Unchoose some of the more iconic high-finish guitar brands, The Loar tfinish to autumn a tiny under the radar. However, they are well worth paying attention to, as this Chinese manufacturer focus on paying homage to and also reviving instruments from the Golden Period of guitar (the 1920s and 1930s), which The Loar declare was ‘an era of exceptional craftsmanship and also innovative design’.

And we’re inclined to agree – specifically once you watch somepoint prefer the beautiful LH-700 Archoptimal, which comes in at simply under $1500. It’s not cheap, however it’s not your everyday guitar. Time to discover out what provides it so different, and also whether it’s worth the cash.

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Body And Neck

As the name reveals, the LH-700 is an archoptimal guitar via a range size of 24.75”, and functions a solid optimal that’s hand-sculpted and also hand-graduated from AAA-grade spruce. This optimal has no round sound hole – rather sporting 2 hand-sculpted F holes on either side of the bridge. Sticking through the high-high quality hardwood design template, the back and sides of this guitar are made from solid AAA-grade flamed maple, through the entire body finimelted in a dark tobacco staining and hand-buffed nitrocellulose lacquer, which definitely helps accomplish the vintage look and also sound The Loar are going for.

There’s a highly-glossed single-item figured maple neck with a vintage V profile, along with a bound ebony fretboard, 19 frets, and mother-of-pearl dot inlays. The craftsmanship is overall decent – it’s not fairly similar to the high quality of a Taylor, Martin or even Takamine in this price range, and you may discover a few little flegislations here and also tbelow, but mostly the guitar feels well-made.



This is a exclusively acoustic design, so there are no electronics to discuss. However the hardware is both high quality and also correct for the style. The elaborately decorated headstock functions 6 gold Grover Sta-Tite open-geared tuners, with a smooth 18:1 equipment proportion and also butterbean style tuning keys. There’s a compensated adjustable ebony bridge, via a floating, trapeze-style tailitem, and a conventional bone nut. Finally, the guitar is shipped via a rugged hardshell archheight situation via a plush internal, which is a welcome extra.

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This archtop can really make itself heard – in truth, possibly a little also much! The solid woods are all terrific high quality, and resonate extremely well, resulting in a guitar that will certainly cut with any kind of mix through a sparkly voice – perfect for playing through groups and also vocalists. The spruce leads to a mellow and well balanced sound, but with plenty of brightness as soon as necessary, while the maple ago and sides assist job the tone clearly. A sweet sounding guitar, that’s difficult to fault.

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The LH-700 certainly won’t appeal to everybody, and The Loar have some catching approximately carry out as soon as it pertains to top quality regulate, however the timemuch less look and also huge vintage sound combine to make this a very amazing guitar indeed. For jazz players through a penchant for 30s jazz in certain, this might well be your perfect guitar. The price is pretty high, but we feel that in its entirety the LH-700 justifies it.

For even more info about the The Loar LH-700 Archheight, click here.For even more acoustic guitar under $1500 you can prefer, click here.

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