Jasmine is a long-time, affordable guitar brand that many kind of still associate with the high-class Takamine brand also. While Tak no much longer has actually civil liberties over Jasmine guitars, there’s no have to assume that high quality diminiburned as soon as the moving of brand civil liberties was made.

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But, via such a low price, how have the right to you identify if this is true? Read on to find out!

The Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar is an entry-level and beginner design, so you’d mean a low-price tag. However, it has actually a Grand also Orchestra body style – think jumbo.

To discover a jumbo guitar with a Venetian-style cutaway under $100 that’s worth buying is choose finding a needle in a haystack.

To afford such a grand body style, cuts had actually to be made. The guitar has actually a satin complete on a laminate spruce peak, sapele back and sides, and also a rosewood fretboard on a nato neck finimelted via gloss. The materials for price cuts proceed with the synthetic bone nut and also saddle and chrome hardware.

Despite its affordable characteristics, the Jasmine is well put together. How? The grain shade of the sapele laminate is also throughout the guitar. The satin finish has been applied evenly. The Jasmine Cutting edge X Bracing is perfectly executed.

Nut and also saddle are seated and also slotted properly. Frets are level. Tuners are sealed. Two strap butloads are pre-set up. The cutaway likewise provides for getting to the whole full variety of tones a lot less complicated on a grand also orchestra git. We deserve to go on and on.

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But, being a laminate guitar, what can you expect for sound? The large body style and the satin finish allows booming and resonant sound projection from a laminate instrument. Low-finish tones are going to boom via while the pre-strung light gauge phosphor bronze strings will certainly provide an all at once brighter sound.

Not only is the Jasmine a great guitar for the money, it’s a great guitar in and also of itself! It also featured in our list of 5 height guitars for tiny hands.

ProsPriceModern “X” bracingGrand orchestra body styleSatin finish2 pre-installed strap buttonsConsQuality regulate issues

Jasmine S34C Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Quality manage issues are always a traditional drawearlier when purchasing any mass developed, factory-made product. In the instance of the Jasmine, legitimate complaints would be cracks near the nut, optimal bracing, and truss rod anchor. These are actual defects that may require a refund or warranty repair coverage.

However before, these cracks aren’t a trend for the Jasmine S34C line, and also buyers are honestly happy with their buy. They don’t mean performance or construct top quality to that of a Martin or real Takamine, but as a fun-playing and entry-level guitar, it’s gained a pair years or more to market to be the life of the party.

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Set-ups are constantly recommended once buying a guitar digital to personalize your instrument for your preferences. The bridge might need a small sanding, the activity might have to be lowered, and also you’ll most likely want to string up a brand-new collection of strings.

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