Martin is among those brands that is and always has been considered to be an authority when it concerns acoustic guitars. Their D12X1AE might look simply prefer one more dreadnought, however it’s anything but. This guitar is among the ideal 12 string acoustic guitars you’ll find best now.

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Body and Neck

The truth that Martin determined the dreadnought body for this build should come as a no surpclimb to anyone. After all, they are the ones who designed this style of acoustic guitars in the first area. With that sassist, Martin D12X1AE does lug some surprises. This is a budgain 12 string version. Because of this, it comes through a solid sitka spruce height while the sides and back are made of rosehardwood HPL. HPL is a laminate. Before you begin rolling your eyes, we have to say that Martin’s HPL and also your average laminate are nowbelow near the same thing. While it’s not solid wood, their HPL does have excellent acoustic properties. In other words, D12X1AE shouldn’t be discarded based specifically on the visibility of HPL. As supposed, the whole thing is put together flawlessly. Martin may have actually unorthodox options in their affordable selection, however they have actually a reputation to keep.



With 12 string guitars, hardware is just one of the a lot of vital determinants to think about. Martin D12X1AE features a Richlite bridge that packs a set of high quality plastic pins and a many kind of times proven Tusq saddle. Mind you, the saddle on this version is compensated, which isn’t something you see also regularly on 12 strings guitar. Richlite, Tusq and also the rest of the artificial options work-related eexceptionally bit as excellent as wood and bone, if not better in some cases. Tuning devices are traditional Martin die cast systems which likewise have actually a prrange track record. One of the nicer surprises comes in create of Martins option of electronics. They turned to Fishman and also supplied their Sonitone package. Needless to say, it perfectly complements the acoustic properties. You are basically looking at a rock solid build for live performance that deserve to withstand also the use and also abuse of constant gigging.

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For most prospective individuals out tright here, seeing that HPL stirs a lot of inquiries regarding the sound of this guitar. This entirety issue has actually been settled a long time back when Martin first began making use of HPL in their guitars. Is it going to sound as great as a solid hardwood Martin? Not really, but the sound will certainly surpass the majority of of the solid lumber builds in this price range, easily. While tonehardwood is a vital component of every guitar, the means it is put together frequently has a tendency to have a a lot larger impact on the all at once performance. Martin D12X1AE provides that timeless dreadnought sound through a lot even more array to it and plenty of overtones. You get crystal clear definition no matter what. The very same can be sassist for a scenario where you plug the guitar in. Fishmale Sonitone is a great system commonly uncovered on even more expensive models. That states sufficient.


Martin D12X1AE meets and exceeds expectations despite its somewhat unexplained nature. If you are trying to uncover a trusted job-related horse on a tighter budget, this Martin ticks all the best boxes and then some. The sound is sindicate there while that Fishguy Sonitone is certainly a a lot appreciated bonus.

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