M­Audio’s controllers are pretty well-known these days – and for an excellent reason. The brand likes to carry out points best and also deliver commodities which are compatible, reliable and also sensibly priced. Due to the fact that of that, M-Audio’s Oxygen 49 MKIV has end up being well-known as among the a lot of qualified MIDI keyboard controllers on the industry. It’s worth taking a closer look…



In recent years, M­Audio’s Oxygen 49 MKIV has actually prcooktop to be one of the most famous selections for a MIDI keyboard controller. Tright here are many type of factors for this, although it all spans from the architecture. M­Audio has actually done an excellent job in creating a well-organized controller, by arranging all four major regulate clusters in a means that reduces the size of the product, while remaining intuitive to usage.

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It functions a rock-solid chassis that feels exceptionally robust, but doesn’t prove also heavy. The quality of the butlots, switches and also knobs is likewise sensibly excellent for the price. Finally, the Oxygen 49 MKIV looks quite excellent, with a simple yet powerful babsence and also ovariety color plan. It’s not particularly groundbreaking, yet it feels as if some major assumed has gone into the style phase.



When it comes to functions, things are pretty conventional. For the main cluster you are looking at 49 full-sized, velocity-sensitive tricks, paired via eight cause pads which are also velocity sensitive. The aux controls incorporate nine fully-assignable faders and also eight assignable knobs, with both pitch and also mod wheels too.

As for connectivity, the level of integration via countless DAWs is superior to say the leastern. A collection of totally useful transfer buttons attest to this too. It doesn’t take much snooping about to realize that various other brands might offer a bit more in regards to controls. However, you’ll seldom find one that uses this sort of versatility all while transporting borderline flawmuch less performance and also integration.

It also comes via a very great software program suite, including Ableton Live Lite and Elalso Lite. The bottom line is that M­Audio’s Oxygen 49 MKIV offers you all the features you need for a relatively tiny price.

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There are two reasons why the Oxygen 49 MKIV is considered to be among the ideal. The initially is that it is a reputable and also consistent perprevious. Every manage feels exact, exact and also inspires confidence. It is no acoustic piano, however those velocity-sensitive synth-style tricks are by far some of the ideal in this course, while being full size offers you plenty of area to work-related via.

The second reason is compatibility. M­Audio wanted to make certain that the Oxygen 49 MKIV operates as intended through simply around eincredibly major DAW out there. That implies no need for painful syncing of gadgets – just plug it in and you are excellent to go.


M­Audio’s Oxygen 49 MKIV might not be the flashiest controller out tbelow, nor one that has too many kind of bells and also whistles. Yet, it brings somepoint a lot even more valuable to the table: consistency. If you are looking for a reliable piece of kit – via a good build, ease of usage and solid controls – then this is a good choice.

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For more info about the M­Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV, click below.For even more MIDI Keyboard Controller you could choose, click here.

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