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Is this a good brand? Do they make solid guitars? A few of their models look pretty cool, especially those acoustics with the desert scenes on them. I"ve never before also watched any kind of in a save I"ve just ever seen their ukes. Does anyone have actually any type of suffer via Luna?

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They are owned by Dean guitars. They are an economy brand. Apparently they have some OK beginner level guitars. Mostly decorated stuff.
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Before I start let me share a story. Perhaps two. I have been playing guitar for almost 50 years. Have been married for simply over 40. Due to the fact that I am a minister my wife and also I have actually been singing together for those 40 years. Throughout many of that time my wife never before had any interemainder in going into a guitar keep. About six years ago we walk right into a guitar store and also she walks roughly and then mirrors me a Luna guitar. It is a Luna Oasis Henna through cedar optimal with art job-related on the optimal and also the ago. She looks at me and also says, "am I to old to learn t play guitar?" (Then mid 50"s years old) I said, "No - Why?" She says, "that guitar is so pretty I am going to learn to play so I deserve to buy it." I erroneously sassist to her, "People don"t commonly buy a guitar for exactly how it looks but for just how it sounds." Moving alengthy . . . she learned to play and bought the guitar. Sounds and also plays good. Story 2 - Our boy has a level in music, an accomplished musician on a number of tools and a worship leader in a church outside of Boston. His guitar had actually electrical problems and also he borrowed wife"s Luna Oasis Henna and also provided it for a number of months. The guitar"s sound shined in his hands. When his individual guitar was finally repaired we went to visit and pick up my wife"s guitar. While tright here we obtained to play in their business. A funny aside is he had actually been playing the guitar for months and also no one ever noticed or shelp anypoint however as soon as we were there and got to play through their worship team in the time of the service a variety of people went as much as my wife and sassist, "What a beautiful guitar." So, if a guitar looks great, and sounds good and also plays comfortably - and also gets someone to desire to learn to play . . . isn"t that what it"s all about? Now, that being shelp - are Luna"s Martin"s or Taylor"s - no. But you have to compare apples to apples. So that implies you have to compare equivalent guitars. So that suggests you need to look at Mexideserve to made Martins and Taylors to be in the same league. That means you have to compare entry Martins and also Taylors (and also without beginning a war - Mexideserve to made Martin"s and Taylor"s in my mind are genuine Martin"s or Taylor"s) to choose Luna"s. That means you would be looking at Luna"s all wood guitars - Art Deco, Art Recording or Signature models. Similar prices and fair comparisons - and they even more than hold their own. Luna Safari"s even more than hold their very own versus Little Martin"s and also Baby Taylor"s and about 1/2 the price. Between wife and I we own all three so I have the right to stop from endure however this is our opinion. So, are Luna guitars o.k? Yes - and also if they acquire world interested in music and playing - isn"t that what it"s all about? Tim

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