Maybe you haven’t heard of Hohner as of yet, which I wouldn’t blame you for, it’s not straightforward to get recognition amidst a competitive industry dominated by large names. Hohner are a musical instrument manufacturer originally founded in Europe, and they have actually a heritage of high quality lasting over a century. The HC06 is their take on a beginner’s acoustic guitar, or “classical” to be even more particular.This instrument instantly allows off a sweet classical vibe, whether you’re simply studying it or playing through its nylon strings. It is built of hi-top quality woods mixture and it’s really acquired all the attributes of “Hohner A+” benefit (an welcomed typical for every one of Hohner’s student instruments, boosting a variety of details exhibited by the git’s performance) as the manufacturers claim themselves.

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Body & Neck

The instrument’s body is consisted of of a spruce top and catalpa sides and also ago with a natural high gloss finish. The dimension and shape enable for playing comfort and also ease of access to its neck and also top frets.

The neck is made of mahogany kind of on a scale of 25 ½ inches. The hardtimber rosetimber fingerboard attached to the neck hosts 18.5 frets (weird, I know, yet not necessarily bad), the body and neck are conjoined at the 12th worry.


The hardware truly highlights the manufacturers’ attention to detail in their student tools, ensuring high quality and also a positive discovering endure unrivaled on the beginner industry. The magnificent string stability and intocountry is lugged to you by the git’s featured 3-in-1 form chrome plated tuning devices laying on its headstock and the roselumber bridge mechanism.

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The guitar’s building and construction sporting activities a wonderful string action at an optimal level, minimizing stress buzz while boosting playcapacity, sassist playability is furthereven more boosted up by its light gauge nylon strings, which allow simple and also intuitive fingerpicking.

The tuners are of wonderful top quality and also the bridge ensures a solid string vibration carry leading to magnificent sustain and lush tones. While we are at the tones, there’s nothing this gitbox can’t do that other classical instruments can. The HC06 upholds the values of appropriate acoustic heat and also mellow tones, serving as an epitome of high quality in its price array.


This great work-related of art by Hohner is a must-have for anyone founding out and also discovering to play, it is especially developed for students and also it aids significantly in the innovation process. If you desire a guitar that your teacher himself would recommfinish, then look no additionally.

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