Hello and welconcerned my Gibchild Maestro acoustic guitar evaluation.

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I bought this guitar approximately 10 months earlier as a execute up guitar. I haven?t done a lot to carry out it up so much yet have still played it a lot.

In this testimonial I?ll take a look at the adhering to about the Maesto:

The sound quality;The playability;The products the Maestro is made from;Who the Maestro is finest suited to;The Maestro?s value-for-money

I?ll likewise show video of the guitar being played so that you deserve to acquire an idea of the sound for yourself and also likewise some user reviews so that you can obtain some other people?s opinions.

O.k. let?s obtain started.

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1 The Sound
1.1 Warm or Bright?
1.2 The Materials
1.3 ?Videos
2 Playability
2.1 Action
2.2 Nut Width
2.3 Fretboard (fingerboard)
2.4 Scale Length
3 Who this Guitar is Most Suited to
4 Value-for-Money
4.1 Thanks for reading

The Sound

The Maestro comes in both a full-dimension dreadnought size and also a parlor size. The one I am reviewing is the dreadnought.

When I initially played this guitar I wondered what I had actually bought! I kbrand-new it was cheap yet someexactly how I was expecting more from it.

After doing one easy point the entire guitar was transformed and also the sound came to be reasonable.

And that straightforward thing was transforming the strings. The strings that came with this guitar are complete garbage in my opinion. Simply transforming to some decent strings (I changed to the Elixir Nanointernet Phosphor Bronze) made a civilization of distinction to this guitar.

This is?a 120 dollar guitar so it still doesn?t sound favor a million dollars however when you adjust the strings (if you buy this guitar do it right away for the sake of your ears and the ears of anyone else that might hear you playing!) it?s absolutely playable and also listenable.

Warm or Bright?

I would certainly definitely speak to this a heat sounding guitar. To my ears it?s not muddy but I choose a warmer sound in basic. Those who choose a brighter sound could uncover this guitar muddy sounding.

It?s likely that the sound would brighten up substantially if you were to relocation the plastic saddle and nut via bone or somepoint favor Tusq. I have already purchased a new nut and also saddle yet haven?t obtained about to placing them on yet!

The Materials

Top: Laminated Spruce

Back & Sides: Laminated Nato

Bridge: Rosewood

Nut & Saddle: Plastic

Not surprising to check out laminated woods for the top, ago and sides and a plastic nut and also saddle given the low price of this instrument.


The sound high quality of this video isn?t excellent however will provide you some idea of the sound.

The next video is for the parlour sized version.


Parlor Version in Black

O.k. currently onto the playcapability.

Surprisingly this guitar is actually not also poor to play, directly out of package. I was expecting an unbearably high action as you frequently get as soon as you buy cheap guitars.

But I was pleasantly surprised via how simple this guitar wregarding play.

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As mentioned over the activity isn?t also negative out of package. It?s still greater than I would consider appropriate – specifically towards the higher frets – yet it?s certainly playable if you don?t want to have to change it (or have someone else?adjust?it for you).

Nut Width

The width of the neck at the nut is 43mm (1.69?). This is a nice width in my opinion and also functions well for beginners and even more seasoned guitarists plus it’s an excellent middle ground for any kind of sized hands.

Fretboard (fingerboard)

The fretboard is rosewood so no complaints tright here.

Scale Length

The Maestro dreadnought has a full size 25 ?? range size. This is what I am provided to so this was fine. Those via smaller sized hands or for youngsters they can like rather to go for the Parlor version which has actually a 23 ?? range size.

Who this Guitar is Many Suited to

Dreadnought Version Natural Color

This isn?t going to be the guitar you buy for performing or for recording. It?s obtained an excellent sound for the price you pay for it. But you aren?t going to gain a perdeveloping or recording quality sound out of it.

This guitar would be finest for anyone who is looking to find a playable listenable instrument to play roughly on roughly the residence or roughly the campfire.

It would certainly additionally be suitable for beginners – though I think tright here would be better alternatives. As a beginner the sound is fine and it?s simple enough to play which is excellent however if you proceed with?playing the guitar?you would certainly probably desire to upgrade fairly soon to something of much better quality.

For kids I would certainly the recommend gaining the Parlour variation. The smaller sized scale length and also all at once smaller dimension of the Parlour version would be much easier for kids to play. The dreadnought would be a bit awkward for youngsters.

Finally this guitar is good for anyone in search of an instrument as a perform up or a means to obtain a nice cheap guitar. Rearea the bridge, saddle, bridge pins and also nut and you might have a decent sounding guitar for an extremely low price.


Definitely value-for-money.

This guitar is just around $120 – that?s nothing for a guitar. And if you at least adjust the strings then you obtain a decent sound out of it and also it becomes actually pretty nice to play.

For something that costs this a lot you gain a guitar you have the right to actually play! And I?ve been playing it for 10 months. I wouldn?t record via it and also I wouldn?t perform via it but it?s perfectly fine for sitting around at residence and also playing and also practicing.

Thanks for reading

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I hope this evaluation has assisted you to learn even more about this guitar.

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