel qualified to include my opinion around it.It came through fairly high activity (for me at least)which I had actually lowered just slightly to help through barre chords.The neck form feels great,not also massive or tiny.The workmanship is unreal for this price.I acquired the guitar in California,relocated to the humid southeast,now I"m in the Arizona desert and also it hasn"t provided me any type of trouble at all.The satin end up on the neck has actually turned right into a nice and also smooth gloss from the years of playing.As much as sound,it has a mellow bass response and also bbest top finish.It isn"t as loud as other comparable sized guitars I"ve heard,not rather as much ring to the notes.I have actually uncovered ,but,that unchoose other dreadnoughts it sounds good played softly,specifically with simply fingers.I uncover myself not wanting to usage a pick at all.Also,it"s light as a feather and also still smells like fresh cut hardwood on the inside.The TKL instance has worn well,too.Considering you can buy 2 of these for about what you would certainly pay for any type of various other AMERICAN MADE solid wood guitar,it"s a no-brainer in my opinion.
Randall Kernen from WI August 20, 2018 Music Background:Played guitar and also other tools at young age.
Superb quality made guitar, light weight and good sound. Having a Martin flat-optimal is the ultimate in acoustical guitar. Almethods wanted a " Hank Williaims" Martin.
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