Are hefty strings best for you? Maybe. Maybe not. Tbelow are constantly tradeoffs through lighter or heavier guitar string gauges, and also no gauge is ideal for eincredibly instrument or eincredibly player. But below are simply a couple of of the things we favor best around hefty guitar strings…

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Here at, we attempt to be pretty gauge agnostic when it involves guitar strings. We favor eights, we choose nines, we prefer thirteens, we also like seventeenagers. At the finish of the day, all we really care around is that you are playing a set of strings that functions perfectly for how you play the guitar.

That sassist, in the past we’ve talked around the benefits of making use of super light guitar strings, and it appeared prefer it was more than likely about time to provide hefty gauge strings the same treatment. So this day we’re talking around the height 6 benefits of heavy gauge guitar strings—in our book anyway.

1. Tuning Stability

So first up and also most likely the a lot of talked around is better tuning stcapability.

It’s not also odd of a idea really. When you tune a guitar, you most likely desire it to continue to be in tune. Nobody likes spfinishing time tuning their strings instead of playing their strings. Playing is why you most likely have a guitar. So the less time you have to spfinish fiddling with knobs and things, the much better.

So mainly speaking, if all other factors are the same in regards to exactly how the strings are made, how they were stored, exactly how long they’ve been on your guitar, exactly how greatly they’ve been played—all that kind of stuff—heavier gauge strings are going to hold their tune a little bit better than lighter gauge strings.

2. More Output

The following best thing around heavy gauge guitar strings is that in general, they offer you even more output.

Aobtain, all other things being equal—you’re utilizing the same wrap alloy, very same brand also, all that type of stuff—a heavier gauge collection of guitar strings is going to have a tiny little more output than a lighter gauge collection of guitar strings. And that doesn’t really favor being louder?

Why is this? Well, the magnetic field of your pickups is going to be displaced and also involved even more by greater mass guitar strings, and that’s going to cause even more output as soon as you plug your guitar right into an amplifier. Even on acoustic guitars, as soon as you play heavier gauge strings, you’re going to drive the height more, which is going to cause even more volume output in the room when you’re playing. So pretty a lot regardless of whether you’re looking at an electrical or an acoustic guitar, you’re going to obtain more output out of your guitar via heavier gauge strings.

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3. More Tension

The next best point about heavy gauge guitar strings is that they give you even more tension.

Now many guitar players check out stress as something that is to be avoided. And if you’re trying to execute two-step bends and also not break every one of your knuckles, it is. But there are benefits of high stress and anxiety too, such as having better pitch stability. When you stress a string with really thin guitar strings, you have the right to end up kind of pulling the string sharp, whereas once you have heavier gauge guitar strings, that stress and anxiety creates resistance in the string that stops you from fretting it down also hard and also pulling it sharp.

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This included stress especially comes into play for slide players. A lot of slide players that job-related via us, such as Reverend Peyton or Ariel Posen or Joey Landreth use really, really hefty guitar strings, because when you are playing through a glass or metal or ceramic slide, even through greater activity, if you have low stress on your strings, it becomes really simple to press those strings dvery own through the weight of the slide, and also you end up knocking a stress or producing buzz, all that type of negative stuff. So especially for slide, having actually really high tension helps to type of fight versus that slide and also keep every little thing sounding really clean.

4. Faster Attack

Another significant benefit I don’t think gets talked around quite sufficient is that you are able to acquire much faster and also better strike out of your guitar as soon as you usage heavier gauge guitar strings.

When you play thinner strings, it takes much longer for a plucked string to rebound than as soon as you play strings at a greater tension—which is, you understand, something that happens as soon as you have heavier gauge guitar strings. So if you’re playing steel layouts or really any sort of component where you desire to pick really fast and be able to trill easily, heavier gauge strings are going to make that procedure a lot much easier on you.

I perform think this need to get talked around a small little even more. I think everyone thinks that steel players play heavy gauge strings simply bereason of the better output or because they’re tuning dvery own. But the enhanced assault of heavier strings is one of the best benefit these players draw from heavier gauge strings. If you tune down to Drop C and you’re using a 46 on the bottom, you’re going to have almost no strike. And for metalcore, djent, and other comparable genres, you really need much faster attack so you deserve to play more complicated rhythmic frameworks without your strings flopping approximately choose a wet noodle.

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5. Driving the Top of an Acoustic Guitar

Now, if you’re playing an acoustic guitar, there’s actually a entirety various other type of angle to this that we touched on a tiny little bit previously, yet I think sort of deserves its very own area below. Since of the physics of just how acoustic guitars occupational, you require a details amount of stress and anxiety on your strings in order to drive the peak and also gain the correct resonance out of the guitar.

When you take something favor nines or eights and also put them on an acoustic, you don’t end up through sufficient anxiety to drive the height of the guitar and you don’t finish up via a nice full sound. So simply recognize that in general via acoustics you really desire something choose elevens, twelves or thirteens to gain the proper resonance out of the guitar and also obtain it to perform what it have to be doing.

6. Bragging Rights, DUH

Now of course, we all understand the genuine factor to play hefty gauge guitar strings: bragging legal rights. Would anybody talk around Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar playing if he played nines? (I’m just kidding. They certainly would certainly. Stevie Ray is just one of the finest players ever before, whether he played thirteens or nines.)

But we all recognize that man that plays twelves and tells you that simply because you play nines or tens that you’re somejust how less of a guitarist than he is bereason he plays heavier gauge strings. That’s stupid. Tbelow is no gauge of strings that is better or worse. In general, string gauges are all about finding a collection of strings that is going to react and play the way that you want it to. Whether you desire the strike from a heavier gauge set of guitar strings or you desire the adaptability of a lighter gauge collection of strings, or you desire even more of the output of a heavier gauge set of strings, whatever before it is, it’s approximately you as a player to uncover the string gauges that are going to work-related best for you.

So whether you like playing sevens or you prefer playing seventeens, we right here at support your appropriate to be you and also be individual.

If you have actually any concerns about what sort of gauges you think you have to be playing, perhaps you want to try a collection that’s a tiny little heavier than what you’re utilizing ideal currently, or probably you desire to go lighter—whatever before it is, we are right here for you and we’re happy to help any means we can. Just shoot us a message at and also we’ll be happy to advise you on any type of gauge particular concerns, any kind of general tone geekery, or any type of other concerns that you have actually.

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