Something of an "around time" ukulele evaluation this one. The Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele has actually been about for a couple of years currently, and also although I have played many kind of of them, I simply haven"t seemed to have one lengthy enough to write a thorough review up.  It must likewise be shelp, this musical instrument was more than likely the one that was the majority of requested as a review on Got A Ukulele. Now is that time, and I suspect this one will divide opinions.

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The Epiphone Les Paul ukulele, as the name argues, is an instrument designed to look favor the iconic Gibboy Les Paul form guitar. I feel I have to obtain one thing out of the way before obtaining into the meat of this testimonial. I don"t like the concept of making ukuleles look favor well known guitars. They are not guitars. They are ukuleles. Why not come up with novel deindications that are original? I get that this is going to be highly subjective, yet it"s just me. I mean, as ukulele players we all have to resolve the claptrap that is "oh it"s simply a small toy guitar", so why play a uke that looks, well, favor a little toy guitar? I think the style of it, whilst plainly "Les Paul" in architecture looks a little bit silly. It"s not Les Paul guitar - Les Pauls are big heavy things. To me this is simply a novelty. Glad to gain that off my chest. So, we have actually a Les Paul form and also this one is in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. They are also easily accessible in "Vintage Sunburst" which loses the red colour and relocations it via brown. They come in at about £90 in the UK and also are in concert scale. But when we acquire in to the detail there are one or two points that just jar with me. First of all, let"s look at that top. Shiny, sparkly and via a stripy flame that is, I admit, quite eye catching. Epiphone bill it as "grade AAA flame maple" yet it is also laminate. Hang on...  As my readers will know, I am not one of those who sneers at laminate and to be fair to Epiphone, they do make it clear that it is laminate, however to call it grade AAA? I don"t buy that. That kind of terminology should, in my opinion, be scheduled for solid woods of the greatest calibre. The fancy flamed external of this instrument is simply a really thin veneer stuck on to a item of plyhardwood. Grade AAA? And that laminate is thick thick thick. Sorry, just because the outer (which for all intents and also objectives might be a photograph sticker) looks like flamed maple, that doesn"t make this grade AAA tone timber in my book. What we have is a thick laminate optimal, yet albeit one that looks pretty.
The height is attached to what Epiphone call a "solid mahogany body". Ah, that "solid" word, but aget, a misnomer below. The body is indeed made from mahogany, with a deep red colour, yet it"s made from miscellaneous pieces of mahogany kind of. Blocks of mahogany in reality as this body is not built in a conventional ukulele way. Like the optimal, I am not saying there is anypoint wrong with that, yet I think the "solid" word misleads. It"s all marketing sheight and also I do not much treatment for it. Tright here is nopoint incorrect in the words Epiphone usage but for "grade AAA" and also "solid" check out "grade AAA veneer on plywood" and also "solid chunks of mahogany type of glued together into a guitar shape". So the body creates kind of a swimming pool kind chamber on to which the laminate optimal is laid. And looking inside the sound hole the chamber actually isn"t that huge. The sides of this are not thin at all. Reaching in with my finger I would estimate they are around 1cm thick. The optimal and body are all finiburned in gloss and also nicely done as well via no flaws that I could uncover. The joint in between the top and also body is bound through a cream edge binding. Elsewbelow on the height we have a rosehardwood looking slotted bridge through a plastic saddle, and also a cream plastic "pick guard". I really don"t prefer the pick guard. I understand it"s there to mimic the guitar, yet Les Paul pick guards don"t look favor that and also I think this one would certainly look better without it.
Oh, and then we have a sound hole - not somepoint you view on Les Paul guitars however even more on that later! On the base of the body we have actually a strap button and a jack socket mounting in an offset position and also faced in chrome. That"s ideal - this instrument has a pickup, and also a passive one at that, meaning no require for batteries.
At the height of the body we have actually another strap switch on the height left shoulder and the height right shoulder has a cutameans to complete the Les Paul look. I should say the entirety of the body is finimelted to a high traditional. Up to the neck, this is made of mahogany type of and also finimelted in a deep red gloss. The neck appears to be in two pieces, jointed around halfway alengthy and also has actually rather a chunky D shaped profile that I favor. What I disfavor though is that it"s on the narrowhead side. The neck is joined to the body with four chrome bolts. The fingerboard sits on the neck and is made of rosewood which is nice and even in colour. We have actually 19 nickel silver frets through 14 to the body and all are finimelted nicely through no rough edges. We have actually inlassist pearloid worry markers at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, ninth, 12th, 15th, 17th and also 1ninth spaces and also these are repeated on the side. I found that an odd choice for marker positions myself, and also certainly do not view a require for one at the third. They are likewise dots, and also think this would have actually looked much nicer if they were trapezoid markers favor on higher finish Gibkid guitars, but we can"t have whatever...
Past the plastic nut we have actually a typical Epiphone Les Paul shaped headstock (in a symmetrical scroll shape) faced in black gloss. The Epiphone logo and also common Les Paul signature are applied in gold carry and look "OK" yet nopoint special.
The tuners are open up gears in chrome with vintage shaped buttons. They are nice enough however would certainly have desired somepoint even more akin to the Klukid Tulip shaped tuners on vintage Gibsons to really set this off.  On the back of the headstock are more stickers that you deserve to shake a stick at  (serial number, QC inspect and also the label stating proudly that it is Made In Indonesia). Completing the deal are some babsence uncalled glossy strings (GHS?) and a reasonable zippered gig bag with the Epiphone logo design and also front pocket.

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So all in all, a nicely finiburned ukulele yet one that I don"t think is fairly what you think it is. If you are a fan of the Les Paul guitar and absolutely should have actually a miniature version, then you probably currently very own one and nothing I compose will certainly matter. And, hey, it"s £90. But that low price does make these extremely attractive to new players and also I watch this instrument called as a reference from many type of players to beginners. On that basis, I must delve a little deeper! Setup and action at both the bridge and also nut are good. It"s a very playable instrument. The neck is as well narrowhead for my tastes, yet will be perfectly acceptable to many kind of. It"s not overly hefty (unlike the guitar equivalent!) and nicely well balanced in the hands. It"s a nice thing to hold.
Let"s try it unplugged first of all. And that is the initially major disappointment. If they collection out to make this sound choose the proverbial toy guitar, then they thrived. This has actually an incredibly thin tone, via incredibly low volume and also little sustain. In reality, specifically the sort of "plinky" cheap sound that some people intend the ukulele to have. I really do not have actually much excellent to say about it in this department. I put it down to the overly thick top and fairly tiny sound chamber inside the body - there just isn"t enough instrument to resonate. Some people may say "however it"s great for quiet practice". Perhaps, but why not ditch the sound hole altogether and make this a solid body? You could still have actually quiet exercise or use a headphone amp plus the instrument would look even more like a Les Paul, which as I say, do not have actually sound holes!  You would certainly never before be heard playing this at a jam session or club alongside various other even more conventional acoustic tools, and also what you can hear is very one dimensional. What staggers me is that I on a regular basis see "reviews" of these wright here civilization claim the acoustic tone is pretty good. No it really isn"t. For me, they must have made this as a solid body and also then I would certainly have had no grounds to complain. For those who may say, "but it"s not designed to be an acoustic" I would certainly reply through 2 points. "Then why put a sound hole in it?" And, "It better sound great plugged in then!". So, I could forgive it on the acoustic front if it then shines via an amplifier. Yet, I am afrhelp to say, it does not. Aget, I check out many kind of civilization testimonial these claiming that they have actually an excellent tone. I have the right to only assume those civilization have actually not played anypoint much better. And I am not talking high cost below, just better pickups primarily.  The tone for me is muddy, slightly noisy and worst of all, unalso across the strings.  It"s just a louder variation of the acoustic tone and also therefore totally lacking in sustain or character. And below is the thing. Over the years I have actually played a few of these and also they all endured in the exact same means. I have actually additionally had actually my hands on one and also tried to change the pickup and that really showed me wbelow the trouble lay. The pickup Epiphone use in these is cheap cheap cheap. Basically the cheapest I have actually viewed - a simple Piezo braid that is thick, does not sit well under the saddle (thus the unalso sound issue) and also and also simply sounds simple nasty. Sure, via a 2.5W battery amp you may have actually some giggles, but I couldn"t ever imagine percreating through this though anything else and being pleased through the sound. Don"t acquire me wrong, it renders a noise. It just doesn"t make an especially pleasing one. The tone of somepoint prefer the Risa Uke Solid leaves this in the dust, and also in truth those instruments are not hugely more expensive. I"ve tried it via a selection of pre-amps, EQ"s and right into a pair of exceptionally nice acoustic amplifiers and also whilst I deserve to improve the tone with some tweaking it is still fairly noisy, inmeaningful and uneven with a absence of any sustain. Perhaps you can adjust the pickup, but really, why would you?  And in reality, who is going to buy a £90 ukulele and then component through more money for a £200 EQ pre-amp and a £300 amplifier simply to enhance the tone? They missed an chance right here and also I just think it could have been so a lot even more. For me it is a classic situation of Epiphone jumping on the ukulele bandwagon. I choose the Epiphone brand and also simply think they might have actually done better right here (or can have introduced an excellent acoustic ukulele of their own). It appears to trade just on the looks. "All mouth and also no trousers" as the saying goes. Format over substance. I can virtually forprovide it the lack of acoustic tone if it then did the one point it needed to perform, well. Yet it does not. Which leaves me through something of a novelty and nopoint else. STOP PRESS! This tuned out to be one of the the majority of divisive reviews I have created. I had a variety of people accusage me of simply having an "issue" via Epiphone as a brand. I think about that stselection as soon as the 2 tools below are both mine, both Epiphones and also both sublime. I love Epiphone. No - the Les Paul Ukulele is just an extremely disappointing instrument..
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Looks (if you prefer miniature guitars!) General build and also complete Price


Zero acoustic tone Thick upper Terrible plugged in tone Questionable product marketing speak


Looks - 8 Fit and Finish - 8 Sound - five Value For Money - 7


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