KLOS isn’t a name that everyone will be acquainted via just yet, but they are altering how we think around the acoustic guitar. KLOS use carbon fiber quite than wood for the body of their guitars. This method is certainly various, however does the KLOS guitar stack up versus the ideal acoustic guitars under $1,000? Check out our KLOS guitar testimonial.

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Body and also Neck

The KLOS full-dimension acoustic guitar is a combination of a carbon fiber body and also a wood neck. The dreadnought style body is built from a carbon fiber composite that is 50X stronger than lumber. KLOS makes it clear that their carbon fiber is never before post-processed; small marks or fiber distortion found on the body are a authorize of authenticity.

The neck is mahogany kind of, however it has two carbon fiber stiffening rods built-in for included strength. These stiffening rods also lessen the impact of humidity and also temperature alters on the neck. There are 18 frets on the Brazilian cherry fingerboard with a 24 3/4″ range size. Anvarious other function of this guitar is that the neck is detachable, making it more convenient for take a trip.


As far as hardware goes, whatever seems exceptionally durable. The minimalist headstock is fitted through chrome steel machine heads that organize tuning incredibly well. A straightforward blacktimber bridge likewise helps stay in tune and also adds to the unique sound.

We are looking at the KLOS acoustic guitar package, and that comes through some helpful include ons. It comes through a custom gig bag, and a custom-fitted gig bag rain cover. There is likewise a neck sleeve for once the neck is detached. One of the nicest include ons is the premium-quality cotton and leather guitar strap; it’s befitting of a high-end guitar. The accessories are rounded up via a KLOS branded screwdriver, a hex wrench (for adjusting the truss rod), and a branded aluminum capo.


The sound of this guitar is probably going to divide opinion. KLOS doesn’t case that the carbon fiber body sounds better than a wood body; it’s simply different, and also that’s true. The plus points are that it’s naturally resonant, and delivers a heat, mellow tone.

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It’s nearly somewright here between a sweet acoustic sound and also a smooth electric guitar tone. As this guitar is aimed mostly at traveling musicians, it’s worth discussing the volume it can generate. This unassuming, mellow guitar have the right to gain surprisingly loud as soon as it requirements to.


As a package, this one has whatever you need, and it’s all pretty high-top quality. So, in that regard, there is no complaint. As much as the idea of a carbon fiber body goes, we think it’s going to be a hit or miss. We think it sounds excellent, although it’s a distinctive sound, and it can well be a love it or hate it case.

The carbon fiber body and mahogany kind of neck seem to be a great complement, offering an excellent tone, and also comfortable playing suffer. It’s great for traveling via the detachable neck, and also the volume it generates is best for impromptu performances. It looks pretty cool too; purists may take worry with it, but we get the impression it’s going to be about for a while yet.

For even more info about the KLOS carbon fiber full-dimension acoustic guitar package, click right here.

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