SG style Guitar Kit via 7 strings, Mahogany kind of Body

Guitar Kit World Originals

Build your own mahogany kind of body SG style DIY guitar Kit via 7 strings. Specifications Hand Orientation: Righty Body type: Solid Neck Shape: C-shap...

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Basswood body JE Guitar Kit with a Monessential Grip

Guitar Kit World Originals

6 string JE guitar kit via a solid basslumber body, skunk striped maple neck, and also a beautiful rosewood fretboard. Specifications Hand also Orientation: ...

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JM Guitar Kit through Mahogany Body, Maple Neck

Guitar Kit World Originals

Build your JM-style guitar making use of this DIY kit via a solid mahogany kind of body and also maple neck with white dot inlays. Specifications Hand also Orientation: Ri...

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Semi-Hollow Ash TE Guitar Kit with Zebratimber Body Top

Guitar Kit World Originals

Semi-Hollow Telecaster® style Guitar Kit with Ash Body, Engineered Zebrawood body peak, and Maple neck. Shop now to build your very own DIY guitar! Speci...

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Guitar Kit World is for anyone interested in making their very own electrical guitar but isn’t an skilled and doesn’t have years of woodfunctioning abilities to attract on. Our blog dedicated to bringing the highest top quality resources from the world of guitar kit structure.

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One of the troubles connected through buying an unfinimelted hardwood product, such as a DIY guitar kit is the distinction in humidity levels in between the country of origin and the area it is delivered to. In excessive situations, troubles such...

It deserve to be a actual resource of frustration to discover a dent or chip on your guitar kit’s body or neck. And, while it may seem difficult to resolve all is certainly not lost. In the complying with short article, we’re going...

There’s an endless list of selections accessible when it concerns guitar finishing. Options include oiling, staining, finishing in a graduated combicountry of colors e.g. sunburst to a standard solid color complete. To make matters even more facility, within these...

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Step-by-action instructions on exactly how to develop your very own Telecaster® style guitar making use of our DIY TE guitar kits. Get began by reading the complying with tutorial also if you"re a first-time builder.

Step-by-action instructions on how to build your very own Les Paul® Semi-Hollow style guitar making use of our DIY LPH guitar kits. Get started by analysis the following tutorial even if you"re a first-time builder.

Step-by-action instructions on just how to construct your own SG® style guitar making use of our DIY SG Guitar Kit. Get started by analysis the complying with tutorial also if you"re a first-time builder.

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