Acoustic guitars come in all kinds of different shapes and also sizes. Some are exceptionally bulky and large, while others are rather petite.

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The size and shape of an acoustic guitar have dramatic impacts on exactly how the guitar will certainly sound. Bigger bodies commonly suppose more volume and also higher resonance. Smaller bodies sell tighter tones and greater overall fidelity yet carry out so by giving up some forecast and sustain.

Thinline acoustic guitars are more comfortable than standard-sized acoustics because they are not as thick. This renders them more akin to solid-body electric guitars in the means they rest versus your body and feel in your hands.

And, RW Jamechild Guitars has constructed an excellent acoustic-electric Thinline body guitar. Dedicated to performance, high quality, and also value, the firm is a household run service making guitars for all kinds of players, and also every sort of style. 

Based in Nashville, Tennessee RW Jamekid Guitars are 100% American-made, and also they have actually made it their mission to provide high quality guitars at prices anyone have the right to afford. They are not a huge firm, and this is component of their secret. By maintaining points within a tight-knit group, Jamekid have the right to focus on making great-sounding instruments.

One of their the majority of popular creations is a full-dimension Thineline acoustic-electric guitar.

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One of the factors why Jamechild deserve to offer a Thinline acoustic guitar at an extremely low price is because of their choice of timber provided to make the body. Taking some cues from Yamaha and also Epiphone, the company opted to build this Thinline guitar’s body making use of Nato lumber.

Nato lumber has actually recently come to be a well-known option for the body of acoustic guitars bereason it is numerous and also inexpensive. It is very comparable to mahogany in regards to tone and also color. And, is warmth and rounded with excellent sustain and a rustic woody-ness in the resonance.

Let’s obtain some spruce on top…

The optimal is made from spruce. Spruce is an extremely widespread choice for acoustic guitar tops. The reason for this is because of the properties of spruce.


Spruce is a tone enhancer and offers strong fundamentals. Guitar tops made from Spruce assist add even more definition to the tone from the timber offered to make the body, i.e., the Nato. The tones are focused and vibrant as soon as a spruce height is offered.

The sound is lively…

As stated, this guitar is a Thinline body which is 3-inches in thickness. By making the body thinner than standard acoustic guitars, the tone is brighter and more nuanced. The string response is crisp, the sound is lively, and there is still some great sustain.

The one major difference between Thinline bodies and full-size bodies is natural volume. The larger body acoustic guitars are understandably going to have even more organic volume than a Thinline body.

What you offer up in volume, you consist of for via comfort and playcapability. Thinline acoustic guitars are easier to handle than full-size ones. This renders them a great fit for beginners and also younger players.

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It’s a looker…

This guitar functions a solitary cutameans design that permits you excellent accessibility to the better frets. And, creamy white binding on the body adds to the stunning Blue Sunburst High-Gloss complete.

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While on the topic of the stunning Blue color, if blue just isn’t your thing, not to issue. Tright here are many shade alternatives from a more standard organic or babsence, to a lot more colorful and contemporary colors such as red, green, or even pink!


The Neck

The Jamechild Thinline acoustic-electrical guitar has a neck made from solid maple. Maple necks are research and also solid. The tone is extremely bbest and also uses excellent sustain and also bite.

The neck is full-range length, which is the same as on the majority of solid-body electric guitars. This implies you have actually an acoustic guitar that have the right to hit the very same high notes as an electrical guitar. This equates into a better selection of harmonic potential.

The neck has actually also been contoured, making it feel extremely comfortable in your hand also. The fretboard is made from rosewood. This helps to round out the maple neck’s brightness. With the very same creamy white binding and blue gloss complete as the body, Jameson’s neck is smooth and also quick.



The bridge is made from rosehardwood, which provides great stress and anxiety and also string stability.

And, it functions die-cast closed tuners, so you don’t need to concern around them obtaining dirty. They will certainly additionally remain in tune longer and have actually higher accuracy in the intonation.

The Pickup

The integrated pickup is Jameson’s very own design and has graphic sliders for volume and also tone control. This little bit pickup provides many response. With the tone collection flat, you will certainly gain ringing highs and also mids plus full-bopassed away bass. Great balance and also high-fidelity, the Jamekid pickup is powerful and dynamic.

Both the volume and also tone controls deserve to be pushed by 15dB. This implies you can make this guitar stand also out in a mix or just as easily mellow the tone into a heat, jazzy feel.

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Made via care in the Jamechild Nashville factory, the PS-900 built-in pickup is just as effective and also responsive as any of the leading makers of acoustic guitar pickups.

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Final Thoughts On The Jamechild Guitars Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar

RW Jamechild has quietly been building high-high quality, American-made guitars and stringed instruments that rival the huge names at very friendly prices. The Jameson Thinline Acoustic-Electric guitar is a fabulous-sounding guitar, that you will be shocked to watch expenses so little, especially for a guitar made in the US.

The high quality behind this guitar is of the greatest caliber. Being based in Nashville, Tenneswatch wbelow guitars and also musical traditions are front and also center, tright here is no means Jamekid can put out inferior assets and also acquire away with it.

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This guitar has good high-end frequencies and pretty darn great mid-array punch even without being plugged in.

As a Thinline body, this guitar is easily portable, making it a superb traveler guitar. Also good for usage as a exercise guitar or as a beginner guitar. Value and performance make the Jamekid Thinline Acoustic-Electric guitar a terrific option for those who are looking for a guitar that is comfortable and colorful.

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