M-Audio AV42 recurrent the bigger cousin to their ever before so well-known AV32. Overall, these are among the finest studio monitors you have the right to grab for under $200. With that sassist, M-Audio did reduced a couple of corners where they probably shouldn’t have, but the finish outcome is an extremely conveniently well balanced package.

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Although there is nothing inherently bad around the style of M-Audio AV42 monitors, this agency really likes to stick to their firearms. Cabs are made of decent quality MDF and come through a shiny plastic baffle. So shiny and glossy, that it comes throughout as a little bit cheap. With that said, there is some level of elegance involved below. Namely, the waveguide for the tweeter is not just huge, yet it is aesthetically appealing too.

Seeing how these are powered speakers, M-Audio did that thing where they put a volume knob and also AUX port at the front of the energetic unit, yet the power button at the earlier. That is a little irritating bereason you will certainly most most likely should use both of these controls on a everyday basis, so why put the power switch on the back panel? Maybe we are just also stuck on minor details.



What you obtain inside each cabinet is a 1“ tweeter that sits in that glorious waveoverview, and a 4“ low-frequency driver ideal listed below it. These two are wired to a crossover which kicks in ideal about 2.7kHz. Integrated, both cabinets deliver some 20 Watts of power and also are qualified of getting to max SPL of 101.5dB at 1 meter. So much so good.

The I/O cluster contains your passive speaker output and also a set of balanced RCA inputs that you can usage to hook up a selection of equipment. Overall, the functions package on these is not too extravagant, yet that’s around as much as we can mean for this kind of money. Last but not the least, we acquired reasonably huge rear firing ports that actually help the low-finish obtain some girth.

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The performance of M-Audio AV42 is even more than decent. The level of transparency is up tright here through the remainder of the speakers in its category, yet you get a prolonged reduced end many thanks to that 4“ driver. With that sassist, you will definitely hear a bit of predisposition in the trebles as they come across as fairly sharp. Positioning the speakers is another issue that calls for some planning. Having larger than usual rear ports, you really have to be mindful with how much room you leave in between the wall and the speaker.

Finding the sweet spot for the chauffeurs will likewise take some time and also fine tuning. M-Audio did a great job with their waveoverview architecture, yet, it makes the trebles harder to spot as soon as you are looking for optimal placing. Overall, for being just slightly even more expensive than cheapest monitors out tright here, M-Audio AV42 do a solid project.

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In spite of its faults, M-Audio AV42 is an extremely solid perprevious that will certainly acquire the project done. The compensation for its quirky nature is a super low price. Seriously though, these monitors are scraping the extremely bottom of the $200 selection, which is pretty impressive once you really think around it.

For more details about the M-Audio AV42, click below.For more studio monitors under $200 you might choose, click right here.

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