The outstanding and affordable Kona K2TBL Acoustic Electric is component of the new K2 series that still has the newborn smell to it. We are one of the initially to brave the at an early stage stages of putting in our two cents on the git.

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With simply one look at the Kona, you’ll instantly notification it’s shiny and also translucent end up. Is it blue or is it green? It’s a transparent blue with a high gloss finish that perfectly matches the mahogany kind of back. It’s an eye-catcher for sure.

Next off up is the form and style. While it features the full-dimension dreadnought cutaway, it additionally has the sleek and also low-profile style of an electric. Kona executed the hybrid guitar perfectly.

While the Kona K1 was 4-5 inches deep, this K2 guitar is just 3 inches deep, making it even more comfortable to organize and wield.

Kona really kicked up the top quality and doubled the price of the K2 series by adding some really nice attributes. It has an EQ-505 3-Band Active Piezo Pick-up System, two gold strap pins, and enclosed gold die-actors tuners. Talk about bling!

Furthermore, this top quality acoustic electrical guitar is rigged for durcapability. It has a 4-ply body binding and single-ply binding on the headstock and neck.

As far as sound goes, you’re obtaining the conventional acoustic tones via the feel of an electrical. It’s a crossover instrument that will certainly tend to all your music requirements once you’re just beginning out.

With its deluxe features, even an intermediate and pro git player will certainly obtain some great strummin’ for the pure love of it.

ProsPrice4-ply body bindingPiezo Pick-upGold die-actors tunersD’Addario stringsConsQuality control issues

Kona K2TBL Reviews

Just like all points priced so low, tright here will be some complaints around defects. Some buyers reported bowed necks, scratches on the paint, and stormy frets. However before, the complaints are still much outweighed by the raving reviews.

What buyers and also players love around the new Kona Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Guitar is that it’s nearly close to perfect. The added features of the Kona make it feasible for more proficient guitar players to make some adjustments to make the many of the affordable and beautiful guitar.

The low profile and thinness of the guitar renders it very easy for all players to organize. The two strap pins are a fantastic feature to make certain of shoulder straps a breeze.

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As a starter or knock-around guitar, it’s has eextremely potential to be maximized to the limit!

Alternative Acoustic Electric Guitars to Consider

If you’re looking for a package that comes with eexceptionally accessory you’ll should gain began, the Glen Burton Acoustic Electric Guitar will tease your taste buds. The black complete is chic and also vintage, and the guitar is outfitted with an energetic 4 band 7545 EQ.

It’s new, a ideal seller, and it’s bacount a fingernail length even more than the Kona. The extras it comes through are pretty decent too. The tuner that’s included runs in the $20-30 range. Not too shabby!

But, if you’re looking for something under 100 bucks, then the Jamechild Blue Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar is a steal! We already discovered it worthy of a complete testimonial, which you deserve to uncover ideal below. It’s has great worth, great sound, and a really pretty, glossy finish.

Both these alternative guitars are under 200 bucks and are certainly worth considering. They run in the same budobtain ranges, and they sell fantastic worth for the performance, attributes, and additional accessories. If you desire to stretch the budacquire a tiny additionally, your options open up up rather a lot.

Kona K2TBL Guitar FAQ

How a lot does the Kona K2 Acoustic Electric Guitar Weigh?

It just weighs 4.6 pounds. It’s relatively light for an acoustic guitar, but its dimension additionally renders it very comfortable to play and wield your stuff!

Are Kona Guitars made in the United States?

This guitar is outsourced in China for manufacturing. However, all specs and also quality manage is regulated by the Texan firm.

Does the K2TBL Acoustic Electric Guitar have actually High Action?

It does come via high action, however, this can be changed for lower action for beginners.

What are the Extra Accessories that the K2 comes with?

The Kona guitar comes with two pick guards, polishing towel, neck wrench, and a warranty guide.

How Long is the Warranty on the K2TBL Kona Guitar?

You have the right to purchase a 2-year or 3-year warranty for minimal price. It’s absolutely worth it if you have a extended accident or need a replacement at some allude in that time framework. For the expense of the warranty, it’s one meal at McDonald’s – it’s a no-brainer.

What Color is the K2 Guitar?

It looks green in the pictures, however we’re informing you it’s even more of a really dark blue in genuine life. Don’t be fooled by the pics.

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Is this K2 Guitar Compatible through Rocksmith?

The built-in pickup permits for compatibility with Rocksmith. However, as a pointer, you have to revolve up and max the volumes and EQ for the software application to hear it. You can also buy a guitar headphone amp for much better sound high quality.

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